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Welcome 7 of 9

This week on The Spiral Dance, we give a welcome to the month of September, the ninth month of the year - even though it's named to be the seventh! Why is this? Ask the Romans!

Of course the main feature of September is the Equinox, which is coming up in a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, let's talk about the Roman festival which was known as the Ludi Romani, which occured in September.

And I also want to talk about the Roman Goddess, Pomona; the goddess of orchards and fruit…


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Cat's Bits Aug 28- Sept 3 Full Moon Essence

Cat's Bits for the Week of Aug 28- Sept.3

Featured Article: Full Moon Essence

**Aug 30 Mercury Retrograde until Sept. 22

Sept. 1 New Moon at 5:03 am EST

Sept. 2 Celtic Tree Month of Vine begins

Sept. 5 Labor Day

Sept. 16 Full Harvest Moon at 3:05 pm EST

Sept. 22 Fall Equinox/ Mabon

Sept. 30 Celtic Tree Month of Ivy begins


Yeah we all shine on, like the moon,

and the stars, and the…


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Things are a changing!

Merry Meet,

  So many different things are happening in my life, I'm going to be moving from this small apartment to a house. We have a lot of work to do on it, but I'm happy with the fact to take something and create a home.

  My Coven Work is keeping me busy, teaching is an all time job, and I love it.  As things progress, I am Learning we need things and I'm teaching the girls as much as they are teaching me. We are making oils, candles and other things to sale to get money…


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My Ojibway Native Name

After many years I was finally given my native name and I am pretty proud of that. I was named by a Ojibway native elder, Mawla Shawana, who I talked with for almost a year, till he was able to place me.

I love and take pride in my native culture.



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Solitary Witch

I have been so busy as of late, with moving into a bottom floor apartment and making it a home. As well as summer events, weddings, babies being born, grandchildren wanting to spend nights with me and squeezing in a tad of home decorating, as well as setting my alter. It is taking time to round up all I need and want for my alter but I am taking pleasure at how it is unfolding. I did get into the city recently and went to Chapters, to find a book to help me put an identity to the person I…


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Fire Magick

Summer, 2016 is like the hottest summer in a thousand years - except that summer, 2015, was ALSO the hottest summer in a thousand years. All these thousand year records are getting upped, like, every time you turn around. Be that as it may, this week we're talkig about Fire Magick.


Today, when we start a fire -even if just to light a candle, we are responding to an ancient instinct. There is an enduring need to tend that legendary flame; to come home to the Hearth; to look…


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Dream of the Raven

Alright this is going to sound really strange. I had a dream I was in a dark woods looking for a raven or crow to remove it's heart and use it in a ritual. That is all I remember about the dream. I don't know what it means but I started to ponder the use of animals in rituals.

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My Queer pagan Flag

Queer Pagan Flag

I designed the above queer pagan flag back in 1997, when I was doing my bachelors in Fine Arts and majoring in fibre art. The rainbow stripes are derived from the  LGBT pride flag (the six coloured stripes) and the pentagram (the interwoven five pointed star encircled). The colours represent variety in Queer and Pagan peoples. The black of the field and the pentagram…


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If my blood begins to spill

Will you try and save me

Or will you leave me to die

At this time you are my last hope

Everything else has gone

There's nothing inside but pain a and blood

You hold the only light

Everything else is dark and dead

I can't see the end nor the beginning

How can I move forward

When I'm always looking back to that day

When you could either save me or… Continue

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Cat's Bits Aug. 21-27 Animal Totems_ Accept the Gifts They Have to Offer You

Cat's Bits for the Week of Aug 21-27

Featured Article: Animal Totems - Accept the Gifts They Have To Offer You

Aug 22 Sun enters Virgo

Aug 30 Mercury Retrograde until Sept. 22


Since the beginning, Native Peoples lived a life of

being in harmony with all that surrounds us.

- Dennis Banks


Article for the Week:

Animal Totems - Accept the Gifts They Have To Offer You

By Anne…


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First Full Moon Ritual

I have been reading and studying for quite a few months now... and about a month into my readings, I did an introduction ritual to introduce myself to the Goddess and the God.  

After more reading and studying I am happy to say I did my first official Full Moon Ritual on August 18th and it went well.  

I started a book of shadows when I first began my readings, and wrote stuff in there intermittently, and now I have my very first full moon ritual written in the…


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I remember my past lives. Also I can experince the past of my ancestors. I have knowledge to share, where all you all?

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calling all southern Maryland pagans!

There is work to do.

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where are you all?

Why are southern Maryland pagans keeping such a low profile,? What is going on here? Anyone here besides me,?

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Moon blessings

Many bright Moon Mother blessings to us all this full moon night. Peace!

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southern Maryland pagans

Am I the only one?

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Random Acts of Kindness

I presented this theme a couple of years ago, and I had NO IDEA how important it would become today! We need to remind ourselves that there are good people out there doing good things, and that we don't have to put up with braggin bombastic BASTARDS who think that their giant egos qualify them to lead our society.

New Age people would tell you that the world IS changing - the paradym is shifting away from violence fear and selfishness and toward caring and something that is more on…


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Dance Dance Dance!!!

I love this and would love to attend this celebration some year.!!!

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Hello everyone. I'm new here. Wanted to say hi and express my excitement

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MY Weekend Home

al songs. But I did do a goodbye ceremony for our cat who was put down recently. i wrote a song on guitar for him. 

Then we went to The Frontier Cafe on Sunday for dinner and enjoyed it. My brother was actually pleasant at dinner. Maybe he got the message. I said my mantra and the serenity prayer and asked for patience. My two nieces got a toad they…

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