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Hey, Paganspace!

I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions.

I'm getting to the point in doing my Pagany thing that I want to start putting together a more formal altar/shrine set-up.  And I want to work some magic to that end.

I'm looking to do a spell to help me find the right items.  Not like, wanting to magic people into giving me free stuff (although I surely won't object to free stuff, because free stuff is awesome), but like, so I wander into the thrift store at just the right…


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Ruminations on the day.

Once again my thoughts have turned to learning more about energy work in it's various forms, and then in turn teaching what I have learned to others. It seems to me that merely gaining power and information is hollow if it is not cultivated for the fruitious reason of sharing that knowledge with students, colleagues, and others. I feel that I have spent too many years merely gaining experience for myself and not sharing that understanding with others and allowing them to benefit from what I…


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Are You Watching The Meteor Shower Tonight?

I plan to! =D Here is more info if you want to see about it :)


Thought I would let everyone know so you can enjoy it as well :)

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Still searching

The occult for me has been a way to make terms with this world. It has helped me to center myself and be very intuitive with day to day life. Yes I do believe in the Deities and the holidays and all the general knowledge that any basic book has to offer but I'm still searching for more. That's why I am a firm believer in invocations and evocations. I feel by doing this you can acquire knowledge that isn't readily available. I know it's a long shot but my quest isn't a logical one. I truly am…


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My thoughts for this blessed day

Bright blessings to all my friends

I do hope that things go well with you; I've had a busy time since I last spoke. The sun is shining and there is such a sense of peace as I write this post.

Melted down all my candle dog ends this week and recovered several kilos of wax in which I will soon have a candle making day to replenish my candle stocks. I'm still trying to get my meditation group going but it seems that in this life I travel a lonely path.…


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busy witches

i'm kinda new to this. i've never had anyone know who, no, what i am. i've been a witch since i was fifteen. i was in a Christian family who lived in a christian town in England. First, i lived in America, when i was a baby. We moved to the UK because my mom was paranoid. No one likes the possibility that their child could be part of what they consider to be a group of heathens. you can see why i was kicked out. I moved back to America just so that i could not live in family hell. I guess…


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Free Course on Wicca

***Free course on Wicca begins Oct. 22, 2012. Enroll now!


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Today's One oracle (NINE OF SWORDS. Reversed.)


Quoted from the booklet



Suffering, Malice.

Cruelly, Pain, Despair, cruelty, pitilessness, malice, suffering, want, loss, misery.

Burden, oppression, labor, subtlety and craft, lying, dis-honesty, etc., According to dignity.

--- End of quote


I was good at reverse position. I do not have a job now. There are things I worry a lot. No more…


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Long Island Witch

It's a bit difficult being a home-bound Long Island Witch. Being Wiccan in Long Island, New York, sort of condemns one to being a Solitary if only because any others inquiring about Wicca are very likely in the broom closet. There's a certain openness to Wicca, which can probably be attributed entirely to being so geographically close to one of the most diverse cities in the world, NYC. I was in the broom closet in most social circles because I was 13 when I started and didn't know how to be…


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First Post

I am a magician living in Japan. Does not belong to the organization. Solo magician.

Tarot cards are are interested now. I have been studying the meaning of the symbolism of the tarot cards.

I use tarot studying is "The Golden Dawn Tarot Deck".

I is interesting that there is a place unlike common rider version. Study of the symbolism of the Tarot has progressed, I also want to try using the tarot meditation.

Tattva is interested then I might have. I am going to study in…


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RE: Feminism, [pointless slurs]. GOOD GRIEF

So, I had been called out. I do not need to post title and name of the user, as Starrfire wishes.

I am the perfect example of offended by stupid.

I am the perfect example of someone who will tear a shitty and shoddy analogy apart.

"Mother Nature made cows to give milk for all" is…


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Black Cats

Witchy Comments
I consider all cats to be magical but black cats in particular.I have to have at least one black cat around for protection... see years ago when I was 12 my sis and I rescued a little black kitten anmed Shadow. Shadow saved us from a house fire by alerting my mom and shegot us out of the house in the nick of time..From then on I've always had black cats and they make darn good…

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 I Like this picture.... I was just doing a little experiment to see if i could post pics....This is one of my favorite modern with pics as you can tell by my photo album...indeed casting herbs andspells written onpaper into a fire is one of my favorite ways to do spells...(fire is just so mystical!) another alternativeis a dead leaf instead of paper.Autumnis a great time for…


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Time to slow down and take some down time

Well, I am very pleased to announce that our friends won their battle with city hall and will be allowed to 

stay in business. Now it is time to chill out and perhaps work on not getting so ready to charge off to battle quite so quickly. I find that I do best when I am centered and earthed and staying earthed is one of the biggest challenges to me that I face. I don't know if it is the writer in me or what but I have to learn to think before I pick up the sword..LOL! 

And as I…


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Over Reacting

Just had to leave an apology to Wolfie and say yes I did over react to your comment and hey lets both move on. Your comment was your opinion and as I said I respect it. There is always a cool down period I believe before we fire off that blog post, especially  if we are still kinda emotional about whatever our situation may be. I didn't use that little bit of wisdom as I was still very evidently in the throes of strong emotions about my firends and I expressed myself perhaps with a emotional…


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In memory of my Uncle Raymond who passed across the Veil !

My Uncle Raymond   passed away a few days ago from Pancreatic cancer a few days ago he was, at  Star Bucks giving everyone false hope and the next minute he was,  found in the bathroom.  He passed away at  St Josepth Hospital.  He was 62 years old he was a Artist and a Janitor at EMU....

We us to go to the  the Mall and  he buy everyone a Star Bucks and sometimes a dinner.


He  painted some pictures and use to push us in the shopping carts when, we was young and …


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The saying of har

An ill tempered, unhappy man 
Ridicules all he hears, 
Makes fun of others, refusing always 
To see the faults in himself

Foolish is he who frets at night, 
And lies awake to worry' 
A weary man when morning comes, 
He finds all as bad as before,

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Rig's Ranch

Rig’s Ranch

Rustic Outdoor Location for that Special Event

We are in Northern Faulkner County, Arkansas in between Guy & Quitman..

Plenty of space for a wedding, cookout, party, birthday party, motorcycle rally/swap meet, animal swap meet, festival, family reunion, and just about any other special event you would like to have. 

We have reasonable rates, available during the week,…


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SRW's "Halloween" for free on Amazon!

Attn Kindle users: if you don't yet have Silver Ravenwolf's book Halloween in paperback (hey I don't mind some of her books and I love pretty much anything Halloween *shrugs*) or just want it on Kindle, now's the time to get it if you're interested...it's free atm so act fast! Here's the link.…


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5 Tips for Crafting Clear Questions


“If you don't ask the right question,

every answer seems wrong.”

― Ani DiFranco


Setting Up A…


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