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I want a best seller.

Guys....I will tell you the truth, I want our book to become a best seller.  I will be frank.  I believe that there are enough of us pagans in this country to ensure a best seller.  I believe it is far past time that our people stand up and openly be recognized.  I am tired of hearing about some religious a**holes encouraging fear in the hearts of our people for being pagan.  I am tired of our people instructing our beautiful children to keep silent about our beliefs in school for fear of…


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Yesterday can be described in no other way. Here at least it rained most the day which for me on a weekend is damn near ideal. Plus college football kicked off yesterday. Add in a few movies, the first season of the walking dead, and listening to some good music and it was my idea of a very good day. Today I'm shooting for the same only with more reading then watching of tv. That is until later when I must venture out for dinner with friends and that won't be a quiet time. None of this is of…


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I'm new. Only been one for about 2 months but I love it. I've never rly believed in anything until now and it all makes perfect since. But I would live to learn more.

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So I'm laying here on my bed feeling a bit overwhelmed. Ever since i started reading books and writing down in journals i been feeling a miss. Now I'm solitary and can never find the space i need to practice but at this point I'm have a harder time finding true information on what i need I'm still not sure on how a a spell should be written mine turns out looking like a cook book recipe instead of what i wanted. Anyone who read this have any ideas

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Self Healing with Reiki

The most important benefit of Reiki is the ability to help with self healing. Sure it is wonderful to help family and friends in a positive way but any Reiki healing practice should begin with self.

Our natural self is always in a perpetual state of healing and recovery. When we add an intention of healing with Reiki, we aid and confirm this normal process.

Self healing is a simple procedure and does not require a lot of time. A positive focus and intention of healing will…


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Japanese anyone?

       So I finally got the boys through the first week of the new school year, and I've been playing with flute crafting for a while. I started playing Japanese bamboo flute, or shakuhachi in 2001, and since the beginning of the year, I have managed to make three that are very playable and beautiful instruments that I thought I would share.

So the darker colored one…


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'Terra Rising: By Right of Arms' ~ cover art & design


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another one done

And thank all the gods that the work week is finally over. For the moment at least. All to soon though it'll be time to get back to it. Until then I have three days and let me tell you I need that extra day. Simply put afterall and in all honesty I'm burning out. Not on the work. I've had to work hard my entire life. No its people I'm getting tired of. A few at least. None of you want to read my complaints however and I don't want to dwell. Nothing to gain from that so I'll digress and send…


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Spiritual Migration lyrics by the band Persefone

A link to the album:

1. Flying Sea Dragons


2. Mind As Universe

Powerfulness in my soul

A great force is

Supporting me

I see it has…


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I've stopped calling our local star The Sun

While doing some thinking on the meanings of words in my own spiritual practice and identity and what the general meaning of words are, I realized the obvious, that the words Sun and Son are homophones, and that means something, and it suddenly became clear why the phrase "worship the sun" doesn't resonate--because I associate the word son with men, as sons to their mothers and fathers, and in meaning in sound, it sounds like I'm worshipping a man as the offspring of his father and his…


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Test Post

Test post

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Life Update

So August is almost gone. Summer, believe it or not, is passing. You'd never know it by the temperatures in Florida.

Yesterday I drove home from work listening to the Robert Gass "From the Goddess/O Great Spirit" chants on my cell phone. As is typical, these chants led me to a very relaxed, peaceful place.

I thought "I wish I could go back to that world." But I don't know that I can. I do get so frustrated with the politics there. It really is just assumed that one is…


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No title,to early

Yes I'm writing this nearly an hour earlier then usual today. Why? Because I have to go into work early this fine boiling hot August day. By the time the others drag themselves to the shop and punch in I'll be fourty miles up the road digging up an irrigation system. Just me and my trusty shovel. Sounds fun doesn't it. Worse things to be doing though I know so I'll lay off the muttering. It is Friday afterall. Just have to get through the work day then its a three day weekend. Maybe. There's…


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This is my personal history, relevant to my experience with this certain culture. 

MY first dream that kind of started a series of dreams was one that I remeber and probably will always remember. this happened a few years ago, probably 3-4 years ago.  

I was on a path through a forest, lit by torches. I was walking and conversing with a brunette friend whom i never saw the face of.  I don't remember ever seeing her face, but i remember that as I conversed with…


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Solitary to... Coven? Help?

ive been on my path for a few years now, working almost completely alone and lately ive been feeling like i should be part of a whole something.

ive been having dreams of making circles and being apart of a group or coven of some kind but i dont know where to go from just wanting to be a part of something. it started with the thinking of "itd be nice to be in a group of people who were more like me" to feeling like its something i need to do. its really hard to describe, but its like…


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'Blood & Steel: A Love Story' ~ cover art and design

 JT Buckley and I follow each other on Twitter (@AuthorJTBuckley). I have the honor of working with him…

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Belladonna Musing

The front lines are howling at the moon, warriors all. The beat of battle drums pound away at the heart of fear. Dissolving and disintegrating boundaries which even we were unaware of.

Electricity sets the air on fire. With every shallow breathe that leads to a hallucinogenic cloud that settles over the mind, deeper and deeper they fall.

A world nonexistent begins to unravel before you pulsating with the steady hum of anticipation. Realities crash…


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 I love fairies and I love making fairy themed art. This fairy vision candle was lovely to make and has an amazing Woodland Forest Fairy scent to it. These candles are also smokeless which is always good too. Let me know if anyone is interested. :)

Blessed Be!…


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 Just made these.  …


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