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One friends depression is another friends concern

So a dear friend of mine has recently come upon some troubles. She has dabbled in places she shouldn't of is feeling the balance starting to come about and of course she isn't happy. Although this is a just and fair feeling, how can I help her learn from it?

She knew consequences would come from these actions and of course now that they are here she isn't willing to learn and grow from them. I understand that she will have a time frame in which she will feel sorry for herself. She… Continue

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Happy Hallow's Eve & My Experience with a Psychic

I just burned my pumpkin seeds - dammit!!! After an hour of separating pulp and other nonsense... I got distracted by arranging some candles whilst they were in the oven. Check out one of my pumpkins:

It is truly a relief to see young Trick o' Treaters dressed in costume and enjoying being a kid. So many youngins these days are growing up too fast! I'm appalled at the number of 10-year-olds I see with cell phones. Kids…


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Happy Halloween/Blessed Samhain

Hello. I hope everyone has a wonderful and a safe Halloween/Samhain. Tonight my boyfriend is coming over my house and we

are going to watch Ghost Hunters Live. It is going to be a 6 hour long

live event. So I plan to watch the whole thing. I am also going to do a dumb supper later tonight. I don't know what else really to do. I've never done one before.
I have all my

decorations out and I'm running back and forth answering the door and giving…

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Tarot Minute: Knight of Cups

Ah, but doesn't everyone need a knight in shining armor
riding on a noble white steed?…

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Samhain Blessings

Witch's, goblins, warlocks, vampires, all the unearthly costumes comes out on this night. Where everyone in one way or another. Trick? or Treat? For years, when I was younger this

holiday was to dress up in what ever flavor I decided to dress up for

that year. Go out after dark and run from house to house and get candy.

As the years have passed since I went from house to house. Samhian,…

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Have a Blessed Samhain

Remember your ancestors on Samhain night. Call upon the past and celebrate this night, as the portals open and veil between the worlds is thin, and those of the spirit realm roam the earth tonight. Those loved ones, who have gone before us, we welcome their return this night to make merry with… Continue

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Fellowship of an Alternative Way - FOAAW

Group Moderator looking for people of like Minds!

Location: Any where, Florida for meet-ups, festival celebrations, gatherings and such.

Yahoo Group…


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Samhain ritual last night

So for those who don't know, I went to my first group Samhain ritual last night. And...well, let's just say I had fun but there really is a big difference between solitary and group practice. I just didn't feel like anyone had a connection to the deity/ies except the high priestess. I much prefer being on my own, or perhaps in a small group of trusted friends. Don't get me wrong--I loved the people I met and do not regret going.

Also, this certain group (the only one in my area)… Continue

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We wish you a merry samhain and a happy new year!
from kitchen witch loki x

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Happy Samhain!

Samhain Comments & Graphics
~Magickal Graphics~

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The St. Paschal Friary Demolition (Peabody Estate)...By Barek Halfhand

The St. Paschal Friary Demolition (Peabody Estate)

by Barek Halfhand

The decision to conclude the Peabody Estate installments as one of my

recurrent locations ironically coincided with the County F.P.’s

announcement that commencement of the St.…

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Halloween Party Technique: Tarot, a Pendulum, a Penny & a Planchette


The Vampire Tarot by Robert Place

Sun candle from…


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Blessed Samhain!

Wishing everyone a Blessed Samhain!!!

Added by Renwulf on October 31, 2010 at 8:00am — 1 Comment

Haunted Thistle Glen Episode 41 ~ Witches Fright

Welcome to The Haunted Thistle Glen episode #41 - Witches Fright - A spine-chilling tale comes once more. Only the brave come close to hear... don't wander too far

off into the darkness. We wait for you. A warning must be made, only

the eerie wood will hold our secrets... come closer if you dare...

Camelot is haunted...…

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at last, the goddess and god have spoken to me.

I went to my local wiccan store, and i was drawn to a certain besom. it wasnt for sale, but i felt it. something was there. i knew where i could get one just like this. ETSY. Yay. I have fretted over my broom from the very beginning and now i know what i need. i also found a couple of books i plan to get later on. plus she had chime candles and the holders for them. i did however buy a couple of things. my husband, christian as he is, felt a strong pull toward a deck of tarot cards. they have… Continue

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Samhainic verse


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Integrity and Beyond (eight)

Greetings dear reader, I just wanted to take a minute and tell you that I hope the Goddess and God is providing your needs this Samhain season. A truly magical time of year. The greatest Sabbat of the year. I hope I can get by without crying over the death of my dear mother and best friend of 30 years as…

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All We Have Are Memories......

In the end, all we have are memories...that is how our spirit lives on...The memories we leave for other's is how we will be remembered...How do you want to be remembered? How do you want your spirit to be remembered by loved ones-by friends...rememnber this as you wade through life...your words and actions (or lack of words or actions) will determine how one is remembered...that is truth...Let me be remembered as a loving, caring, compassionate woman. One who really did love mine and even… Continue

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