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SyncrChronicity or coincidence?

I am curious do people believe in synchronicty of events or are things just incredible coincidences ?

Yesterday was the season of llamas. On my last post I had mentioned how over whelmed and frustrated I was feeling.. Everyone that answered made me feel like I was not alone and I really appreciated it

Anyway I wanted to tell you about a dream I had on Friday night and an event that happened just before yesterday's ritual.

The dream was that i could seen… Continue

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64th Annual Pacific Northwest Highland Games, Day 1

    The sun was warm, which in itself was an oddity to mark the occasion of the 64th Annual Pacific Northwest Highland Games. A slight breeze followed us all day, and we would need it. I fidgeted impatiently in line, waiting for my turn to pass in my ticket and get stamped. The line stretched from the eastern entrance around to the north end of the fencing, and grew longer by the minute. My brother and sister-in-law were far more patient than I was, though I could see the annoyance in their…


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Greenman, and walking the path of the Ancient Ways book - need submissions!

Submissions for spring book - write about magic, Greenman, or how the ancient ways have been a part of your life, art welcomed for use inside between submissions. Can be spells but must have short bio and essay on how the craft is a valid part of your life.You get a copy of the book and my deepest thanks for sharing your story. Please have submissions in before March thank you!

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Happy Lughnasadh from a Fluffy Bunny!

Oh, Poor Misty! She tries so hard. Who knows how long it took her to find a horse to bring to the Lammas celebration?

By the way, for those of you who don’t know, Lammas, also called Lughnasadh, is one of the 8 Sabbats, or Pagan (usually Wiccan) holidays of the year. It’s easy for new people to not understand the pronunciation (or spelling!) of the holidays of…


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Diamond Affirmations

I admit without reservation that I have been sabotaging myself  and others and that my life is overwhelming by my own design. My machinations are the heaviest to bear, and will not go away unless I put them down.


I believe that I have the power  to restore myself, and this power relies on on my ability to believe in myself and to let others believe in me. I do this without manipulation. Let others love me of their own free will and not what I do for them, and let me love…


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Ignoring my homework to post a blog entry. =) (RANDOM)

My brain is squishy, but not to the point where I can sleep yet. So, I'm up and trying to get my papers done for grad school (just the ones due in about 20 hours), and have found my brain to be just squishy enough that the words I managed to string together to make less sense than I'm used to during my nighttime writings. Interesting, yet little to no sense (at least right now). Part of this may  be that I have the urge to go visit friends and do a big bonfire, but am instead doing the…


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The Sun in the Underworld


The Sun in the Underworld


   For many of us we are use to viewing the sun as male ans the moon as female.  This view comes to us from the Classical myths of the Greeks and Romans, who ascribed to the same gender distinctions for these celestial bodies.  Modern Wicca keeps in line (to some extent) with this same view.  But when we look to world mythology it becomes apparent that the sun was just…


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Bad Neighbors

What is your advice for dealing with neighbors from hell? Tried to talk to them... didn't work. Tried to ignore them didn't work. Put up a fence...still problems!! I keep to myself and am not a confrontational type person. I've lived here for 12 years and they moved in last summer. From day one it started. They've been a problem for everyone but mainly me. My husband works out of state so they do stuff when he is gone. She is just plain crazy and her husband is an ex-sheriff so talking to the… Continue

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The Changing Zodiac

The Changing Zodiac

By now you have undoubtedly heard about the "changing zodiac" and possibly even looked it up to see what your "new" sign is and what that means for you.

What does this whole thing mean, though, and is it even real?

And does it mean that we were all living a lie to begin with?

First of all, I know many Wiccans and Witches who do not go by the Zodiac and that is perfectly fine. Likewise, I know many people who follow astrology and are devout… Continue

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Black Moon Today - once every 3 years!

Every month we have a new moon or a dark moon. This is the time when the moon is between the Earth and the Sun and you generally can’t see it. You can think of it roughly as the “opposite” of a Full Moon. Many cultures and religions such as Jewish and Hindu, believe the new moon to be the beginning of the lunar month and a time to start new projects. In some Pagan and earth-based religions, people see the waning moon (getting smaller) as a time for inner workings, and the new moon as a time…


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My Family Yogini (Yoga is Not Just for Exercise)

"In thee my soul shall own combined the sister and the friend."

  ~Catherine Killigrew


My sister is a more than a yoga…


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Attention Seekers in Perth & Surrounds in WA!

~*Sacred Circle of the Inner Flame- Preliminary Outer Court Classes 'Seeker Study'*~

After many informal expressions of interest, we’ve decided to open our coven up to the community for the first time and accept expressions of interest from Seekers who are interested in joining us. Currently we are running a Seeker Study Course for the first 6 weeks which will be purely online. Upon completion of the 6 weeks of course materials, if you are a fit for the group you will… Continue

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My Cave - Part I

  Another thunderstorm is rolling in, the fifth one over the last two weeks. As far back as I can remember I've loved a good storm, and the more lightning and thunder the better as far as I'm concerned. Yet, since the heat wave ended and the month of July is, suprisingly, wrapping up to be the "wettest on record", I find these storms have more punch. More energy. It's still an or so hour away, but just like the storms that came before this one, their Energy could be felt before they arrive,…


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Another day

Lighting, tornado's and Major Dust devils are following me can't seem to escape them.

I'm a magnet for these event lately, I guess a day is not worth living unless some danger is present but these events are a little excessive.

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Enter to Win a Free Reading and get a Free eBook

Hello  everyone! I am proud to say that I have finally gotten my subscription link working. Yay!

I am still working out all of the details, but I am definitely making progress. Just go to the form on my website (http://AmethystTarot.com), fill in your name and e-mail address, and you will get my FREE eBook: A Beginner’s…


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Invisibility Spell from Protection Spells & Charms by Jade--FOUND IT!

Invisibility Spell by JADE



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Neo Pagan and Paganism Who is Who.?

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An idea to deal with the 50 state prayer warrior attack this Hallowmas

from my dragonsgraal@wordpress.com blog ...


The dragons showed me a couple of visualizations to use to help shift the upcoming prayer warriors malicious energies in their attack on each of the 50 states (http://www.dc40.net).   These can be used alone or as part of a ritual, by individuals or groups.  

The simplest is 13 layers, one on top of another, of very strong but very fine mesh of violet light.  See this violet light webbing…


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Witches and Wiccans whos who?

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Speaking From Both Mouths (o:} {:o)

Mother you have a way of showing the Masses of your displeasure! Have pity, for they know not why they do it and Thank You for another day of cherished life.

Have you ever noticed how our governments speak about how they are out for our welfare and then punish us for listening? For instance (and I speak…


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