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Samhainic Verse

Samhainic Verse

a blast from wayback:…


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Green Trapezoid Newsletter: Fall Edition



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Add A Little Magick To Your Life-No matter Who You Are :)

Anyone can add a Little Magick to their Life. You do not have to be a Witch, or even be Pagan.

You can work to enhance Peace and Serenity in your Home.

Be creative go with your instincts and your tastes.

A few Ideas for Inspiration along the way~

Use  Soft Pleasing Colors in your home or office. You can Accent with darker shades of color.

Try to use Light Colors ~ Greens, Blues, Purples, Creams, Sand or Beigy Colors, as well as light Yellows, Pale Oranges,…


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I am only at a sleep
So do not cry,
Do not weep.
For I am the fire that warms
Onto the coldest of nights
The earths that stands
The shadows of time
I am the air that is free
To bless those that wake
I am the water that calms
The moments of ferocity
So do not cry at my grave
For tonight I am free
To roam the world
As I once was
But then I return
Again to the world
Of all that is one.

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Please checkout "Seventh Journey" a new Paranormal Adventure by Robert J.R. Graham

Check out RobertJRGraham.com, a website with interesting Paranormal, Conspiracy, and Advanced Theories you might enjoy!  Leave a comment if you like it!

And also check out the Paranormal Mystery Adventure by Robert J.R. Graham entitled... Seventh Journey.…


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Have a Wonderful Samhain to All

Twas the Evening of Samhain

'Twas the evening of Samhain, and all through…


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Happy Samhain!

May you all have a very happy and safe Samhain! As this is my fave Sabbat I shall be enjoying as much candy as possible lol. May all we loved that have passed since last Samhain be at peace wherever they may be and that time passed has helped heal the hurting heart a…


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Samhain, All Hallow's Eve Poem/Note

In honor of All Hallow's Eve, Halloween, Samhain, the day the dead walk the Earth and the veil is thinned between the planes, I leave you with a touching poem to honor those who have passed. Remember your carved pumpkins to ward off dark spirits, guiding the lost and wear your masks to fool them. <3 As well as offerings of food for wandering spirits and fae!


Do not stand at my grave and weep,

 I am not there, I do not sleep.

 I am a thousand winds that blow,

 I am…


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The Dream

I usually don't dream when i do, something always happens with the person in my dream. So the dream went like this, I run into some people from radio, i think it was fatguy, from 94.7, i am buying a ipod dock and then i start hearing this strange wisseling, i say, "what is that." I hear a strange voice say, "Don't worry about it, its just a sex thing." So i didnt think anything of it. So as i am leaving, i look to see what i think is one of my friends, i start running and yelling…


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Sorry to post this all over here..

..but my family is from Providence, Rhode Island and I can't get ahold of them. Anyone from there that can give me an update on what's happening??

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Did a Past Life or Soul Choice Define You?

“We are our choices.”

― Jean-Paul Sartre


Some believe that as souls, we chose to become the people we are now on this earth based on the lessons we needed to…


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Having dental surgery..

I'm kind of scared because I've never been put under but at the same time I need it done. I have my xrays tomorrow so hopefully I get the surgery as well. My wisdom tooth grew into my cheek, so I have to get it done before it gets infected, if it's not already. 

Anyway, I'm sorry if I don't respond to messages til the 31st, I'll try my best.

Blessed be everyone. Wish me luck.

Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.

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My Interests

My Interests

I am a fifty-eight year old lady. I am a mother of five and I have eight grandchildren. Through my lifetime I have tried my hand at book publishing and screenplay writing, but I find myself enjoying my new hobby now that the kids are grown of making videos to show work that I have done and extend my obsession with photography in video form.

I first started with a youtube channel under Dorisanne13. On top of doing short commercial videos about my screenplays I have…


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We Come in All Kinds- Real Life Example

So I work at a grocery store as a cashier. I get some regular customers that come through my line. 

Today it was a lady, whom I don't know by name because I didn't want to sound creepy for asking. 

She told me before that she comes for her husband because he can't have salt or potassium because one of his organs are failing, I think it might be his liver or his kidneys.

I asked her "How are you are your husband doing?"

She said, "Good. I've just had to come to…


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A Social Network or a Community? YOU DECIDE.

People join Social Sites with the idea that they are building a community.  The site will often use the term specifically.  When people join together on a site, often times, community is implied.  It's a constant struggle in the Occult.  It can be Facebook, Google+, Youtube or the many social networking sites at our disposal.  

It's even more problematic in specific social circles.  I'll use Satanism as a model, but the primary points apply to any given 'community'.…


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Cooking: An outside oven design because I want you to have a hot meal.

Ovens are great. They bake the bread, roast the meat, simmer the veggies, all round a useful and handy kitchen tool.

What would you do if your oven doesn't work and you can not replace it? What if the powers out or your gas supply cut off? What if you find yourself out of doors for a period of time? Some thing to think about for every one.

With a few simply acquired things you can make your own oven, and it works. Here's what you need:

1.) A cardboard box. ( The one's…


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My thoughts for this blessed day

Blessings to all my friends.

I have a problem with the reality of others in which I just don't know how to deal with. It seems that I must accept the realities of others that I'm everything that a good society cannot abide to live or just an object to be used and abused.

I'm now finding that the only time that anyone wants to have anything to do with me is when they need something, ie: When their ego is that low they try to boost it by doing things to make me feel bad; or…


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Joining a coven this Samhain

I have developed my own individual spiritually and am not ready to contribute my wisdom to a coven. The others are more new then me to wicca and I plan to help them in any way I can while still being on equal ground. I met a few of them face to face today and they were very nice and friendly to them. I was so nervous with butterflies in my stomach. Everything went beautifully and we will be meeting this Samhain to make our connection official under the eyes of the god and goddess. I am so…


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Did you ever look back?

Moving can be hectic on just about anyone. Besides all the physical stress it entails, there's also the emotional toll it takes from being uprooted from friends, family, and loved ones.

I've recently moved from Temecula, California, to a little town in Indiana. It was a little bit of a shock, less crammed with people and traffic yes, but also less opportunities, services and amenities. And I quickly found out, hardly a pagan in sight. I suppose this should not have come as a…


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