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TITO, BOLO, Bar Flys and Gargantua parts the waves on a rainy day in the City of Sin

By Royal Hopper

Sometimes you don’t realize what an odd place you live in until one day it ceases to be odd for a few hours.

Those few hours didn’t come this week in the City of Sin. The city was just as full of weirdoes as it always has been even after most of the pool players in this year’s convention went home Saturday there was no shortage of Sin City eccentrics in the City of Sin.

Before they left;  at one pool table I saw a man with a red Mohawk at…


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Summer Time, Experiments, Persecution, and Practicing our Faith

Summer time has been a time of immense activity for us. We gave our internet provider the kickeroo and started a social experiment on what our lives would look like if we only used free sources. The experiment ended recently, when I had to accept that school work and workwork were being made very difficult without internet in-home.

However, like many people before who have cut down their internet access (or cell phones or other digital technology), I found certain real world…


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peace and calm

As I sit under the bright full moon, light I can't help but to notice the wonderful feeling of calm and peace that I have.  The full moon effects me greatly and I have decided to keep a journal to attempt to control or at least attemp to figure out what works and what doesn't. 


Looking back on the last 3 days I can see I was out of control it is so hard to explain and even harder to put into words.  I do know that I could not enjoy the moon tonight and look forward to this…


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Life so far.....

Update on life.... Still trying to figure out were we want to move.   Gardens doing okay it has been a poor year for gardening.  Except ofr the Hot Peppers LOL!   Tomas going  to first grade! 

We went swimming alot!


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The White Druids(5)

     Mithial and Corleen, hands clasped together in the air, bent their heads slightly in the direction of King Jor'ean. Some of the guests, those who condsider themselves more important than they were, found the seeming lack of respect to be repulsive. Whispers coursed around the room, some in awe, some in fear, others, in disbelief.

     Many of the women seemed appalled at the dress, or lack thereof, the druid priestess was wearing. Many of the men wondered at the golden sword and…


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From Ashes

From ashes

End of all things I foresee.

The truth of carnal lies.

I see all I am beyond them.

Infinite wisdom of ancient.

I am their beginning & end.…


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Witch Hangings In My Family

Two months ago, I found out some of my ancestors were hung for witchcraft.

This would be my 9th great grandparents. Some of my relatives was hung as witches in 1651: 41 years before the Salem Witch hunt began. Now here's what's interesting. One was John Carrington: one of only 2 men ever hung in the US as a witch. That was a punishment used for women.



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First I will start off by explaining why i want to study to become a true wiccan...

I learned of wiccan from my husbands mother..decided to research it via web sites books ect...while doing this I also started herbalism...I took more notice in nature the sound of lake michigian the smell of the air this morning at 6am ( the smell of summer turning to fall) before I noticed none of that.. I have said some God(dess) prayers ect ect and it has improved my emotions and my interactions… Continue

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Little Thought

She walks threw the night, feeling grim and unwanted. Alone, she screams to the sky hoping to get an answer of why life has to be so hard on her. Holding back her burning tears. Thought's running threw her head like a marathon. Does anyone care for this misunderstood girl. Suddenly, she is elderly, wishing she didnt take her life for granted, on her death bed, so weak and fragile. Time continues on whether your there or not. Will she ever be at peace..

Live your life as long and as…


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Little Christian Witch

She gazes to her family...

They dont even understand

Her mother calls her evil...

Yet mom shadows her many men.


Pure hearted liar

Not mother...provider

The little christian witch

Allways...just behind her.


She gazes to her friends .

To them the little witch smiles bright

They return her fake smiles...

To hurt her! waitng for the perfect time to bite.


But she trusts them…


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drug theory

I wonder how well thought out this idea is.

It is stated that drugs put you closer to 'the veil' (between our reality and an alternate one)

This is why so many use them for 'shamanic practices'

It seems that psychic ability is on the rise.... but why? What is causing this increase?

If the 60's was the drug era, and the children produced from the users would be 'crack babies' (to be used as a term for all drugs, not just for crack) then their brain chemistry had…


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why does the pain feel like it never ends

dear universe why is life such a bitch and unable to get better, and only the rich get better

but those of us who scrimp scrap save to survive get spit on.

look at my family for instance. i had it all. life went aery and man swept me away with his silver tongue. then abandoned my children and i across the country penniless, homeless, alone while he lived in survive i gave up my daughter it wa…


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>sigh< Xivera never gets a break...yeah right

Still working on stuff for the Convention in October. I am so excited! going to get some extra details soon from my contact in the admin department. I just posted some new pics of finished and in-process jewelry.

I am editing Empty Space..yet again.

Yes, I have found some things...a few minor verb tense mistakes that most people don't know are mistakes, mostly formatting stuff that got glitchy somehow and a few places where random punctuation appeared from nowhere. You…


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The White Druids(4)

     The Grand Hall of High Peaks Palace was decked in great array for the guests, council members and their families. Gorgeous tapestries depicting wars, victories, and great functions around the Realm hung from the walls. The great fire pit in the center of the room was blazing with scented pine and hickory wood. The tables, heavily laden with food from every corner of the realm surrounded the fire pit. Minstrels and bards entertained as people sat, ate, laughed and enjoyed…


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The White Druids(3)

     Alonza of the Browns Clan sat quietly in his place in the Great Hall of High Peaks. His soft brown robes were not as elaborate as the Blues, nor were they as comfortable as the Greens, they were, however, extremely functional when sword or scythe were needed in a hurry.

     Across from him sat Greybeard of the Greens Clan, a nervous looking fellow, though his eyes were keen and sharp. To his right, along the expanse of the table, sat King Jor'ean and his generals. To his left…


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a vision during (and corresponding) to intercourse

well ill try to be skip the dirty details but this is an experience i really felt like sharing and getting feedback on. As it says on my profile i am engaged to a man. I am still finding myself and do not as of now practice a religion or am i part of a coven. Id like to change these things of course. Anyways...this is a sexual experience that i had some months ago and do forget some finer the sex is not the main focus lol

One night my energy was very strong and i felt more…


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Transitioning - a means to a means...

We search for meaning and explanations. As a species, we tend to abhore mystery and seek neat and tidy stories to help us sleep. The real challenge, then, is to hold faith in the unknown - making peace with mystery in a world that is utterly mysterious, insecure, and totally unpredictable. Perhaps, the only answers lie within...Within what you ask? The earth, the inner world of the psyche...After all, there is not much difference between the two. Blessed be.

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Poetry eBooks

My poetry eBooks - download any/all, free of charge:…


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