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Blessed Samhain!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Samhain and a Happy Halloween! :)

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samhain '08'

found this tonight

being a solitary i had a very small and personal ritual

but when i let the dogs out this evening just before sunset

i did notice a garden spider sitting on his/her web attached to the house

surprised me a tad.kind of figured they (spiders) would be gone by now

with all this chilly weather and all.

soooooooo.......i wonder which ancestor is watching me?-lol

Samhain Folklore - Halloween Superstitions and Legends

By Patti… Continue

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Found Cthulha.....

in my bag of organic carrots while making dinner tonight.....

How appropriate!

So I honored him the only way a demon lord should......…


Added by Sandra SanTara on October 31, 2008 at 9:07pm — 2 Comments


Blesséd Samhain everyone! Life here has been busy, my family visited me last week and I have more "family" (my soul brother's dad and sister) arriving from California later this evening. I have been busy with school work, clubs, holidays, and family. The past three weeks have been busy and the next three or so weeks will be as well. I had a family "Thanksgiving" two Sundays (almost three weeks) ago, last Wednesday there was a luncheon for my aunt who has cancer that I attended, last Saturday I… Continue

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Happy Samhain Everyone!! Goddess and God Bless!



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HUGS & LOVE.......

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Happy Samhain

I know there has been many wishes for Samhain but wanted to tell everyone to have a good one.
May the ancestors lay a visit upon you.
Mystikal Summer Starr

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Merry Meet and Welcome!

Thank you all for your warm welcomings! As I learn my way around here I hope to add you all to my list of friends.

Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween!

Added by WildDivine1111 on October 31, 2008 at 5:58pm — 1 Comment

The wild hunt


Be still and listen close to the words I spill if you value your earthly existence. On this night as darkness takes the land, from the dark earth the wild hunt spills forth with a great blaring of Herne’s hunting horn. Lead by his pack of white hounds hard at the baying, the stag-headed god astride a mighty black… Continue

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Asking for Healing Energy

As I wrote in my last post, our son, Aiden, was born 7 weeks premature on October 19th. We're still in The Children's Hospital in Denver, and will probably be here for at least another couple of weeks. I'm asking for healing energy to be sent for Aiden. He has nothing wrong with him, he's perfectly healthy, just early. Before he can go home, he has to learn to regulate his breathing and heartbeat on his own. He's not on any machinery of any kind, just a monitor, but his breathing and heartrate… Continue

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why today?

of all the days to feel like crap? why do i have to get sick today? not just a holiday but a holiday where i can't (even if i wanted to though i don't) get out of taking the kids out? and on top of all this i'm stuck at work for another 7 hours... i feel like i'm gonna die and just wanna curl up under my desk and use my coat as a blanket to take a nap...

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~ Samhain Dedication ~

~ Samhain Dedication ~

Golden leaves curl and crackle, falling, baring skeleton trees. We can hear the geese call like the horns of Herne, beckoning us back home. We feel our bones, raw and fragile. The chill night air reminds us of where we have been before. We return to death’s door, remembering where we came from, reentering Gaia’s womb. The ancient ones call to us. They tell us the Earth is magic. Our bodies are rooted here, entwined in time yet reaching skyward, seeking the one… Continue

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Diana's Bow Newletter 10/31/08-Premier Issue!

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***


Coming out of the tent, refreshed and inspired!

A bit of Witchy Women's Divination, Writing, Poetry, the Arts and Reviews!

Written and compiled by Anita Stewart aka the Tarotlaydee )0(

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***


Diana's Bow in Sagittarius by the Tarotlaydee… Continue

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Spiritual Entrepreneur Radio

The Spiritual Entrepreneur

Spiritual Entrepreneur Radio is your source for Relaxing Music, Stress Relief and Business Tips and Concepts.…


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As our new year is about to begin...

I wish all my friends, brothers and sisters and all those whom I call friend, a happy and dark Samhain celebration. As we look forward to what the new year will bring with season we all still remember those of our loved ones who have departed this world and moved on ahead of us.

Remember them this season, light a candle and bring them back in your memories. :)

Warm blessings,

-David Darkfire-

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Wishing Everyone a Blessed and Eventful Samhain

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HI all For some reason this it just doe not feel like Halloween /Samhain this year ? It feels off Like Beltaine !

DOes anybody else feel this way? Or am I just feeling vibes from my Auustralians friends..

Just seems nobody in this neighborhood decorated............. DOes not have the Smahain feeling heavyiness.... I honestly feel the heaviness a few weeks.....

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Just wanted to wish you all an abundance of love and light this samhain. Do be safe and protect your children on this night. Remember, we Wiccans give thanks to the Mighty Ones for the richness and goodness of life. As there must be rain with the sun to make all things good, so must we suffer pain with our joy. To know all things our love is ever with the Gods. We know not their thoughts, yet we do know their hearts--that all is for our good. Blessed Be

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The Goddess Tree Grows *Blackthorn

From Roots to Leaves, Branches to Bark

The Goddess Tree Grows



The Mother of the Wood

Samhain, Hallowe'en, All Souls; October 31 / November 1

Fourth of the Witches' Cross-Quarter Sabbats

Planet: Mars, Saturn

Element: Earth, Fire

Zodiac: Aries, Scorpio

Symbolism: The inevitability of Death, Protection and Revenge, Strife and Negativity,… Continue

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