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I am writing a quick update





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Ah joy Monday morning is here once again. And in these parts it brings with it a return of the damned humidity. Lucky us. Then there are worse things so I digress. Time to leave you the daily dose of good vibes and convience myself its worth begining the day. Until our paths cross again. Blessings.

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It's been a while again, but I am surviving.

My daughter graduated last year, Spring of 2014, and attended her first year of college in the Fall of 2014. This Fall is her second year of college however her first in the Graphic Design Degree. I am attending my final year before graduating this Spring. I am looking forward to what is to come and what the future will bring. The Goddess has lead me this far and academically I know she will lead me even further.

On a more spiritual note, I know I am being lead to move in the near…


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Cat's Bits Aug 30-Sept 5 Elemental Magic Spells

Cat's Bits for the Week of  Aug 30- Sept 5…

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Simple one today my friends. Here is to the the rest of the all to rapidly fading weekend being good to you all. Until our paths cross again. Blessings.

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Chaos Magick Sigil Ritual

Tonight I performed a sigil ritual, meditating to my chosen primitive instrumentation and channeling my will and desire into a specific descriptive phrase, eliminating vowels and any repeating consonants before forming the letters into a symbol. I then congratulated myself as per the ritual, then meditated a bit longer upon the meaning of the sigil, before letting flame and light carry my will to the universe.

Despite a slightly singed fingertip, the ritual was an overall…


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A Kinship for Scott Cunningham

As I have been working on my book this week, I cannot shake this utter sense of kinship that I seem to feel for the late Scott Cunningham! Maybe it's because the present Full Moon is in Pisces during a Neptune in Retrograde (Neptune was Retro. when I was born!), which makes me feel nostalgic and emotional? Maybe it's because Scott was a fellow Gay Witch who was taken from us far too soon, like many of my Gay brothers, Pagan and non-Pagan? Maybe it's because my own life and…


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Dream Journal: Aug 29th

I was studying William S. Burroughs and sigil magick last night. I later dreamed vividly of a ghostly black cat, she was shrouded in onyx scarves and drifted gently through the air like smoke; I could make out delicate wings as well. When I called to her she floated down and manifested into a full feline, allowing me to briefly stroke her silky spine before returning to her master, who was sitting in a row of various mystical folk in front of me. The dream was unusually colorful and real,…


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We made it. Another week knocked out and for me the first in awhile where its not ending with me in a sour mood. Seems I'm steadily managing to get over myself. No other way to describe it. No point rambling about any of it. You after all have better things to get along to. Take these good vibes with you if it so pleases you. Until our paths cross again. Blessings.

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There is an ache deep within me that longs to feel that first fall morning.

To feel the energy of the earths last shutter as she lays her head for winters slumber. 

The smells that stir from fall winds that become angrier as winter draws near. 

The crisp chill that nips at your face and the last bits of summer sun that warms you in the afternoon. 

It will be here sooner then I think. So as I lay my head for my slumber I shall dream…


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Spirit Pots

  This evening as midnight struck and the (almost full) moon rose, I started the first few steps of constructing my spirit pot.  Just getting the vessel ready, cleansed, and prepped (including painting a few veves-cleaned those up a bit after i took these pictures) took quite a bit out of me.  The day itself was quite the trek. Walking through several cemeteries, as well as woods looking for specific woods.  I don't feel drained in a bad way, more serene than anything at the moment.…


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Come Hike with Me

I went for a nice hike in the hills today. Hiking in Nature is so peaceful and stress relieving. The exercise does wonders for my health. The air was cool and clean since we are 6000 feet above sea level. There is a fairly constant breeze here in Central Mexico.


The grasses were gently blowing in the…


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Throw Away the Key

I wonder if this is real because

    I can't explain away the way that I feel

Am I confused because I've not yet truly been healed

    If so than why does it feel as if our fates are already sealed

I dream now only of her face

    Any other dream would not do, would be just a waste

I try and imagine how she'd smell, how'd she'd taste

    Until my heart is beating with sweet wicked haste

To think of her delicate caressing touch

    Could possibly be just a…


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laying here my thoughts drift as always back to you

I can not help but to wonder If you ever think of me too

I feel sheepish because inside I'm really hoping that you do

I wonder about you, what your doing constantly, all the time

It truly drives me mad within just wishing that you could be mine

I'm sure that I may be naive, It's true, your the only thing in my mind

I'm having trouble, I'm losing all sense of time and space

I am so lost In these clouds,…


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Seven Sins

Humility against pride,

Kill the ego for the spirit to survive.

Kindness against envy,

Treat eachother both fairly and gently.

 Abstinence against gluttony,

 Too much of a good thing is redundancy.

Chastity against lust,

Or to these deadly demons become cuffed.

Patience against anger,

Listen to reason or prepare for untold danger.

Liberality against greed,

Generously share from the harvest of all seed.

Diligence against sloth,



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Friday at last. A mere twelve or so hours of work is all that stands between myself and the weekend. I hope your strech is far less. That said here are the good vibes. Take them and go have yourselves a goodbtime. I'm off to play in a few tons of dirt. Until our paths cross again. Blessings.

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Witch Rant Over Herb-Lore! :P

Ack!!! I dearly despise it when I cannot find recorded folk-lore and cultural folk-magickal traditions and customs to substantiate the use of a particular herb! It's like being confronted with a question or a problem that I cannot answer, and that drive me cray-cray! LOL! Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis), for example, I have often seen touted as a herb one may use to conjure wealth and prosperity, *perhaps* merely from its bright golden color (period). Assigning a herb specific magical virtues… Continue

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Used to Be

You used to be my only reason for believing

Now you are the reason I'm barely breathing

Inside I grow colder all the time, this heart of mine is freezing

I want no more of this love, of this life, so now I'm releasing

These devils, these demons, these lies, they're so deceiving

Never will i be freed, from this nocturnal disease

Never will i be reached on this peak it is now only pain that i seek

Never will i feel the magick again, my outlook is only…


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At the End of the Day

At The End Of The Day

Happiness is a dream...

only an illusion, to idly chase.

Nothing is what it seems...

only maddening chaos, what a waste.

People aren't who they say...

they only betray, at the end of the day.

As I look at the world around me...

I'm steadily losing all of my reasons to pray.

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The Imprint is laid on only the true mate
The merger of two souls to only one fate
A bond forged in trust shared then forever
Strands woven in love could never be severed

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