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Into the new year ...

I am glad to see this year finally come to an end. I have been faced with so many different dilemmas that i'm hoping that next year will only bring the brightest blessing for me. The one thing i want to leave behind as time comes winding down is this feeling of hurt and pain. I've yet to actually deal with all these emotions. I've had them bottled since June 15th and have never been able to deal with them in fear that many might see me as being weak or unable to handle life. I've always been… Continue

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On being a Hebrew Pagan

I am *not* a Hebrew pagan. But I have been in the scene for a few years and i like studying ancient Hebrew religion. I want to make it sort of like a FAQ.

I am making this blog for the purpose of...

1) education: on how it's possible to be a Hebrew pagan & the ancient Hebrew religion

2) I believe Alisha's Hebrew Paganism thread is getting derailed and too many people are causing fights and negativity that I really do not care about.

so let's get… Continue

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i am looking for help, advice, guidance

I found this group by invitation from a person that I never met, someone I was connected to on another site. i have always had an interest a desire to learn to study and to be more involved spiritually and still have a long desire to do so. However, networking has helped me find things including information about myself and my likes and dislikes and has opened doors i didn't know existed. And I have found that the past 4 years I have been on a journey of re-discovering myself. However right… Continue

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Have you seen my wesite lately?

I have been reading the news across the internet lately. I'm not really interested in the TV news, infact keep that box turned off most of the time.

But some things I have been reading have been sad and then others have been real stupid. But, I ran across something on a pagan website in there news and found it really interesting and somewhat true so far.

So Of course I added a couple pages to my website (not that I don't have enough now). What I found was "… Continue

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Be Safe!

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standin in fear worlds so dark can see the shadow in horizon lust of dark past comein back real or devil in disguise cant tell shadows comein clearer skys dark long black hair eyes bright as moon she…

standin in fear worlds so dark

can see the shadow in horizon

lust of dark past comein back

real or devil in disguise cant tell

shadows comein clearer skys dark

long black hair eyes bright as moon

shes comein fast see the light

hearts poundin fear or lust shes near

shadow covers my body see the light

knees shakin in fear lust keeps me there

figure through the shadows slim shes so nice

hair blowin in the wind breath cold as ice

frozen in… Continue

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just for fun on UFO's not all just some.

What if they are us? I was thinking, to travel space is to travel time, and since that possibility is there, if there is some kindof star treck future in store for our kind, then shouldn't we already see some signs of us in space?

Even if we are in the past, before our advances, if they are to come, then shoudnt we see some sign of that in space now?

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January Horoscope from

ARIES (March 21-April 20) Your hard work will pay off later. Old friends rejuvenate and inspire new thinking. Make a spiritual altar to attract blessings. Sudden travel brings about a surprise in love, but don’t move to fast in romantic decisions.

TAURUS (April 21-May…


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LAST DAY OFF SALE!!!! 20% Off all handmade Jewelry!

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Apocalypse or "A New Day Dawning"

Dear family and friends. I recently watched this video of Terrence McKeena (one of Timothy Leary's psychonauts) and found it interesting. I am still trying to understand the alogrithm of his "Gaia Digital Matrix" that determines his "Timewave Zero." Basically what I am gleaning is that he is saying that the culmination of human thought, knowledge and experience is exponentially spiraling and increasing as we move toward the year 2012. I am going towatch it more but I believe he is…


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Look at the Pretty Clouds ... Ooops

Wild and crazy winds are coming through here today. I was keeping an eye on the trash and the recycle cans, and as soon as the trash truck came through went out to bring that can back in. I had a lot of difficulty due, and it was an interesting struggle. Rather glorious, actually. I thought the recycle bin, being so large, would be just fine until emptied. Wrong! Not long after the trip out to the curb to rescue the trash can, the recycle can went over. Out I went. That was interesting (I have… Continue

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Loving Gaia

I love the wondrous, magical Earth we all call Home, and I resolve in 2009 to continue dedicating my life to honoring and respecting Gaia deeply, and participating in the greatest spiritual work of our time -- Earth Healing. I will do this through acts of photojournalism and conservation filmmaking, direct action involvement and educational outreach. Anybody who is of the same mind frame is welcome to join me,… Continue

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2008 Turns to 2009

The beginning of a new year. What to say but wow! A black Man is President the world seems full of promise But there's still the great storm to come it's thunder is louder in our ears. This is just the leading edge of the storm. This storm is caused by those who live in secrecy and wealth. They use religion to attack all peoples but their time is ending. as is the power of the papal ring The church loses their control over any one who becomes a follower of the ancient way there will be a stern… Continue

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To my wife

As it is another yr of our anneverry my heart is filled with the same love and respect i had when we got married over the yrs i have grown in spirit and in being a husband . after all the time spent and watching children grow and go throug there ups and downs looking to us on how a marriage should be one that sticks it out works through our problems with the goal being US in mund what can we do to make our marrage better? we listen and we act upon our hearts best intrest for us.

I… Continue

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What IS magick? My thoughts

i will begin this by stating what I do not believe magick to be: In doing so, I do not intend on bruising anyone's beliefs, it is just my way of wrapping my mind around it.

First off, I don't believe in flashes of light, wind blowing from out of the blue, lightening flashing, or otherworldly beings appearing near me at my beck and call. These things may happen during a spell casting, or during a ritual, but as a solitary, I have not experienced it.

Now, what I do… Continue

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Pagan Lore for Today, December 31

New Year's Eve. The modern custom of ringing bells and blowing horns to usher in the new year at midnight is actually derived from the old Pagan custom of noisemaking to scare away the evils of the old year.

In certain parts of Japan, young men put on grotesque demon masks and costumes made of straw and go door to door collecting donations of money, rice cakes, and sake. This traditional New Year's Eve custom serves to drive out the demons of misfortune and ensure an abundant… Continue

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This Is It, Last Day Of The Year

This is the last day of the year, and though I try to take time out to meditate on the past year on this day usually... I don't really have much time to spare for that today. Today is more of a scramble just to get through the day. I have found this actually to be more and more what my life is like lately. Just trying to make it one day at a time. I'm not sure how I feel about this. In some ways this is good, in some this is bad. It doesn't leave me as much time to dwell on crap that I'm… Continue

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If A Dog Were Your Teacher

If a dog were your teacher you would learn stuff like...

~ When loved ones come home, always run to greet them Photobucket

~ Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride… Continue

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The difference between Western prophecies and those of native peoples

There is a remarkable difference between Western prophecies and those of native peoples. When Western prophets see into the future they envision Armageddon. The end of the world. When native prophets look down that same path they see the completion of a great cycle. A change of worlds.

The reason for these vastly different views is found in the way time is experienced. In the West time is history. There is a past, a present, and a future; a beginning, a middle, and an end. Like a… Continue

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