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aiming higher

Each age, each definition

describes in colloquial metaphor

what is all ways known
A poem expresses experience more directly, more evocatively, than prose is meant to. It is an experience in itself, that plays with perception to, when the magic happens,

make a leap at telepathic…

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Honey Bees

The next two weeks is an ideal time to treat your bees for varroa new methods using crystals and a solution are simple and easy to use, stamp out little mites today for a healthier hive tommorow, buzzbeeman latest tip for beekeepers.

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The Twelfth Night of Yule

Snowmoon (January) 1st

Twelfth night of Yule

Sacred to all of the Gods and Goddesses as well as the Asir and Dsir.

Frey took the kingdom after Njord, and was called drot by the Swedes, and they paid taxes to him. He was, like his father, fortunate in friends and in good seasons. Frey built a great temple at Upsal, made it his chief seat, and gave it all his taxes, his land, and goods. Then began the Upsal domains, which have remained ever since. Then began in his days the… Continue

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Jay Weidner interview

Hail and well met,

I have recently joined Paganspace and Would like to share part of myself.

I awakened in 1989 from a deep slumber of materiality through traumatic events which were Divinely guided to bring me out of…


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An Erotic Night










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Entering the New Year....Make All Year a Celebration (Throw Out the Resolutions)


"Every man dies - Not every man really lives."

~ William Ross Wallace ~




Welcome to the cusp of a New Year!

It's a great chance to wipe the slate clean...or better's a great

time to FILL in the slate…


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My Poems..........Enjoy

 The way you make love to me:


You make me quiver with each touch, you

make me shiver, with each kiss, the way you

love me is unbelievable, your touch, your

smell just drive me wild, I love the way

you make love to me.

The way your hands touch my skin, it makes

me love you more, the way you kiss me

sends fire through my veins, I love the way

you make love to…


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Time Theory

Anything that has no sense of self intelligence( i.e. does not act on basic instinct) lives in a 3diimensional setting with no idea of future or present as life as is one whole not parts.Human beings live in 3dimensions  and in time as we have history and ideass for a future.  Is self awareness and intelligence JUST based on time? Or could a greater understanding of knowledge allow us to realize  and control more than the four dimension we live in?

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Midwinter Thaw

Back in the day, we usually had a January thaw, or at least it wasn't unusual. When we hit the depths of winter, and temperatures hovered around zero, a day or two above freezing seemed warm. December thaw just wasn't in our vocabulary. For one thing, this was not usually a time that we found to be profoundly cold. Most local ski hills were lucky to have all their runs open by Christmas and single digit temps were most often associated with that long cold month. We are experiencing the…


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The Eleventh Night of Yule

Yule (Ærre-Giuli, Hrutmanudhr , Jól, Jul, Yuletide, December) 31st

Eleventh night of Yule

Sacred to Goddesses and the Valkrie.

Hail to the day,

Hail, to the sons of day.

Hail to the night,

Hail, to the daughters of night.

Look upon us with kind eyes,

And grant us courage.

Hail to the gods.

Hail to the goddesses.

Hail to the green earth

That gives to us all.

Show us good speech and wisdom,

Grant us healing hands and joy,

in… Continue

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candle that cry like new born baby

well this sound weard but i was burning a per white candle last nite while lieing in bed with my husban last nite and the candle started to cry like a new born baby ive herd of it before but i dont remember what it means im hoping its good news because for the past 7 years me and my husban have been trying to have a baby with no luck and i hope by hearing the candle cry that it means we will have a baby and i hope its not bad news  my husban grandpal just died the other and when someone a death… Continue

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A Jog Thru The Canyons Of The Mind

It's one hell of a nasty day!! Thanks Mother.

There's one thing about the mind, when I say mind I don't mean the anatomy of the brain, but what it dreams up. This one thing is never gonna be found out by any of our scientist ever. It's just as elusive as the meaning of life, it's called thought. They may be able to figure out…


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Homophobia in the family.

My cousin (older than me) and his fiance (my age) decided to show up for Christmas uninvited, and stay the week, I don't particularly like him, he's obsessively competitive and aggressive when it turns out badly for him, but whatever.


Long story short, they had no plans or people to see, and expected me to chaperon and entertain them around Sydney (they live in Melbourne), kinda ruining my Christmas break, but eh whatever, lots of people have to put up with family at this…


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Tarot Blog: What Is My Chi?

"All must stay connected;

if one part of the body moves all parts must move.

If one part of the body is still all parts must be still."

Cheng Man Ching…


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Looks like I got a christmas miracle after all.

well folks it looks like i got my christmas miracle after all.


for today, the owners of the dog that i've found on christmas day came by my house to come get their dog. But the dog didn't want to go back home with them.


I don't know why considering that the dog was never abused or anything. Also the dog didn't bear any scratches or marks and it seemed perfectly healthy. Oh well. Well, anyways, the owners decided that since their dog is much happier with me and…


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Hooking My Broom to a Star

Recently I had been dwelling upon casting a spell to clear my creative path and move me beyond my writer's blog.  I get so many requests for the sequel to my book (The Skye in June) and a Scottish actress asked me to write a screenplay to showcase her. Both I've not had the energy to complete. A spell to free me!!

Well,the spell must have been cast in the ethers and astro plane - were my thoughts that clearly…


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It's Midsummer in Australia in December!

Necropolis Now

Australian Litha: 22 December: The Night sky unveils Orion the Hunter and his dogs, including Sirius the brightest star in the sky, rising in the east. Summer is Australian society’s festive time, school holidays begin and workers take time off. Down south, many native plants are flowering and fruiting, pygmy possums, kookaburras and sacred kingfishers are…


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That inward eye Which is the bliss of solitude.---- William Wordsworth {1770-1850

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Birth and other transformations are undergone by the body but never by the self,just as change occurs for the moon's phases but never for the moon,though the new moon day maybe called the moon's death.

-----Srimad Bhagavatam 10.54.47-----

Never was there a time when I did not exist,nor you,nor all these kings;nor in the future shall any of us cease to be.

----Bhagavad Gita 2.12

As… Continue

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At least i havent started cutting myself again...

everything runs in cycles. that is the only thing i can really come to say is a truth. I think I have become bored again, with all this same routine stuff. and when i get bored, i get depressed, and when i get depressed, my mind begins to wander. its gone back into some of my darker times, times that remind me how i got where i am. times that i sometimes wished to forget, yet now they come back. I can feel that those things are coming back as well.


either way, my ability to…


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