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Blessings to all my friends on this blessed day

Wow! what a week I've had!

I had to disconect my phone, set my email fillter to stop a persons abusive emails; just because a person can't understand if you can't or won't be mindfull of negitive thoughts and let them free. Those thoughts then become beliefs and control your actions. According to this person's emails I'm a queer control freak that talks the talk but does not walk the walk and congers demons.

This was from a person that believes that we all are going to die on…


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Questioning Created my House


The foundations of the house are made from the most important questions of all. The questions that determine who we are, why we feel as we do and find the commonality that we all share. Upon the answers of these questions the whole house is built. Equally as such it may be considered that the question is far more important than the answers, for the foundation itself is made from just questions. You build the foundation with the right questions and slowly…


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Love vs. Fear ala John Lennon... Donnie Darko never understood...

Although I kind of accepted over time, as a child I wondered why the LOVE vs. FEAR concept had "fear" in place of what I had been taught was the linguistic opposite of love- "hate". I have come to understand that fear is the ultimate opposing force of love because they are both uncontrollable. I have personally found I can make no real conscious decision over what I love and what I fear. It only comes to me, into me... and all I can control is what I do with said love or fear after…


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possibly understanding more

so tonight I went with my mother to a local church service in town to a church that her and I have both attended for a few years now. As I grew in my finding I was a christo pagaon or tinitarian witch I relate to both, I found that in addition to going to this church I fitted well with the local Unity Church here in columbia, Which I attend every Sunday morning at 9am and I also attend the local Unitarian Universalist Church as well at 10:30am.

as time as more gone on, and my…


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Visit for breaking news,…


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Harvesting Moonlight

Harvesting Moonlight
Today the dark approaches, loosens veils of entropy.…

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Wandering Around Blindly in My Spiritual World

It's been quite some time that I've been around this site. Partially because I had some massive life-changing drama going on last year at this time, which if you really need to know about it, just ask me, but in all honesty I'm trying to steer my life in more positive direction which means no more playing the victim card, which I have found out after intensive therapy, that was what I was doing. Because feeling sorry for oneself often is a crutch to not move forward, but rather dwell on the…


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What is Nonduality?

Nonduality, also called non duality or nondualism is a philosophy, which says that there is just One Eternal Spirit in existence, and that everything in the Universe was created by it and is an inseparable part of it. At the same time, nonduality also says that the world is not real, but is an illusion perceived by the mind.

The mind finds it hard to accept the concept of non duality, because it does not accept that the world is a creation of the senses and is not real. In order to…


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The Inner World

The five senses exert a great influence over the mind and occupy its attention most of the time. They are directed outwards, to the surrounding world, and the mind follows them. However, there are times when we disregard the outer world, and live in an inner world, usually some kind of world that the mind makes up. This is the world of daydreams and idle thinking.

However, in this article I am not referring to the inner world of the mind, but to something beyond it. I am referring to…


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The Path to Spiritual Awakening

The philosophy of nonduality comes from the East, where it is called Advaita Vedanta. It says that everything is an integral part the One Spirit, and it is only illusion, which makes us think that we are separate from one another and from the spirit.

Nonduality is not just a theory, but one can realize it experimentally and live a life in which nonduality is a practical reality. You do not need to live in Ashram or on the Himalayas in order to taste it.

This philosophy has…


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Karma, Reincarnation, Nonduality and Spirit

Karma is the concept that the individual's actions determine his fate, whether in this or in a future life, and that every action has to be balanced in some way. By doing certain actions, certain energies are set in motion, which bring certain effects. It is a way to restore balance in the Universe, and is not punishment for one's actins.

Reincarnation is the rebirth of the soul in a new body, while Karma affects the new body and determines the circumstances into which it is born.…


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Nonduality, Maya, and Spiritual Awakening

The philosophy of nonduality or nondualism, as it is sometimes called, says that there is just One formless and limitless Spirit, and that everything in the Universe is within it, part of it and created by it. This includes every person, animal, plant and tree, everything animate and inanimate. This One Spirit manifests in and through myriads of forms, all forms being inseparable part of it. This philosophy, which is Eastern in origin and is called Advaita-Vedanta in India, also says that it…


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Kindred Animal Spirits Sent to Underworld With Supreme Prejudice

These ranchers make me sick. Letting their cattle wander the streets while demanding the death of all wolves. Using GPS and a helicopter with sniper rifles... FENCE YOUR LIVESTOCK JACK@$$ES

Visit for…


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Sixth Sense is the Key to Enlightenment

Top 8 reasons why the Sixth Sense is the Key to Enlightenment When you think of the great enlightened masters, they all seem to share many similar traits: Unusually intelligent, charismatic, can do miraculous things, and they all exhibited the use of the Sixth Sense. The Sixth Sense or Psychic Sense is anything that excels beyond ‘basic’ sensory. * So a dog that can always sense when its owner is coming home, * Waking up in the middle of the night and feeling something is ‘strange’, * Or you…


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Creating PSI Balls Of Energy

7 Steps to Creating PSI Balls Of Energy

First and foremost the first thing you need to accept before you can try and create a psi ball of energy is to accept the fact that we are all basically energy beings. All life is sustained by means of the Life Force, which pervades the entire universe, and is evident in all dimensions of life and reality.

There are many names for this Life Force but it is still fundamentally the energy from which all things are made and are integral…


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Learn How To Meditate

Do you really want to learn how to meditate?

Before we learn how to meditate we have to come to an understanding of what meditation is. Meditation can be described as a way to break the chains of our logical conditioned mind and achieving a state of pure relaxation free from the thoughts that constantly run through our minds. It is these thoughts that define our reality and how we react to our surroundings. There are many different ways to meditate and many different reasons for wanting…


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Experience The Power Of Positive Being

Imagine having just met a magical being who at the slightest notion can transport you to a magical land. Perfection is what you will find in this magical land. As you enter this new world you notice that you are complete and satisfied in all aspects of yourself. Whatever you desire to achieve, you accomplish it immediately.

Experiencing the awesome power of positive thinking can be achieved through the use of different meditation aids

All of your relationships are harmonious and…


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How to Create a Powerful Money Portal

Does the universal law of attraction really work when it comes to attracting more money? That’s the question on the minds of lots of people. Sure it does work but there are rules and secrets to attracting money that will change the flow of money in your direction once you know how it all works.

Right now you may be feeling scared, frustrated, or just stuck. There is a whole wide world of possibilities to be lived and experienced but it’s all out of your reach because you are short on…


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A Deep Release Meditation For Stress Relief

Here’s a way to release daily stresses and concerns while establishing inner strength. Or, take it a step further for some inner-explorative experiences.

This technique is not religious and requires no meditation experience.

Have a seat anywhere you like, and make yourself comfortable with your back straight and erect, you can cross your legs if you wish. Make sure your environment is fairly quiet and you won’t be disturbed for the next 15 minutes.

Rest your hands wherever you…


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Increase Your Psychic Sense

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you a tool that will lead you to remarkable levels of understanding that few have ever reached. The advantages to this are that you will have rich and productive conversations with people because you’ll truly understand them. I’ll also show you how to use this tool to observe the world around you in a completely new way! This mental skill is called Assimilation, and various schools around the world have been teaching it for a very long time. Assimilation…


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