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I am standing at the top of my mountain looking out over the ridges and peaks that seem to go on forever. I am at the edge of Ragnorok. I see the giants and the lords of chaos coming in the distance. Dark creatures cavort like hound dogs at their heels. Ragnorok is coming with them. I am in the light at the edge of twilight, at the edge of Dagaz. I feel but do not see clearly points of light emerging around me. I do not move. I stay steady, watching the enemy approach. I thought they would…


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The holidays

I totally forgot today was Oct 31st until my dad reminded me about trick or treaters.  It was after this reminder that things in my head started to click.  I get a little mentally fuzzy (aka more klutzy and forgetful) and highly motivated to improve myself around the holidays.  Usually, when I start feeling like this I look at the calendar but I've been too busy trying to deal and/or hide from my current problems to even give my feelings a second thought.


This Samhain I have…


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Samhain "Tradition" In Memory

Since October 31st, 2000, the year in which my little brother, Lance Jenkins, passed away, I've always done a little ritual of sorts in memory of him.


My little brother, Lance, was 16 years old on January 16th, 2000 when Muscular Dystrophy removed him from this life and sent him on to the next rebirth.  Unlike some who lose those close to them, his passing was, relatively speaking, expected.  His death, when it happened, was a sudden thing, less than 12 hours previous he was…


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Scorpio New Moon Meditation

Take three, deep breaths. The first breath relaxes your body. The second breath relaxes your heart and mind. The third breath relaxes your soul. You find yourself floating in a river. The water is warm and comfortable, soothing and tranquil. You’re so at ease, so relaxed and calm, that you begin to forget your body, and become one with the water. Your toes are becoming water. Your toes are becoming water. Your toes are water. Your feet are becoming water. Your feet are becoming water. Your…


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‘Forest Piano?’ New Age Music Video Passes Quarter Million Views

New Age music … it’s seen better days. But now it’s making a comeback - thanks in no small part to pianist/composer Edward Weiss.

Weiss, who owns and operates Piano Lessons by Quiescence Music, posted a video on YouTube titled ‘Forest Piano’ in 2008. This video has slowly been gaining in popularity and now has passed over 270,000 views.

Weiss says…

“I’ve always enjoyed playing piano and being in nature. Both are peaceful pastimes…


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Samhain Superstition

They say on Samhain; if you see a spider DO NOT kill is as it is an ancestor watching out for you.


And today I seen a big spider in my bathroom garbage can! Freaked me out lol :)



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Have a Blessed Samhain one and all!

Blessed Be

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Chili Dogs on Halloween

When I was a kid in Utah, my mom always made chili dogs for dinner before we could go trick-or-treating.  Today at work (in Utah), my office is having a chili dog party for lunch.  Tonight my neighbor is making chili dogs for the neighborhood.  Is having chili dogs a Utah tradition?  Are there other areas in the U.S.A. or world that also eat chili dogs as a Halloween tradition?  I'm just wondering if there really is a pattern here or if it's just a coincidence.

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Happy Samhain!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Samhain, and best wishes in the coming year! May all those we lost be at peace...you are gone but never forgotten!

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4th day of the festival of Sokar

 4th day of the festival of Sokar 


Greetings to all on this the 4th day of the festival of Sokar

To day we gather for the Feast of Sekhmet,Bast & Ra may their great and many blessings be with you all on this day

It is necessary to help others in our daily lives, merely praying for them isn't enough.


Here we can see that the Netjar telling us that although prayer helps to focus the mind and spirit, the real way forward to solve any…


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I had to say Good-Bye to my dad

My father passed away Tuesday, October 25th.  I feel the need to ramble a bit so I hope no one minds that I do that here.  My father has been battling cancer for some time, however it was still sudden.  Honestly, this was the type of man you never expected to go.  I am sure we all feel that way about some one we love. To say the least I am heartbroken.  The very least. 

My parents divorced when I was 2 and my father won custody of me.  He didn't remarry until after I graduated high…


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Union of Spiritual Sciences



I've spent my entire life studying different spiritual traditions. I've taken something of a bouncing tour of faiths, and I've done it with an open mind, a skeptical eye, and an abiding hunger for something ambiguous and enormous.

I've been both teacher and student. I…


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I'm a Pagan....and I'm Me

Why am I a Pagan?  I get this particular question a lot - especially from people who "discover" that I am a Pagan.  Its not like I hide who or what I am.  I just don't wear it out on my sleeve for the entire world.  To me, my beliefs are a part of who I am - just not something I need to put on display with bright neon lights.  Shit, I'm the same as any other human being on the planet -- I want to live my life on my own terms.  So, that brings me back around to the question:  why… Continue

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Help with an Idea

Merry meet

Is there anyone out there who can make software for windows as I have had an idea for years of an Ultimate Wicca book of shadows software. I don't have the know how to make the software for the PC; why can't the pc be as easy as the Sinclair Spectrum to work with.

My idea would instruct beginners safely into the mysteries and be a tool for the adepts to use; so would be an investment much better than buying a lot of books that are read and then left on the…


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Goddess-divine creations contest

It's that time again friends!!!!!!

Time for another contest :)

just pop over to my page to participate-https://www.facebook.com/goddessdivinecreations

Help us choose which of these will be our logo and win one of our products-soap, small lotion or salve, lip balm, sugar scrub or bath salt. All you have to do to enter is comment on the…

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I got this from http://www.findyourfate.com/numerology/dobbased.html


You are a stickler for orderliness and discipline.Not for you the flashy personality types who are all hype and no substance.As a  person you are tolerant, gentle, patient in adversity and of grave nature. Your methodical approach and the ability to handle pressure is remarkable .You have the wonderful capacity of…


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Amazing experiences

Ok.. Recently I had a whirlwind experience. I had done some work to take care of some things I neglected like for starters I had no dental insurance and was in need of about ten thousand dollars worth of work. To make a long story short I bit off more than I could chew so to speak (and yes pun intended...) I walked into a local dentists office and told her I had four hundred a month to play with. She agreed to finance me although the split from my ex husband was a nasty one and there was a… Continue

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Tarot Tip: One Card, Many Answers....

"Everyone has the answers."

Robin Wright Penn…


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A Winter Gathering

Just wanted to take a quick moment to share with all of you that my new album, A Winter Gathering, is out now.


You can buy it at shaunaburns.com


It's a holiday album, it's filled with some of my favorite Christmas songs. The holidays are just around the corner, so make sure to check it out!


Hope you enjoy it!


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Pagan Press has just published their Samhain anthology and my article "Making Samhain Incense and Oil" is in it!  I was thrilled to learn that the book is available thru Amazon for Kindle download, *and* thru Barnes and Noble as hard copy!  Also, SageWoman accepted my submission to them regarding sanctuary as part of their eNewsletter, which has 4,000 subscribed members!  It's very heartening to have these things happen.  I have more projects under way. 

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