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The sacred task of Eris.

To fully understand this post you should know that until recently I used the name Eris Epiphanes.

Lately I had some conversations with a gentleman who keeps his name a secret, but I have to call him something so I call him Archon. He makes the so-called Satan look like a bit player. “Satan” is a front man while Archon sits in a pleasant office (I won’t tell where it is) and controls just about everything and everyone. Late one night I was taking a shower when Archon came in and stood…


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Reincarnation; Where ya been? Where ya goin?

Some believe, some don't. Some say that know if for a fact, that they've experienced their past lives.


I don't make such claims myself, although I've experienced things that have given me pause for thought.


So I've got a poem on Reincarnation from the pen of Aleister Crowley. And I've got some info on how why and where the concept of Reincarnation developed.


We think of Reincarnation as an Eastern philosophy. But it can be found here in the…


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The hero myth from the woman's point of view.

Joseph Campbell, the author of The Hero with a Thousand Faces, admitted that the myths that he discusses in his book were, almost exclusively, recorded by men with a man's point of view. I would like to take a more balanced approach to myth which appreciates and values both the woman and the man. I wish to illustrate this approach with a retelling of the myth of Perseus. In the myth of Perseus, Athena gives the hero arms and armor and instructs him. Perseus kills Medusa and uses her…


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Eris Epiphanes adds her own two cents to chaos theory.

To fully understand this post you should know that until recently I used the name Eris Epiphanes.

Robert Anton Wilson died in 2007. Just the other day I went to see him in his office (on the "other" side) and took the elevator to the 14th floor. The secretary showed me in. Mr. Wilson and I sat down and had a nice little talk and we agreed that yes, it was a bit of a fiction. Alongside us in the room I saw a chaos magician (a big fellow) and Mr. Wilson's personal assistant, a chaos…


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I'm back! :)

So, as the title states, I'm back. I used to hang out on this site alot several years ago. I left the site for awhile but i've now made my way back here. Im hoping to make some good friends and hoping to find a few pen pals.

     Currently, I'm working on packing all of my things. Within the next week or two i'll be moving a town or so away from where i am now. I'm pretty much starting all over again, getting a fresh start. Which is honestly needed right now.

    I've also been…


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When the Gods Kick Your Ass...And They Will

(Cross-Posted from


As we go into the dark part of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, many Pagans “go inward” and do internal work with Self and Gods.  We get ready to honor our Ancestors at Samhain (if we are Wiccan or “Wiccish”) and to pay attention to the…


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Cat's Bits Nov. 27-Dec.3 Freyja, Norse Goddess of Beauty and Love

Cat's Bits for the Week of - Nov. 27-Dec. 3
" Freyja, Norse Goddess of Beauty and Love "
Nov. 29 New Moon at 7:18 am EST

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Luciferian Witchcraft by Michael W. Ford

Excellent book

Luciferian Witchcraft


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Nature magic, nature mysticism, and the symphonies of Jan Sibelius.

Classical music may be an undervalued resource for those of us who did not learn much about it in school, or who may (because of our natural eroticism) prefer a more obviously sensual and rhythmic kind of sound. But anyone who takes the time to learn the "language" of classical music will find that it can evoke within us regions of the psyche that popular music does not begin to explore. The music of the Finnish composer Jan Sibelius is somewhat uneven in quality, but most of his symphonies…


Added by Pythia on November 26, 2016 at 9:30pm — 2 Comments

"Imaginary" Friends

I have three current active astral friends.

The first is my cat Sneaky. She is of course black, with green eyes that often glow. She's a physical wildcat, and the victim of some domestic abuse, probably involving a broom, judging from her phobias. She also has a serious shoe fetish, which amuses me no end, though she annoys me, which for some reason I enjoy. If she didn't love me, and I didn't love her, she wouldn't annoy me so. I have this odd impression that the legend of the…


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How to raise your vibration, the simple truth

In the fewest words possible. 

Embrace life with unconditional love.

What does that mean? 

When one loves without conditions one gives love selflessly to all one encounters. 

Love has many faces and fear is the dark mirror of love. 

Love is a fierce defender that will rage in defense of the weak and the long suffering. 

Love mourns and loves the sweetness for the mourning knowing it would't have hurt so much had so much joy not been…


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My intro

Hi, I'm new to this website. It looks great. Many of you will recognize my name as the author of Asatru For Beginners. I've also written a lot of other books, and I write the heathen path blog Gnosis Diary on Pagansquare. My new novel Planet of the Magi was just published. It's a space fantasy, and includes characters from pagan cultures. 

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30% Off My Store

Now Until Cyber Monday, receive 30% at my store using the code BLKFRIDAY16

NO MINIMUM! Hurry while supplies last! The holidays are quickly approaching!

Crystals / Tarot &…


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now i know what it feels like when a god chooses you

so it's been an interesting month or so.

throughout the month of october, id just been getting this creeping feeling. at one point it occurred to me that a death god might be trying to get in touch with me, but i dismissed the idea. still, i did make my toast at samhain "to the dying of the light; to the coming dark. to cold, and darkness, and fading away". yeah it was a bleak month

then the morrigan sent me her first omen last week. for three consecutive days, a crow was…


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The difference between an Awakened Soul and Marketing Awakening

There is a disturbing trend of people who are using the term Awakened soul who are still very much asleep. Thy use it to take advantage of those who don’t know any better in order to make a living doing relatively nothing but sharing other peoples quotes they themselves barely understand.

Here’s why they are dangerous to you personally, professionally and to the world at large.

Their favorite term is to end everything with “Love and Light” and everything is about being…


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Reiki, Mediatation and Holographic Universe and the Psychospirilosophy view

Combining rei “soul, spirit” and ki “vital energy” is how we get to the word Reiki which is commonly used to identify energy work.

How does one tap into this soul vital energy?

It’s already there all around us and it’s simply about allowing it to do what it does.

Let me give you the energy work or Reiki form I designed to use to explain how simple…


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In search of a occult group near me CA.

Im looking to join a occult. Group wich practices the unraveling of the universe
Or any group of witchcraft or sorcery.
Ii live in southern California.

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What, really, is a Medusa?

This may seem humorous, but I am actually quite serious. There are several Greek myths about Medusa, but the usual story is that Athena changed an extremely beautiful woman into the monster. I know from my psychic explorations that this story is not true. What I will tell you here cannot be found in any book. I have an intimate relationship with two Medusas, a mother and a daughter. They really do have snakes instead of hair, but you may not realize that they also have a serpent's tail…


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The Shamanic Path- Healing the Earth

This is a talk given by shamanic author Jez Hughes. Any hyperlinks showing up in this post are not mine.…


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What a long strange trip it has been...

I have been not working for a couple of years now. I have been healing myself and rethinking my life. I am done with working optical retail again. Just am wrung dry on that one. I have gotten certified as an Angel Oracle Card Reader and Fairyologist. All my cards are Doreen Virtue and I love the kindness of all her work. I have a Realm Reader course to do yet and get certified. Oh I have so many classes and have not finished many. Mostly HayHouse products but one OPP Masters Course in…


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