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Thank you to all that have given me ..........

the hope and very much appriecated advice and caring words on what to do with my present unhappiness situation ....... Thanks to all .... I only hope that karma does come back on him and others that have been playing games with me ........ I can only believe that it will .... I believe it will bite him back 3 fold whenever he least expects it ...... but that will take time ........ hopefully I will find someone that is real in every sense of the word and doesn't just pretend to… Continue

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Hubby did a nice thing today......

While I was sick He took Tomas tothe grocery sotre and MCdonalds. Better than Flowers...

You knowwhat he hates bopth places thats what makes it sweet....

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13 days ina mental institution pages 56 & 57

Greetings faithful reader, It has been the longest day today. I am trying to make extra money on the computer and it just isn't working for me. (sigh) Too much time involved and very little pay. My ex-wife claims she earns $300-600 a month, I don't see how. I must be doing something wrong. I keep getting rejected. Who knows and right now, I'm so aggravated that I don't really care. I'll give it a shot for a few More days and if I don't do good... No more for… Continue

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Words cannot express

But pictures sure as hell…


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Gotta Love Picture Day

I must say this has been quite the eventful day here. It started this morning as we are walking out the door and my youngest twin son tells me "Mom can I do my homework in the van?" I gave him this look, you know that "mom look" that says "you're kidding me right?" and I told him "I thought you did it last night". I remember cooking dinner and the two other kids had already done theirs. He had told me when I asked if they had any… Continue

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Crimson Earth

Crimson Earth

Lykaios Nokturnel 2010

Howls rise toward the blackened sky,

No Moon is out tonight.

The Earth is stained with crimson,

And the Ravens release their war cry.

The pounding of many paws at once is matched by the Thunder from above,

Tonight all who were lost reign over their land once more.

Howls rise toward the blackened sky,

Darkness from above seeps into all it touches.

Crimson mixes with Earth,

Taints… Continue

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Stonehenge skeleton came from Mediterranean

Stonehenge skeleton came from Mediterranean

LONDON — A wealthy young teenager buried near Britain's mysterious Stonehenge monument came from the Mediterranean hundreds of miles away, scientists said Wednesday, proof of the site's importance as a travel

destination in prehistoric times.

The teen — dubbed "The Boy with the Amber Necklace" because he was unearthed with a cluster of amber beads around his neck — is one of several sets of foreign remains…


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New Life

Everyone starts a new life, In some way or another when they grow up. It's not exactly the same as being born, because you have already learned things and some things its hard to put aside. But when you grow to the age of adulthood and you are starting to take wing and leave home. You are starting to make a life for yourself, and become who YOU want to be. In some families, that is very hard and sometimes even considered bad. That's how it… Continue

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10-10-10 October 10th, 2010

Don't forget to plan for a day of demonstrating what you are doing to achieve sustainability. We are publicly practicing the fine art of ascending our species to be at least as beneficial to the planet as all the other creatures. Let your local media outlets know that you will be planting trees, conserving energy, installing efficient products, or whatever you feel compelled to do to honor the earth!

It is often said that when the people lead, the leaders will…

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Where The Rain Is Made Up For Book of the Month and "NEW VIDEO" Below

My latest paranormal novel, Where The Rain Is Made has been nominated for " Book of the Month" here. Take a look and put your little "x" in the box if you like.

Read the five-star reviews on Amazon:…


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The Day I Met the Buddha.....

I was working at the hospital in Gillette. I had 2 distinctly different patients that day... One was a lady who was about my age who did nothing but complain about EVERYTHING. SHe couldn't go outside because of her allergies, she couldn't excersize because of her knees, you name it, she had that diagnosis, or claimed to, a terrible hypochondriac. I was, as always, pleasant and concerned... But was she ever annoying...

In the room right next door was a kid in his early 20s. He was…

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An epiphany. . .

:::Iron maiden…


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Wednesday. . . .

So, I'm rocking Iron Maiden "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" loud enough that…


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Compassion is one of the principal things

Compassion is one of the principal things
Kemetic thought for the day.
Compassion is one of the principal things that make our lives meaningful. It is the source of all lasting happiness and joy.
Pharaoh & Spiritual leader of the Kemetic Federation & Faith.

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The return of the haircuts

The other day I heard a group of grown women who probably make more in a week than I do in a month shouting and jumping like a bunch of junior high cheerleaders for a new product whose function and name I am not allowed to reveal because of where I work.

“We are #### mighty, mighty, #### …well you get the idea.

Not to judge but it sounded silly beyond words, kind of like the guy who wore a spider man suit to one Las Vegas casino or young man who wore a 70s style perm and…

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Going to Wolvenwold

In a few hours the kids and I will be heading to Wolvenwold for Soule Feste. My hubby was unable to get the time off from work so he will not be joining us. I found this poem online and found it to be fitting. Enjoy:

A Night in the Woods by Timothy Brock

On a warm early autumn eve

As darkness closes its day

All becomes quite, so listen

to a haunting melody play

the wind sings a song

trees rustle and sway

The forest comes…

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Very much ... SINGLE ...... & PREGNANT & ALONE .........

not really feeling all that great about relationships ..... because for those that have been reading my postings on here you know that I have been trying to work things out with my childrens' father ..... For the reasons of that I will always love him... and that we have a wonderfully brilliant son together and another growing in my tummy ....... Needless to say I can't play the game of "I love U one minute then I want 2 be with someone else" the next any longer ... Him putting… Continue

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Crying Over the World- Just a rant

There are things in this life that will haunt you. You will see them and wish that you had looked away or blinked for a really long time so that you might of missed it.

I guess what bothers me the most is seeing how people react to it. We, as humans have become so numb to others suffering.

A family member recently said to me "is it bad that I don't give a shit that she is dead but I cried over a puppy the other day?"

Don't get me wrong I love animals, I don't… Continue

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My life here in a nutshell.

Matron Goddess: Mother Earth
Patron God: Grandfather Time

Other Gods and Goddesses I work with: Nature Energy (Goddess)

Animal Totems: Cat, Wolf, Owl, Bear

Herbs and Flowers I feel drawn to:…

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