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The Stars of Autumn

This week here on The Spiral Dance, let's look skyward and see what's up there.  

Every season brings different views of the Heavens, and Autumn is no different.   And, the Stars of Autumn bring their own stories and myths.  So to start this week, I have a poem written back in 1819 by the English Romantic poet, John Keats.   In his poem, "To Autumn" he captures the feeling and spirit of this season.

Then we'll talk a bit about Astronomy itself, and one view of how why…


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A title eludes this morning. Not that I have anything profound to add to the collection anyhow. Its one of those days. You are spared of my rambling then. Until our pathes cross again. Blessings.

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A Walk in the Woods

I am brought to mind a long ago time

When we walked through the forest 

While the rains fell from the cloudy skies

We were happy then, not a worry within 

Love never spoken of nor thought 

But felt by just the glimpse of your hazel…


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My Goals for Life

In life I have many hopes and dreams. One of the biggest would be to help those who are suffering, but what human being wouldn't want to do that? A smaller goal would be to become a counselor or social worker so that I can take the small steps and help children. This goal was brought about when I started helping a friend with her kids and realized how much the children really liked me. I listen to them whereas most adults wouldn't. So in life, my number one goal is to help children in…


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Truths Beyond Doubt

Sometimes it takes a different point of view to show you that yours isn’t quite where it should be. Sometimes it takes someone else’s dreams to show you that yours are worth standing up and fighting for. Sometimes, it takes someone else telling you that you are wrong so that you can see the light. A great man once said “I have fallen many times upon my knees with the overwhelming conviction that I have nowhere else to go.” I see the truth, and the hidden lies wrapped as one in this. When we…


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Happiness: A State of Mind

Happiness, a state of mind.

“Most people would rather be certain they're miserable, than risk being happy.” ~Robert Anthony 

Happiness is not just a feeling that passes; it is a state of mind. When one is intent and feels as if one has accomplished something, then one touches happiness. When one kisses a loved one, or sees the first leaf fall in fall, one feels happiness. Happiness to me is equal to pure joy. To obtain happiness one has to live in the…


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Reflection: The Reason and the Logic

About three years ago I was riding my guy friend’s bike; a little silver and blue thing that was way too short for me. The trees were colored like a coral snake, just coming into fall. I remember it being cold because my lungs and throat were chilled as if by ice.

I was peddling away down Main Street in a small village. This mean boy, this spiteful, evil, horrid boy jumped out in front of me. He was a freshman, a cocky football…


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A Witch in the US


In America, the land of the free, I am free to choose my own path. Be that path of my education, my job, my spouse, or my religion. America is the land of equal opportunity and equal pay. Except, if you aren’t born rich, you can’t get a high education because you aren’t born rich, you love the same sex as you, and you aren’t Christian. I am free to make my choices, but if I make choices that aren’t mainstream I am judged, not equal, and discriminated against. It’s not…


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Refuting Christianity - My Climb From the Darkness

First let me state that I was born into Christianity and I am not here to belittle or trash Christianity – that is not my point or purpose in this post. The fact is that I am and always have been an extremely and deeply spiritual man – it has been in me since birth.

I first became interested in Paganism in 1999 when I was dating and then became engaged to a certain woman (whom I later broke up with). I learned about Paganism and I learned it well, for it is my nature and how I…


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penticle=bondage cults?

I'm a cashier at a gas station and the other day someone came in and noticed the penticle I wear around my neck every day. He asked me if I was into "all that stuff" and I asked him what stuff and he seemed like he had a hard time trying to explain what he was thinking. He eventually came up with "all that spooky stuff" and I told him no. I sort of giggled alitte when he said that, I haven't really experienced anything quite like this before. Then he asked if I was into bondage. I said no…


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another go around

Ah yes its Monday already. Gone is the weekend with its peace and quiet. Time then to turn the noise back up and take care of business. No other way to do things afterall. Here though is to all of us having a great week. Good vibes all around. Until our pathes cross again. Blessings.

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being lazy

Its in no way productive but every so often it is nice to not do a thing. Probelm however is that it wears thin way to quick. In fact doing absolutely nothing yesterday was enough for me this weekend. Time to change it up a little then and at least roam from home for a few. That is my plan at least. Here is to hoping your own are working out as you all ant. Now until our pathes cross again my friends. Blessings.

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urgent warning

i quit the cadet because a was instruc by gods then 3 time in my life was trap by special force everytime a show who a was and they quit the army my friend frank an ninjitsu master who use to be on usa special force cut is tide with the military he as teach in victoria british colombia police but we have agreement in the racoon secret master circle we never reveal the secret of the buddha with give great power of eliminating any enemy with our mind alone and not even seem to use psysical…


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turn down the noise

That at least is my own plan for these next two all to brief days. For me at least afterall it felt like a very long week. Not from the work either. Hard labor I can do all day long. Yes I will grumble along the way but that is the right of anyone who works. Now as for people, well there is how a week drags out. I'm not going to ramble about the whining and such though. Better to spare you all of my own fussing afterall. Now that the weekend has finally landed I get to dial back the noise…


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The card of the day is the Justice Card (AKA Adjustment):

The card of the day is the Justice Card (AKA Adjustment):

In situations of struggle and diplomacy we often ask ourselves if we should take one for the team / for the spirit of compromise or whether we should stand our ground and protect ourselves from being taken advantage of. One of the keys that can help us do this is to stand back from the situation, to suspend out judgement for a while if possible, and to ask ourselves how we feel about the person/situation in essence as…


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its finally here

Friday, that time so many of us look forward to. Yes in a few hours it will be time to put the work boots away for just a little while. Time to turn down the noise and recover from another long week. Here then is to you all being able to do the same or whatever else floats your respective boats. Whatever it might be good vibes headed your way from your boy here in southern indiana. Have a good one, take it easy, and at least try to stay out of legal trouble. Until our pathes cross again my…


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Hermetic Hedonism

Glad to have found this site. Was on a so-called "Spiritual Network." Think I was too much of a Hermetic Heathen for them. It's funny how certain New Age types have hi-jacked the word "Spiritual" and try to dictate that it can only mean light and fluffy things.

Anyhoo... I am a professional TaRoT Reader from a Modern Alchemy perspective. Also kind of what I call a Guerrilla Mystic, which can be translated into my belief that the truest power of the mystic arts is their ability…


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I love the act of writing

I love writing. I love writing journals, I love it when the words flow, I love how it feels to read it later, I love when I find something really old that I've written and I get to rediscover a story.

I have another weird thing...

I love to watch other people write, especially on an overhead projector. I love watching people write by hand. Not necessarily fancy writing or poetry, no preference for print or cursive, nor for any particular language.The utensil used doesn't matter…


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no title for today

I'll make it brief today. Nothing much that might interest you is on my mind afterall. Here's wishing you a great day then. Deep and thought provoking I know. Now until our pathes cross again. Blessings.

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Someone hexed my relationship

I now know the truth. My blinders are lifted. There is a woman that I have known for quite some time. I trusted her. She told me shes a Wiccan. She has cancer an is supposedly dying. I dont know if thats fully true or just another scam to get me to trust her. I look back an see that every time I told this woman bout my relationships they would always end. As uve seen from my previous blogs, im in love with a woman. I know in my heart an soul this woman loves me an my daughter but she has gone… Continue

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