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Seidr and nerves

No matter what path I study I always end up on that cultures version of shamanism. The same goes foe heathenism, first the term Vanatru randomly appeared. I immedeatly wondred what it was so I looked it up. In heathenism it turns out, some folk are drawn by the Vanir tribe.

The Vanir are usually discribed as agricultural entities, the most famous being Njord, Freyr, and Freyja, each of whom give us thier own version of prosperty and pleasure. Eventually this led to Seidr, a norse… Continue

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EXPRESS Check Out!

I was in Krogers two day before Thanksgiving and I had only picked up a few things so as I started up to the checkout. I passed long lines of people with carts running over and came to stop at the end of the Express Line. There were maybe five people ahead of me so I felt sure I would be through there quickly.

I surveyed the line! A lady at the register was just paying for her stuff and behind her was a little old lady maybe in her 70's, behind her a young man dressed in a suit (probably… Continue

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Walking the Red Road November 30

Walking the Red Road November 30

"To hi ge se s di"

means peace on earth.


Did You Know?

In many tribal communities it was the

grandparents who instructed the child,

and the parents who worked and

hunted for the family. The grandparents

taught tribal laws, creation stories,

histories, and wisdom through stories.

Meditation with Native American Elder’s November 30

"Someone… Continue

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Kitchen Spells

Kitchen Spells

Spell to Bless your Oven

(From "Witch in the Kitchen" by Cait Johnson)

The oven is an ancient emblem of transformation. Raw brad dough is one thing, but baked bread is clearly another; what comes out of the oven is quite different from what went in. We can honor the oven and its almost alchemical magic - it's ability to change things in order to nourish us more deeply - with this simple spell.

You will need:

A cookie sheet


On the… Continue

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Affinities of Essential Oils with Crystals

Affinities of Essential Oils with Crystals

BLACK PEPPER: Bloodstone. Courage, physical energy.

CARDAMOM: Carnelian. Sex, overcoming sexual dysfunction.

CEDARWOOD: Lepidolite. Spirituality, sleep, protection.

EUCALYPTUS: Aquamarine. Health, healing, purification.

FRANKINCENSE: Amber. Strength, healing, protection.

GERANIUM: Red Tourmaline. Protection.

GINGER: Rhodochrosite. Physical energy, love.

JASMINE:… Continue

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Pagan Lore for Today, November 30.

In many rural villages in Germany, young women still perform traditional love-divinations on this night. Using various methods of fortune-telling, they read omens and dreams to find out about their future husbands and marriages.

On this date in the year 1942, Otter Zell (Pagan priest and the founder of The Church of All Worlds) was born in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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Sun Magick

Sun Magick

Some magicians may wait months for the sun to enter the proper sign of the Zodiac. This is fine for major workings but unrealistic for those who are working everyday magick. However, there are other solar cycles worth following... if you have the time. If not, don't wait.


Day begins as light stretches out from the eastern horizon. This is an excellent time to perform rituals involving purification, business success, study, employment, breaking addictions… Continue

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Its Monday we all need a little pick me up today


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~crone wisdom~

There is a famous saying:

"If the mind is not contrived,

it is spontaneously blissful,

just as water, when not agitated,

is by nature transparent and clear."…


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Merry Meet!

I want to truly thank those that have stopped by to welcome me to PaganSpace. Having newly found my path (or rather having finally had it illuminated with blinking neon arrows and signs screaming walk this way) I can honestly say I have never felt more welcome in a community. I appreciate how diverse and open pagans have been to me and look forward to continuing this life and helping to welcome others as well.

If anyone has any reading suggestions, I greatly appreciate that. As my… Continue

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Seeking a collaborator

I've nearly completed a small book of an October 31 ritual, which needs illustration. I'm seeking an illustrator who would be willing to work with a first-timer (at collaborating, that is). I have absolutely no idea of how to manage such a collaboration, the mechanics of it, the wording of it in the book, nor the payment of it. I don't know whether I'm supposed to purchase the illustrations from the artist, or simply share the royalties, should there be any. I need the assistance of an… Continue

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Something wicked this way came.. and is now saying goodbye.

I have been experiencing an uncomfortable sort of emptiness for the past while .. up until very recently. I had so many questions and I was trying to find certain feelings and figure out what was causing others. I thought I'd grown bored with myself, feelings of worthlessness occurring every so often became more frequent. I felt powerless and totally unenergized and unmotivated.. "what's the fucking point?" I thought.. almost every day especially upon waking.

I'm not special when it… Continue

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Mr. Reaper

Mr. Reaper


Many times, upon your door, I have knocked

The insanity of a child in a mans body

I remember; the days of driving like a mad man

Entering burning buildings with out a second glance

The only tactics to this life I knew, go get it.

Now I see so many things to make me thankful

Is it to much to ask, for another day to breath?

A day to teach those around me the gifts I… Continue

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About a week ago I blogged here asking for a group wish and/or spell for my lonely friend, King Richard a handsome draft horse, left for almost a year to languish by himself. Several pagans, wiccans, witches responded that they'd send good energy toward King Richard. A real group, one thought energy proved successful. Magic manifested for today when visiting him - voila! a paddock mate. Thank you, thank you for all who turned their thoughts to King Richard. I prayed to the horse goddess, Epona,… Continue

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There & Back Again....

I grew up in the Down River Detroit area and left when I was 16 to go to an all girls boarding school in Amish country Tyrone PA and was there for 2 years and gradueted.

I got acceped the The Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarsota FL and lived there there for 5 1/2 years. then moved to Jerome AZ with my boyfriend who broke up with me after we were there for a month, so I travled down to Phoenix AZ to start over get a job and an apartment a cat and a new boyfriend.

So I decided… Continue

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Einjahar Blot

Raven Kindred North had it's annual blot to the, honored dead, the Chosen Slain of Freyja and Odin; the Einjahar.

(Details and Blot report at

My take: it was Awesome. (Go figure.) Awe defined in the old fashion; to inspire and make you think.

Einjahar is made-up whole cloth. While we do have plenty of toasts to the Ancestors in the lore, a specific Blot to the chosen of the Gods... Not so much.… Continue

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today is lonely. Hubby in CA working im stuck up here. Im struggling with studies and in a funk of sorts. I have meditated on this and have yet to get back on track yet.I have to see where im going to go after all this is said and done. I know hes doing well and working hard so he can be back by Yule. i need to find a person who can help me in my studies. I can read but cant apply what ive learned. thats where my problem is. if anyone is willig to lend a hand i would love it very much.

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Making Fun Of Mental Illness

I have to say I'm very disappointed. Since when did it become ok to make fun of someone who is obviously having issues? I wonder if you all realize that maybe you could push this person to the edge and cause them to harm themselves. Since when did you all lose your humanity? It's very sad and I'm very disappointed.

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Shinto Kami in Wicca

As most people who know me know, my main pagan background is in Buddhism. Buddism is one of two main religions in Japan. The other is Shinto.

I have not filled out my pantheon yet, as I'm still researching what fits me. But something recently popped into my mind. Why are there no major oriental tradition wiccans?

It does make little sense for a few very good reasons, the greatest of which is compatibility.

Shinto has "kami", which are godesses, gods, elements,… Continue

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"Let us talk about issues that are a bit controversial"

Not a problem with me.

And at some point, you become aware that struggle is just a tool, controverse is a mere grindstone for the Ego and it is all about the pecking order. I don't go controverse for the sake of controversy - that is absurd. Move on.

Some people are here because they have no one to talk to about anything existential. I myself am very open to the written word because I lack RL company when it comes to certain topics as well, which means I am definitely… Continue

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