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People helping people

For those who haven't been living in outer space or in a cave, we all know that Hurricane Harvey hit Texas hard on August 25th. People had to evacuate, pets were lost or left behind, homes and businesses damaged. The list goes on.

Tonight I have been reading through my daily Facebook news feed and posts. I feel blessed and emotional that we live in a country where everyone comes together when people need each other. Whether it's physically, monetary, prayers, donations, etc.…


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The Age of Pisces as Kali Yuga in the Roman Empire

Sri Yukteswar Giri, the guru of Paramahansa Yogananda, wrote a book called The Holy Science in 1894 in which he compared the Great Cycle of the ages of the zodiac to the cycle of the Yugas or world ages in Hinduism, and tells us that they are the same. The Great Cycle, also called the Great Polar Cycle because of the changing alignment of the North Pole as the earth slowly “wobbles”, lasts for 26,000 years. Each of the 12 zodiacal ages that make up this…


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The term 'Warlock' has been used to describe a Male practitioner of witchcraft for many years.

It has withstood the attempt of some fellow Female dominate Pagan Groups' attempt to demonize it while hypocritically accepting the term 'Witch' which is translated into far more negative meanings.

Not being able to wipe the term 'Warlock' from existence, there is now a push to CHANGE the term 'Witch' into a Neutral Gender Term. However, the Path of MOGYOLOGY will always support …


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Arsenal thua tan nat Liverpool, Arsene Wenger co hon gi... Huu Thang

Trong trận đấu được mong chờ nhất vòng 3 Premier League, thầy trò HLV Arsene Wenger đã bị vùi xác tại Anfield. Và kết quả này đến từ những sai lầm của ông thầy người Pháp.

Trong một tuần ĐT U22 Việt Nam thảm bại trước người Thái và phải xách vali về nước từ vòng bảng, đội bóng được xem là nguyên mẫu của U22 là Arsenal cũng nhận thất bại tương tự. Ngoài ra, 2 ông thầy của 2 đội xem ra cũng chẳng hơn kém nhau là bao. Dưới đây là những điểm chung của 2 vị…


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The Politics of Heaven

In an article I posted on Pagan Space on Aug. 24 I revealed the fact that the Maria virginem or Virgin Mary venerated by Christians, chiefly in the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches, is not the true mother of Yeshua (Jesus). His real mother can also be called Maria, but to avoid confusion I shall call her Mariam of Nazareth. A powerful group of 13 extraterrestrial Masters---a Supreme Master and twelve disciples---expelled Mariam from the Brotherhood of Masters…


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On Fate and Fatalism

We all like to beleive that we are the Masters of our own Fate. But cultures around the world and down the ages have all felt quite differently.


Fate may or may not be the plaything of the Gods. But, for YOU, Little Ant, that hardly matters much.


So this week we take a look at the Morai and that thread they've been weaving for us. Then there's Karma and Kismet to consider.


And right up to modern times, philosophers continue to argue about just…


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The term eye floaters is new to me yet i have always seen them they do in fact appear more so during and after i do meditation to define exactly what they are to start with when you close your eyes billions of blue and red dots can be seen these are probably atoms my eye floaters are with a thread like filament and at times the transparent sphere gets larger turns into a denser colored vortex i never used to see these spheres when suffering from terrible sleep loss many religions define the…


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Astarte, Asherah ha Elah, Juno, and Maria

The "Astarte" who appears to be one goddess in James George Frazer’s "The Golden Bough" was actually three, Ashtarat, Anat, and Asherah ha Elah. The Semitic name Ashtarat became, in time, the Hellenistic Astarte, and it is this name that is a variant of Ishtar. These three goddesses correspond roughly to Venus, Minerva, and Juno in the Roman pantheon. Ashtarat did in fact "become" Aphrodite or Venus as her cultus spread northward. The intermediate stage was the…


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Mariam and Simon---the Mythological Background

In order to understand this article it may be helpful to first read the previous post, "Five Lifetimes, by Mariam of Nazareth (Maria the Mother of Jesus)". Simon, the true father of Yeshua (Jesus) was the highest initiate of a mystery school in Alexandria, Egypt. He had a profound understanding not only of the Jewish mysteries but of the Platonic and…


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Five Lifetimes, by Mariam of Nazareth (Maria the Mother of Jesus)

I hope that I may be forgiven for what appears to be a piece of narcissism. I do not want anyone to pay attention to my personality---but I am exploring my past after centuries of relative amnesia, and the internet has become my journal. I am traumatized by my history and must reflect upon it. I find myself wondering if anything that I did was…


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How can I bring back Arab Paganism?

I'm an Arab polytheist and I barely even know about are pasts as pagans most of the past has been destroyed by Islam and the rest of it lied upon all most all of our information on Arab Paganism comes from the Quran and Muslim sources so you can imagine how much lies must have been told in order to portray the Arab pagans as savages. How can I bring back the movement when most other Arabs when they here of there past they grow fearful as they are taught only to hate and fear the past. Is there… Continue

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Psychic Gifts

Hello, community. I haven't been here in many years, but I thought I'd revisit and write a bit about some metaphysical stuff I seem to be going through.

Basically, I am trying to figure out what my "psychic gifts" are, and whether or not I want to develop them. Ever since I was a child, I've been actively blocking certain "gifts," and I understand why I do it. No need to elaborate there.

I definitely feel (hehe) as though I am clairsentient. I pick up on energy from people, in…


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A Personal Creed

I will not fight fascism by supporting different fascists.

If you will not give me a middle ground, I will walk between Sea and Sky, empowered with clarity.…


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Sacred Geometry

The belief that God created the universe according to a geometric plan has ancient origins. I'm not so sure that anything created the universe - or more accurately, the Multi-verse - I kind of believe that it created itself, or in a word, it's come-of itself.


But, whatever the case may be I think it's fair-enough to say that there is an intelligence - perhaps an intelligence WE would consider to be Devine - that seems to be, shall we say, in the Director's…


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Goddess Blessings

Blessings to all, after learning some of Wicca, I am being called to the Ancient path of Avalon.  Danu has been calling me, Goddess Brighid called me to my pagan path in 2005.  I wish to learn what I can at my age and pass down to my TWO Beautiful Granddaughters, one how has an ancient soul and knows the Goddess already!  I over heard her talking to my late father when she was 3, telling him about the Goddess, I was amazed!   My Daughter follows a Druid path....can you guide me to what books…


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The Fundamentals Of Ritual Magic Online Class

Getting back to basics is your fastest way to advance in your own magical practice.  This class offers a unique opportunity for a beginner to learn some solid fundamentals about a variety of topics that are applicable to Western magical theory.  It also offers already practicing Wiccans a chance to get a deeper understanding of fundamental topics then you may have had before.  This is not a "how to practice Wicca " class.  That comes later.  This is a year long, mandatory pre-requisite class…


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Mythology Sec

Hey guys,

So, is no other Pagan bothered by the fact that the stories about OUR gods are placed in the mythology/fantasy/fiction sections of stores and libraries?

I know I am.


It's because they don't do this to ANY OTHER religion. The Bible, the Quaran, the Torah, the Buddhist texts, all are placed under the religion/philosophy section.

However, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Celtic, Norse, Native American...all these myths are placed in the fiction section…


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Dressing Up as Witches for Halloween

Hello, everyone!

So a topic that comes up on our sacred New Year, and Halloween to the mainstream America, is cultural appropriation. Particularly applying to racial or cultural costumes such as Native Americans, Geishas, Mexicans, Rednecks, Irish People, Black face, Gyp*ies, and others.

How to feel about witch costumes.

Since the dawn of media, witches have been portrayed in a negative light, wearing stereotypical clothing, waving around fake wands for fake magic, evil…


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eve of Hekate

Stars’ Crossing



Crossed roads, slowly swaying

entrance beads from day to night.

Slip in between to become

for that instant of eternity

dancing gypsy calling to

Moon, to storytelling stars.

Embrace that mystery, train tracking

adventure. Breathe forgotten fields,

lush or shriveled, dependent on water

and feed. Let go of all but one brave

hand solidly grasped to the doorway.

Let go; let fingers fall reaching.



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fundraiser for the Pittsburgh Witches Ball

“Greetings & Salutations, this is nine years of The Pittsburgh Witches Ball & The Pittsburgh Black Hat Society hosting the Pittsburgh Witches Ball, are little rag tag team, from the Black Hats & other groups has been working hard. This years theme is Sirens <3

We are still looking for sponsors and advertiser in the program, and after the event, we still have intent to distribute…


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