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Last day of road trip

Coast to Coast AM made the trip awesome. I listened to the Eric Von Daniken episode and the tarot lady, the Anunnaki episode from October and several others, including Graham Hancock's descriptions of ancient sites that confound traditional archaeologists. I got more ideas for things I want to do with other stories I'm going to work on and had really interesting discussion with Jason after the fact. I might start wearing a snake. I'm still mad I haven't seen a UFO.

No rock shop, but…


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The Beginning...

So I joined this site last week. 

So far I've interacted with a few lovely people. I'm still learning my way around the site though, so if you send a message or friend request that I don't instantly respond to, it's not because I'm ignoring you or don't want to talk to you - I'm legitimately still just learning my way around.

My name is Rebecca but people just call me Bec. I'm a married, Australian woman whose family history is mostly Scottish, Irish, English, French…


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Hi please allow us to introduce ourselves

The Luna Coven is a worldwide Coven of Wiccans and Pagans. It is free to join and all we do within the community is free too. We do not judge, do not discriminate and our main aim is to promote the Olde Religion and to support Coven members to live a happy and fullfilled spiritual life, as one with the Horned God and Goddess.

Who are The Luna Coven?

The Luna Coven is a global Coven of Wiccans and Pagans but we are actually based in the West Midlands, England. We use the…


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The Enchanted Oracle here on PS

Thanks Lass and Sin and Mrs Starr!

I have  birthed new group here  Enchanted Oracle. I invite all to come hear the messages of vareious Oracles  from the Fae to Goddess,and more.

I also invite thos who use Oracle cards to come and share as…


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Cats Bits 12-1/12-7 Winter Magical Season for Soul Crafting

Cat's Bits for the Week of Dec 1 - Dec 7

Dec. 2 New Moon at 7:22 pm EDT

Dec. 17 Full Moon at 4:28 am EDT

Dec. 21 Winter Solstice / Yule

Dec. 24 Christmas Eve & celtic Tree Month of Birch begins

Dec. 25 Christmas Day

Dec. 31 New Years Eve


Thought for the Week:

"I heard a bird…


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Sad fact about small towns!

So since I have been on the path to claiming my roots in Witchcraft, I have tried to locate any fellow witches in or near my town.... Sadly I found only one, and she is a recluse! I really do wish there were more witches around here! It's amazing that in the center of our town there is a huge five pointed star made of red rose bushes and lined with natural stones, a shining symbol of witchcraft, but our town is primarily Christian! lol I just laugh when I drive by it everyday, I wonder if I…


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Black Friday 2013

We went to gasp the mall!  Since Vendoring  was out I was mad I lost my spot :(

 So to cheer me up hubby took me  black Friday people watching to Great lakes and the villiage.

My son has developed odd fear of Santa Clause?

 I tried three different Santas he was okay with Mrs Clause  telling a story time.

We had a good time he went on a roller coaster! …


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Round Dance of the Cross The dance of Christ with his apostles is found in the apocryphal Acts of John, a Gnostic writing probably dating from the second century. It does not seems to appear on the web by itself. the passage He bade us therefore make as it were a ring,The spiral dance or turning or whirling dedicated to Divine Remembrance, can be traced back in many religious tradition including in ancient Jewish mystical traditions. What is fascinating to know is that Jesus…


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Ritual days?

I am looking into figuring out what are known ritual days of the year, I have learned of the Autumn Equinox (Mabon) and Yule, but I am sure there are more than just two, what are the other seasonal ritual days. I have seen a Mabon ritual and thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever witnessed, but I can't remember the words or actions of the celebration. I want to incorporate the celebration of the change of seasons into my practice, but can't seem to find all the information I…


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My best wishes to all who celebrate with family/friends this day. I am home alone except for my cat, in an effort to concentrate on overdue schoolwork/reading/writing etc. I did this partly because, as an untrained empath I get overloaded very quickly with other people's "issues", especially petty jealousy and hurt feelings, I also tend to draw others' physical pain which has reached a point of being nearly debilitating at times.

What has become difficult is that being alone is…


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Feast of Ullr

November (Blotmonath - Frermanudhr - Fogmoon) 28th

Feast of Ullr (Ancestor Blot, Weyland Smith's Day)

Many Asatruar in the USA use the national Thanksgiving holiday to honor our Gods and Goddesses of the hunt (it is deer hunting season in many parts of the country). We thank them for a successful hunting season with a blot and also bless/honor those who hunt to support the family. Weapons are dedicated on this day to Ullr. Some also take advantage of the family-oriented secular…


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Message from the enchanted oracle -Dragoness

Time to connect with your inner Dragon. It is time to be aggressive about somethings in your life, and not allow others or circumstance to control you. Are you predator,or prey,victor or victim. The choice is yours, as you know the power is within…


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Changes in the Cauldron

Yes I am still present owner of the Cauldron formerly The Cauldron of the Gray Witch now the Eclectic Cauldron. We have grown leaps and bounds for being 4 yrs old from 200- over 600 and active.

The Eclectic Cauldron exists to promote tolerance, and understanding as well as to bring together people of various paths .20 yrs and older.We are still here on PS  under the Cauldron of the Gray Witcch which needs updating…


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Coupon this weekend for Mystikal Crescent Moon!

In honor of the Thanksgiving Holiday and this weekend being such a big shopping weekend, Mystikal Crescent Moon will be running a coupon. 15% off your total purchase using the coupon code CYBER15. Happy shopping! Want to stay in the exclusive know how? Go to the website and sign up for our email list! Follow us on twitter as well as facebook! There is also now…


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Bioengineer: the heart is one of the easiest organs to bioprint, we'll do it in a decade


"For bioprinting it is the end of the beginning as bioprinted structures are now under intense study by…

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He was forced to stop the excavations when the First World War began in AD 1914, but resumed the work in AD 1917. On the first of November, AD 1922, he started digging in a place near the entrance of the tomb of Ramesses the Sixth.The tomb of King Tutankhamun was found after being hidden for more than 3000 years help is not pity the self can only solve problems yet to be a individual without friends or family means that someone could die and not a blinking of an eye would happen to…


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Watch Your Words

Witches say that words have power, but what does that mean in our everyday lives? Since words are a way of putting our intentions out into the universe (which is why we speak our aloud), it is important to be sure your words are sending you want. Spend a day truly listening to yourself. Are you critical of yourself or others? Is your attitude positive or negative? Are your words kind or hurtful? If you are not happy with what you hear, make an effort to watch…


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Strange fish caught in Arctic waters identified as rare species

When fishermen recently pulled a strange-looking creature from the waters between Baffin Island and Greenland, they had to turn to the Internet to find out what it was. It apparently wasn't an easy search for the answer, given the rarity of this fish, but it was a…


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Weird ass dream again LOL! official I need ot owrk for Sci fi channel!

Well  I was dreaming I was in a store  retail store maybe discount?  In a Mall and my  family was around.

Some how  We hear there is a storm and we need to hide . for some odd reason  people did not take it seriously?  Next I know I am going over to this room were,  there is a glass  wall that is  separated!

 Astral planes and the  people on this side of the wall can see us  once a week a year ro certain times .

Come  to find out  the living can see the people have…


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My thoughts and feelings on this blessed autumn day

Bright Blessings to all on this crisp autumn day.

I've been meditating on this for some time and thought I should share this with you.

There are two types of personality in this reality, the mundane (predictor) and the spiritual.

The predator loves chaos and deeply rooted in the mundane of the ego (I know, I want, I take, fear, hate, judgement and blame).

The spiritual loves order and rooted in Contentment, Understanding, trust, love, compassion,…


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