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'Wisdom' the Robin Fledgling watching....

'Wisdom' outside - un-amused at the 'Play Pen' whilst I weed....

He is not overly fond of his companions - they don't say much - just stare out...and he finds that boring!…

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Social Networking!

There are some things about social networking that drive me just a wee bit crazy....more so disheartened or frustrated than actually "Crazy"!!!

For example:

It always amuses me when folks join groups and chats - and then they are not able to hold a dialogue..

. I find that there are always common threads!

The start of the chat:

** > Hi - MM - Merry Meet...

One responds - in my case I tend to use a smiley or simple Hi back...



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Beach Magick

This week, the Spiral Dance is just a Day at the Beach! We'll start with the Charge of the Sea Goddess and we'll explore the role that Water has always had in religion.


From there we'll look at a few Sea Gods and Goddesses. Then I want to share a story. This is a spoken word peice presented by Mara Freeman. It's called, The Selkie!


Finally, we'll get right down to the shore and do some actual beach magick!


Be well. Do good. Enjoy the…


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Re-birth, birth of fire!

The fire of the sun is like our mother keeping us warm inside her womb, that's why a small flame looks female.

If the heat inside the mothers womb grows, the small fire opens like a flower or seed and if the heat grows even more, it becomes a pillar of fire which is the male being re-born. For Re is the sun and the re-surrection is the errection of the pillar of god or the sun growing higher up the zenith during summer. After that, the pillar falls again, to be resurrected another…


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Larvikite - "winks in the Moonlight"

Larvikite - Came across this stone Sunday - kinda-off attracted my eye..

Even more interesting was to discover that the stone is also known as 'Birds Eye' and a 'Stone of the Faeraes'....considering the latest relationship I am having with Birds....especially as this particular stone is known to increases our sense of security in the strength of our own…


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Wisdom - the Robin

Meet 'Wisdom' - the Robin Fledgling that now has house privileges...5** Service, Self contained housing; Personal one to one dialogue, and self-sabotage flying lessons...


The Robin appeared Tuesday - saved from the Feline Team…


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Spirit Animal II

This is a follow up to my “Spirit Animal” blog post. It gives two examples of traveling in the astral plane as your spirit animal, in this case a bat. By the way, last night I encountered an interesting creature on the astral plane. It was the cross between an ivy and a crow. (This brings up another interesting subject, using a plant as your alter-ego.) If you got too close to the plant the crow part would peck you with it’s beak and cause a severe infection. If you lived through the…


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I had too many things to say to make individual discussions, so I figured I should sum it all up in a blog post. I live in America, and for the holiday, I went to a family reunion. For one day, almost the entire family on my mom's side was in one house, seven children 7 or younger, six of them boys, 20 people in total (we have a small family). Everything was wonderful, and I was able to hold the baby girl a few times, she brought out my maternal instincts. It…


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Egyptian torah; atoum-ra


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Spirit Animal

My conception of spirit animals is that everyone has a companion spirit animal that resides in their body. Many people have more than one spirit animal and they keep their spirit animals in the corral. Most people are totally unaware of their spirit animals.

It is a custom to acquire a body part of your spirit animals if possible. A picture or some other token can be used as an icon to call forth your spirit animal. All of the body parts and/or icons are kept in a wooden box hidden in…


Added by Enigma on July 3, 2018 at 4:00pm — 1 Comment

Eating of the fruit of the tree of life!

What is the tree of life?

Overcoming fear and ascending to god!

How do we do it?

Overcoming death and the tree of knowledge!

What is the tree of knowledge?

The worm and the fearful self (worm) eating the dirt of the ground!

How Do we overcome it?

By ascending the tree of life!

Worm becomes fish becomes legged/ground animal becomes armed/climbing animal becomes winged animal

Earth becomes water becomes air becomes…


Added by Midrash on July 2, 2018 at 10:50am — 3 Comments

awitchesalter.com overview

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