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This is the first time I am putting myself out there so please be kind! Also sometimes I have a hard time explaining myself properly. So here goes! Not that long ago this year, around April I met a woman. We have grown very quickly close, almost alarmingly so. For the sake of this post I shall name her "Carmilla". She is married and has a child, a boy. When I first met her she had just moved into a townhouse. I…


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I was approached by one of the candidates staffers as to who I would Vote for. I told them neither I only register to vote when my choice of candidate makes the final cut. The nice lady replied " well you should vote for the lesser of two evils then" I told her lesser or greater I will not vote for evil and I…


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Life is a goal of journey in itself. Respect and love your journey. Be one with the goal.

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Leigh's Online Passion Parties Business Launch!

All are invited to participate! Please message me at https://www.facebook.com/leighboyett so you can keep up with this event!

Who's ready to get Leigh started in her Passion Parties business? For the next two weeks we will be exploring a new product daily (stay tuned for our sizzling winter products... ), learning some tips and tricks to enhance things in your bedroom, and playing some fabulous games complete with prizes. All…


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Thinning of the Veil.

So I remember last year around this time my twin and I had similar dreams about our grandfather who passed away a few years ago.


Lastnight, I had a dream about him he was laying down like he was dying. My twin and I watched and asked where our grandmother was (who had died 2 yrs ago) She appeared and all of us hugged! like a group hug. They both looked so happy (grandma from my moms side & grandpa from my dads side).


I woke up crying for like 10mins…


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From IDEA, to ideation, now into REALITY

I am just letting you, dear reader, know, that I have gone live with my idea from years ago.

Let me take you back...

Back when I was first starting to bring my private spiritual beliefs into the online community, I was circumspect, to be sure.

I had a hard time finding resources of information that didn't require getting to know me before I knew them. (opt-ins, membership, or just nosey...LOL)

So I had this wondrous idea, why not CREATE…


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October cash costume contest

The below is the monthly cash contest for October in a group called Denia, in which I am the General Manager.  Please read the entire post below if you are interested in joining this and future contests.…


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my song

a whisper away from changing everything but is it safe to say such dangerous things.

when your hands tremble and im weak in the knees its times like these when the silence

means everything more then anything so fall when your ready baby let our kiss count

the moments and hearts set the pace ill be your love song and ill love you right off your

feet until you fall into me.

love aint a race…


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tougher then the rest

well its saturday night your alone and blue

ive been txtn you awhile2 and baby you been txtn me too....nd so somebody ran out and

left your heasrt in  mess. well if your looking

for love honey im tougherthen the rest somegirls they want a handsome dan or some good looking joe

on their arms a smooth talkin romeo. but round here baby i learned you get what

you can getget and if your lookin for love honey im tougher then the rest

oh your road is dark and its a thin thin…


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Ten Powerful Keys to Healing Yourself

1. Be Present

Live in the now. The past is gone. You can never go back and make it right. You can never re-live a life that was yesterday. Live positively in the present moment, no matter what is occurring. It is All right and perfect. Do not look ahead and dread what may come. Our mind creates a lot of chatter and makes us afraid in order to keep us safe. Tell your mind "Thanks for sharing" and…


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Cauldron of the Gray Witch's Magazine ... The Gray Witch Corner Samhain Issue

Cauldron of the Gray Witch's Magazine ...

The Gray…


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Anagram your name

hey dears..

just found this really cool program with a friend.. it gives you an anagram of your name.. and its crazy because it does remind me of my personality and my friends too.. i typed in my parents and other people i know and some words do remind me of them... has anyone tried this?

type in your full name and click range..…


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