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Gardenblog again :) Lovely cucumbers oh my attack of the MILDEW villain!

Well Cucumbers our coming nicely now  Tomatoes due to, attack of the fungus not doing well this year.

I been applying all kinds of sprays and organic stuff  it is way to, much rain :(

But hey glad's our coming up well so our the roses.  I was debating about making another flower box :)



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Threefold Law

Okay, so I understand the whole threefold law. I know that love spells are wrong, but is it wrong to do a spell that kind of makes someone remember memories that they've had with you?

My best guy friend moved away for college, and he was in love with me and now he says he's not. But we just really have this strange connection and we always have. I feel like he's lying to me, and I think if I did a spell to make him remember things (or at least think about them) he might tell me the truth.… Continue

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Anyone remember Extreme Ghostbusters?

I never knew this (or at least I didn't remember) until a recent rewatching of the series, but Kylie was a practicing pagan on the show! We've gone backwards in terms of positive representation of pagans in the media since the 90s. You'd never see a pagan heroine in a kid's cartoon nowadays. ):

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Test Entry! Hello and thank you all for the warm welcomes! :) <3

I'm Zoe! :) I'm 20 years old (21 in October!) and genderqueer (I don't particularly identify as male or female, but I don't mind what you call me or what you refer to me as so don't worry about that, I know it can be weird) and I'm happy to be in such a good environment for pagans. :) I'm still getting used to how the site works, so excuse me if I miss anyone's messages! I'll figure it out soon enough. :)



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Please Pardon the Faerie Dust

Morrighan's Trove is going to be under renovation. We will focus our posts strictly to the business. The success and frustrations of running Morrighan's Trove along with updates and sales.

So, for Morrighan's Trove updates go to http://MorrighansTrove.blogspot.com

Be sure to like Morrighan's Trove on Facebook HTTP://www.facebook.com/morrighanstrove

If you are… Continue

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another day in freakin paradise!

Alright... so being a mom of 2 young toddlers is hard, i get that. obviously im living the nightmare. we had kids when we werent ready (both very much accidents on birth control) but we managed and have survived thus far. my little monsters can be sweet or your worst nightmare no matter how much i try to raise them right, i guess thats just a kid thing.

friday i fell off a horse (yes i mean that literally). i decided to go out to my local ranch and ride a horse i have ridden before…


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Had a dream about a homeless guy in another time period who had these painful metal rods in his feet, and I watched him wander the streets of a small dirty town with his briefcase, in a tattered brown and pink suit. He fell over dead by the railroad tracks one misty morning, and I clearly recall his foot and the weird rod in his heel that attached the flip flops to his feet. I remember that it was painful for him to walk, but he was always…


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Project List...

OK, new project list now that Second Signal is done, starting with End Transmission.

Leo and Nightmare Moon costumes. 

Another little black dress.

3 purses and a bunny.

Bustle skirt.

Red waist cincher.

Repair black waist cincher.

Several corsets, starting with a black one.

Whatever the broken telescope will become.

A sign to put on a tripod for my…


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Went to Zoo again we have a pass and the park alot

We went to the park yesterday and  the day  before as well.

We went to the Zoo and he played in their park twice.  We loved the new Marsh exhbit and   froggy stuff :) Polar bear exhbit was , way past  packed so we took a  pass on it today.

Dan  was talking smack about, the seagulls lolol I said I loved them.  Seaqull  craps on his neck big time LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL  ! yuck!

 I look at the farm exhbit and I wish I could own a farm :)

Then we went to  the Bone yard as …


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Went to park yesterday got rained out before that I saw baby ducklings.

We saw pile of  not afraid of human ducklings.  Pretty park.


Some idiots when the down pour came  still chillin out with, fishing pours as lighting came.

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More of a Question Than A Post

This post is more of a question. How effective do you think crowdfunding is with Pagan Campaigns? I plan on starting one as soon as I can get a computer, for Morrighan's Trove. I want to start a business and this is the best way I feel I can achieve my goal of just that.

I am just not sure how many people have the means to help me do this. And, I am not sure people would take it seriously as well. Pagan and Non-Pagan alike.

What do you think?

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Anagrams and decisions

Nephele, Mistress of Names, just anagrammed my full name:

Myrtilla Solacebringer

Corielle Ambyr Starling

Cyrille Stargleam Robin

Gloriline Amber Crystal

Lyric Allegra Brimstone

Crystalbelle Morrigain

Morgane Brice Starlilly

Morgain Belle Starlyric

Lilybet Clara Merrisong

Morgan Brie Scarletlily

What a cool list! I can't decide what I like…


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Turning 30

On Monday, I will have officially lived 3 decades. My Parents have always told me I was left on their doorstep in a pod. Star Wars was the first movie they saw in the theater after getting married. So they sent me this, complete with the Star Wars theme song:…


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I Will

There is a strength that comforts each weakness.

There is a panacea, that dances among the devourers.

Then I will dance on with the wind.

Then I will search for beauty with the…


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By Knot

By knot of one,my spell's begun

By knot of two, plenty fruitful work to do

By knot of three, wisdom comes to me

By knot of four, opportunity knocks at my door…


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A Poem of Me

Come step into my life

Step into my lair

I'll dress you in a cloak

And call the spirit's heir


I love Celtic music

Turn it up loud…


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As I Pray

Grant us holy ones thy protection

And in that protection gives us strength

And in that strength…


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Holaaa ' Como Estas ? :)

Hello , my name is Shalida , i'm new to this site and i'm am looking too meet new friends ! i loveee everyone & Nature ! i'm VERY down to earth ! , i am a Wiccan & would love to learn more about my path . thankyou all & Godessbless <3 

#Love ' MissLady Hephzibah

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The dying attempt to bring the living with them healthy people torment those who are weak a case study such accepted cruelty as a way of society the death of me It requires prayer as defined by the invention of Einstein i never liked speculation or theory as philosophy can drive you crazy  to hear them screaming there is no pity or a traditional ritual so this is the source energy seems always the critic i would not write to waste opinions i live by factual…


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