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My name is Mica Chapter 3 and 4

My Name is Mica

Chapter 3

Trust No One

     I’m ten now and I want friends outside of my gang, older cooler adults I can learn from.  I know it’s wrong and unsafe to go into a college dorm, but I’m plenty tough.  What do I care?  I’m a grown man now.  I have a dorm I sleep in, my bunk mate Dave, I don’t really like because…


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Haunting Memories

The things we want to remember, special moments, the time we spent with loved ones before they passed, hell, where I put the car keys, we never seem to be able to hold clear in our minds.

But, moments that devastate, and shake us to our very core, heartbreak, times of loss, times of anger, and pain… those stay with us forever as if to have only taken place just moments ago.

Why? Why does this happen? We hold good memories close to our hearts, but they remain a foggy…


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there goes another one

Yes another week has run its course. For most of this go around I've been under the weather,even had to take a day off from work due to it. Annoying more then anything. Yet somthing good did happen this week. After an entire month in the hospital my mother is at last back home. That is somthing to be very thankful for. With this whatever it is I have at the moment however I can't go see her. Not risking passing it off to her after she just got out. Now I'm just rambling I realize so I'll…


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My neighbor has done a moon light flit from her property and abandoned two dogs.

My neighbor has done a moon light flit from her property and abandoned two dogs. People have seen her around the area, so we know she is fine and has dumped her dogs. I am so frustrated, angry and stressed, as I can hear the dogs constantly barking. More frustration on ringing the RSPCA & police, who are trying to contact this ladies shady landlord, but to no avail, the RSPCA cannot act without the landlords permission!

Meanwhile the dogs have been left for at least a week.…


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My name is Mica Chapter 2

My Name is Mica

Chapter 2

I was Rebellious

     The years went past.  I worked out regularly, listened to the older of my clan, learned how to kill, how to defend, and I made ammo for fun and to earn a little cheddar. …


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My Name is Mica

My Name is Mica

Chapter 1

Right and Wrong

     Born, incorporated, into a unit of vigilantes, men who seek to right wrongs under no authority but their own.  They taught me how to kill and the necessity of violence. …


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another day in the nieghborhood

Yesterday was a wash for me. I called in sick after arguing with myself for awhile. Honestly I feel slightly better today but not so much so I want to go play I the dirt. No other way to get paid however. Now with that rattled off I wish you well yet again. Here's hoping your day is a good one. Until our pathes cross again. Blessings.

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"LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AWAY" Wendy Rule, Brian Henke, Morticia's Chair, Live To Love Band, Pixie Della Fiamma, "WANTS YOU" to get your tickets now for the Pittsburgh Witches Ball .www.tpbhs.com

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I'll keep it brief today

I'm having a hard time conviencing myself to get out of bed today. Really considering calling into work and just taking the day off. It would be the first time in the three since I started. Tempting hell yes but about as likely as me wiining the lottery. Not happening then. With that then I wish you well. Until our pathes cross again my friends. Blessings.

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Take Me To Church, Pagan Interpretation by Mariah Danu

I do not claim to speak for the song writer, for Hozier. 

I do claim to speak for myself.

To me, personally, this is what the lyrics share with me.

They tell me my story.

This is what I hear when I listen to this song.

Watching the video is a whole different story.

Interpretation by Mariah Danu


"Take Me To Church"

"My lover’s got humour

She’s the giggle at a funeral

Knows everybody’s disapproval

I should’ve worshiped her…


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 Just finished working on this. It's for sale on my ebay but of course would give a better …


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Blessed Samhain

Blessed Samhain, one and all.  

This week we celebrate what many of us consider to be our most Sacred and most important Sabbat.  Samhain occurs this week on Friday, the 31st.

Listen along as we talk about the history and meaning of Samhain.  And we'll share some stories about the Night; and we'll talk about our Ancestors and about Letting Go of things we no longer need in our lives.  And don't forget; Dia de los Muertos, and of course our Spook-tackular Halloween music…


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human afterall it seems

Despite how it seems some days apparently I am still human. Fragile. I say such because as I write this I'm sick for the first time in at least four years. Damn flu or whatever they're calling it this go around. Guess this strain has the stuff to get to even me. Nothing shocking really just annoying. See I don't think I should get sick or if I do it should be out of my system before a day is over. Odd for the guy that often tells others to take care of themselves I know. With others I want…


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Weird dream house

Weird dreams again they abound  around this time. I guess yesterday weird dream  I was on tropical island and it was nice peaceful and warm. Then I noticed their were, Lions every where.

I kept asking were the Lions tame they said I was kind of scared of tem.

Then today weird dream I and my brothers who oddly was younger were ,  was looking at abandon house  the house was yellow four bedroom farm house. I kept asking or your sure they left. He aid yeah  they left the stuff to…


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Not my favorite day for a variety of reasons but it can't be helped. No avoiding it afterall. And so reluctantly I must be on my way. Things to do,people to deal with. For anyone who actually reads this here's to you having a great kick off to the work week. Hope its more fun then what awaits me. Until our pathes cross again. Blessings.

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Just a little update :)

Hey guys!

I just wanted to pop in and let you know what's been going on in my realm. I know I'm not posting daily but I am here everyday :)

My sister was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer several months ago. It's in her lungs, her liver and her bones, as you can imagine the prognosis is not good. She has both large cell and small cell cancer which makes it very hard to treat. She's tough and she's fighting but the cancer keeps coming back with a vengeance.

I've been really…


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After meeting and speaking with a few mediums, asking loads of questions and opening up about my experiences, It's been established that I am, I guess what is called a 'sensitive'. I can sense spiritual energy, residual or otherwise, in a location pretty much the moment I cross the threshold, I even pick up on spirits that randomly pop in wherever I may be, sometimes can even feel out their intentions or emotions.  It seems however, that I may have been 'disconnected' so to speak with…


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once more a title eludes me

Not that I stick to the topic one might bring to mind all that often. The title however is the most difficult thing about this I'll admit. Most all the rest just flows once I get going. Proof that I'm truly at ease here. If I wasn't I wouldn't say a word,just sit here in my corner keeping to myself. We all know by now that isn't happening. No to me this is like my front porch. You're welcome to wander up and have a seat, talk to your heart's content. Here at least I'm not border-line social.…


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another one down

For me the weekend translates to one thing mostly. Recovery time. This go 'round I especially need it. Seems like this last week whipped my butt mire then othets. Why? Well it proably has to do with having two members moved from my sode of the street over to mowing. Things move a lot slower when you only have three guys on site,two of which doing all the geavy lifting. Honestly though its no thing in the end. What bothers me is when someone who hasn't been on my job site shows up and decides…


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dead bunny rabbit omen or paranoia?

I saw a dead bunny rabbit not my first time one  did not seemed to be harmed soI put  in a grave an offering and a song. I was wondering is it going to be bad liuck cuz my hubbies zodiac is the rabbit?

Added by danny buyck on October 24, 2014 at 11:19pm — 1 Comment

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