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January Horoscope from Dinah's Dreams

May your new year be blessed with fond memories, fulfilled dreams, and magnificent accomplishments!

Click on or copy the link below to your browser for your January horoscope.

Big Hugs and Bright Blessings,


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Recordings from the live podcast show "Live Music From London UK" Featuring "Radfax" the band Filmed on 29th December 2009

Below are the recordings from the live podcast show "Live Music From London UK"

Featuring "Radfax" the band

Filmed on 29th December 2009


PART 02…


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Things I have been wanting to say.

With 2009 drawing to a close there are some things wanted to say…

**Disclaimer: not all these things are directed toward PS members**

To my Friends: you are fabulous and I love you all

To those I do not contact enough: I’m sorry

To my Crush: you light up my life… thanks for being you. Wish you were here.

To my Lady: it is so good to be talking to you again. You’ve been much missed.

To my Brother: there is a bag of Reese’s and a bottle of tequila with your… Continue

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New year

Every Year most people make these grand plans to start something or quit something. I am doing neither. All I want to do is live day to day and maintane my life as it is. I keep giving blessing to the Goddess and God and I wish nothing but happiness and joy to everyone. Please be safe and enjoy the blue moon if you are lucky enough to get to see it.

I have a very cloudy and rainy sky ;(

May the goddess bless and keep you on your future journeys



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A Satire and Rant

A Satire & Rant

It has come to my attention that certain people from my past may have a grudge towards me. This bothers me not, for I feel my life, its purpose, and direction are positively growing, even in my attitudes towards those whom I will leave nameless.

I have no need to play dress-up in the woods to validate my faith to people who are not living virtuously on a day to day basis. I know within me, that I am not only a good person who lives their… Continue

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Walking the Red Road December 31

Walking the Red Road December 31

Strength is not the only thing we must have in the world, and in a man or a nation, it is of little use without wisdom.


On This Date in Native American History

December 31, 1910: The film The Yaqui Girl, a love story about an Indian woman and a Mexican man, was produced. James Young Deer, Winnebago, became the head of studio production soon after this… Continue

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How to Get in Touch with a Plant Spirit

How to Get in Touch with a Plant Spirit

1.If possible, grow the plant yourself. This will give you direct physical contact with it regularly before attempting spiritual contact.

2.If the plant is edible, add it to your diet regularly for an entire week before trying to make contact. This internalizes the plant's energy and creates an inner harmony with that plant's matrix, which will ultimately improve your results.

3.Sensually experience the plant--touch it, smell… Continue

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Hand me the Dunce Cap .. and a little Glitter!

On top of all the other mock drama in my life over the past week or so, idiot adult kids driving in blizzards, my mom going a little ga ga, Christmas holidays, starting college , work canceling shifts and just the everyday joys of having 4 kids home from school and getting on each others nerves. I squarely put the icing on the cake all by myself .

Last night around 2 a.m. I was up late , obsessing about making sure I was getting in all my… Continue

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Moon Lore

Moon Lore

To each Lunar month the ancients assigned a name in accordance with the nature of the activity that took place at that time.


Wolf Moon - The moon in deepest of Winter. In earlier times a time when the wolf came close to the villages to seek food.

Celtic - Alder - Masculine Moon of Completeness Exorcism; Prosperity; Banishing; Healing

Ritual - January is the time to conserve energy by working on personal problems that… Continue

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Grandmother's Wisdom

buddha humor

Q: Why did it take the Buddha forever to vacuum his sofa?

A: Because he had no…

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Why we cannot remember past lives

There are many questions that exist concerning reincarnation, but probably the biggest has to do with why we cannot remember our past lives. I don't know about you, but I barely remember what I did ten years ago, much less a whole lifetime! My bad memory is no argument for this, however. Instead, I would say it is by nothing else but mercy that we cannot remember our past lives. It is a compassionate and purposeful block that prevents us this knowledge.

To illustrate this for you,… Continue

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The person who reads the Bible literally is like a blind man with a flashlight

The illumination is there, but it will probably be useless.

The Hebrews held that there were different levels of understanding their holy texts. There was the literal way that was reserved for the masses who would not be able to understand anything deeper or higher. Then, there was the metaphorical way in which the events of the Bible could correspond to personal experiences and thus serve as a guiding light through tough times. For instance, when I feel frustrated from a lack of… Continue

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Are We Sims (or Why Is Life So Hard?)

Ok, I am a video game player. Some of my fondest childhood memories are sitting in front of an Atari 2600 with my friends, using a joystick to move a little square that was supposed to represent anything from a tank to a knight around the tv screen. Nope, we didn't have the graphics like they do now, but that didn't matter much back then. Even the most basic games were fun to the point of being addictive. They presented us with a set of challenges that we wanted, or rather were compelled to… Continue

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the Quantum Age

Walk into a new age book store or even the metaphysical section of a regular book store, and you will likely find several books related to quantum physics. Several of these books will use the word quantum in the title, including one on speed reading and, well, my book on Qabala. Even if a self-help, metaphysical, or new age book is not directly about quantum physics, it will probably use examples of strange subatomic discoveries to support its subject. Wherever you look in this field, whether… Continue

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This New Year's comes once in a blue moon

This New Year's comes once in a blue moon

Month's 2nd full moon to help ring in 2010

No New Year's Eve plans yet? Consider bathing naked in the light of a blue moon.

Otherwise known as the second full moon in a calendar month, it will show up on Thursday, back again after appearing on Dec. 2.

A New Year's Eve blue moon only happens every 19 years or so, and stargazers are divided on whether it has any meaning.… Continue

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Goddess of the Brave

Intertwining between darkness and light, she makes her way thru the mist of night and light, with darkness trailing her heels and light upon her wings, she brings forth life. Thru fields and fare she wields the sword of justice and might. The time has come to pay her price. Your head you shall lose and your soul she shall take.

Under the new moon rising, the blood she has spilt casts a blue sheen all about, her sword glistens with the souls of the fallen. With darkness on her heels… Continue

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Once in a Blue Moon

Rare New Year's Eve 'blue moon' to ring in 2010

– Tue Dec 29, 7:03 pm ET

LOS ANGELES – Once in a blue moon there is one on New Year's Eve. Revelers ringing in 2010 will be treated to a so-called blue moon. According to popular definition, a blue moon is the second full moon in a month. But don't expect it to be blue — the name has nothing to do with the color of our closest celestial neighbor.

A full moon occurred on Dec. 2. It will appear again on Thursday in time… Continue

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Hogmanay, Hug Many - The Scottish Way

Hogmanay, The Scottish New Year, is a powerful time to join in celebrating a new beginning with many rituals and protocols. In Scotland, it is truly a lively magical party. People come from all over the world to take part it in. As Scottish immigrants to the US my parents kept all of them in place. Read a great chapter from my novel, "The Skye in June", about Hogmanay and the Scots having their first one in the US. For the chapter, contact me at

Read more about… Continue

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The Twelfth Night of Yule

Yule (December) 31st

Twelfth night of Yule

Sacred to all of the Gods and Goddesses as well as the Asir and Dsir.

Frey took the kingdom after Njord, and was called drot by the Swedes, and they paid taxes to him. He was, like his father, fortunate in friends and in good seasons. Frey built a great temple at Upsal, made it his chief seat, and gave it all his taxes, his land, and goods. Then began the Upsal domains, which have remained ever since. Then began in his days the… Continue

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