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The Twelfth Night of Yule

Snowmoon (Æfter-Giuli, Thorri, January) 31st

Twelfth night of Yule. Sacred to all of the Gods and Goddesses as well as the Asir and Dsir.

Frey took the kingdom after Njord, and was called drot by the Swedes, and they paid taxes to him. He was, like his father, fortunate in friends and in good seasons. Frey built a great temple at Upsal, made it his chief seat, and gave it all his taxes, his land, and goods. Then began the Upsal domains, which have remained ever since. Then… Continue

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The Eleventh Night of Yule

Yule (Ærre-Giuli, Hrutmanudhr , Jól, Jul, Yuletide, December) 30th

Eleventh night of Yule, Sacred to Goddesses and the Valkrie.

“Hail to the day,Hail, to the sons of day. Hail to the night, Hail, to the daughters of night. Look upon us with kind eyes, And grant us courage. Hail to the gods. Hail to the goddesses. Hail to the green earth That gives to us all. Show us good speech and wisdom, Grant us healing hands and joy, in this life. Hail.”- the Poetic Edda – Lay of… Continue

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Interesting find about my ancestors...apparently we are descendants of evil forest spirits/fallen angels....good times :)

According to the mythology of my ancestors in the Philippines, my clan are descendants of the engkanto- a race of forest spirits or elves as well (moslty malicous and sometimes generous-sounds familiar)as well as the shamans that communed with them

Engkanto are most commonly known for their malignant effects, those the Engkanto favour have become depressed, suffered from madness or even disappeared for days or months, possibly as a result of the human being possessed.They are…


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The Girl in the Hood: The Fairy Tale of the Trickster

“Anybody who says they are a good liar obviously is not,

because any legitimately savvy liar would always insist

they're honest about everything.”

― Chuck Klosterman…


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2013 Visions, Thoughts & Predictions

For the complete version read at blog page Pen Goddess.


As a professional psychic reader with forty years of experience I'm aware how changes are more often than not, subtle hence most miss what is already in progress. Keep aware of change. Perhaps my insights and suggestions can forward you in balancing your goals in a forever changing world.


2013 Forecast by June…


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Christmas Time in the City

Christmas in the City of Sin is like the United Nations. Diverse, loud and often drunk. Everyone doesn’t celebrate Christmas and everyone who doesn’t celebrate it flocks to …


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Wow, so 2012 is almost over. What a trip. We've entered into a new baktun, a new cycle and a new way of being. As we reflect over what 2012 has brought us we embrace the dawn of a new day, a new year. Let's make 2013 a year to remember. Ringing in new ways of being, new ways of seeing and new ways of relating. May your New Year…

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Landscape Painting


Pay what you think it's worth

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new here

hello im new here but not new to paganism, if any one would like to talk and share there beliefs with me,

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since the last time

been working my butt off. made what i am calling a gods/dess box putting daily prayers in cuz its hard to set up even a travel alter right now being homeless. I make offerings when i can but as of late that is hard and hard it seems. i have all kinds of ideas and plans for my business once we get an apartment i really      cant wait i think it will be wonderful.

as for the low life form. my soon to be ex husband, well the divorce has been filed waiting for papers to sign, he goes to…


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The Eighth Night of Yule

Yule (Ærre-Giuli, Hrutmanudhr , Jól, Jul, Yuletide, December) 27th

Eighth night of Yule, Sacred to Skathi and Ullr

“Hunter’s Goddess, Snowshoe Goddess, Goddess of Cold Counsel Goddess of Revenge, Loki’s Agony, Scathing Goddess Wise god-bride, Ski Goddess, dweller of the rocks, You who have helped us provide for our families in this coldest of times We honor you during this darkest and holiest time of the year, ski-god, bow-god, hunting-god and shield-god. God of Oaths, Listener…


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cheater dream

Was this no more than a fear dream. My anxiety of history repeating itself...

So we were at a party, thrown by his best friend.

I go looking for him after a while, but he had taken off.

No one would let me know where or with who.

I knew to panic, and hastily searched.

I came to the window to see a limo pull up. I could see her glossy pink dress.

I freaked and ran downstairs.

I started yelling and losing it at them. He walked away to rejoin the…


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The Seventh Day of Yule

Yule (Ærre-Giuli, Hrutmanudhr , Jól, Jul, Yuletide, December) 26th

Seventh night of Yule, Sacred to Thor

“Friend Thor, grant me strength, and courage. Be with me on path today. Grant me courage and foresight. Help me make hard choices. Hail Thor”

On this day Many Asatru remember the importance of our community and how we effect it. Remember Thor as you travel from one gathering to the next and all of the traveling that we and our loved ones do this time of the year. Also…


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The Sixith Night of Yule

Yule (Ærre-Giuli, Hrutmanudhr , Jól, Jul, Yuletide, December) 25th

Sixth night of Yule, Sacred to Eir and Healing

“Hail Eir! Hail the Handmaden of Frigga! Good Goddess of Speedy Healing!, “Hail to the gods! Ye goddesses, hail, And all the generous earth! Give to us wisdom and goodly speech, And healing hands, life-long. Sigrdrifumol. Hail Eir.”- Dave and Sandi Carron with Ravencast – The Asatru Podcast

On this day take the time to keep in mind your health and the health of…


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Fifth Night of Yule

Yule (Ærre-Giuli, Hrutmanudhr , Jól, Jul, Yuletide, December) 24th

Fifth night of Yule, Sacred to Community

“Within the gates ere a man shall go, Full long let him look about him; For little he knows where a foe may lurk, And sit in the seats within. Hail to the giver! a guest has come; Where shall the stranger sit. Swift shall he be who with swords shall try The proof of his might to make. Fire he needs who with frozen knees Has come from the cold without; Food and clothes must the…


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The Eight-Pointed Rosette Star of Inanna: Some Numerological Significances

The Eight-Pointed Rosette Star of Inanna: Some Numerological Significances

by Chandra Alexandre, PhD

The cuneiform tablets of Sumer display eight-pointed impressions made thousands of years ago by a stylus pushed into wet…


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Okay, so this has been the worst Christmas of my life. So much so that I shall not celebrate this Christian holiday, or take part in the whole Yule Tide season. Also, I have noticed that nobody really seems to be in the Christmas spirit. Everyone is frustrated trying to get everything done. Cooking, cleaning, decorating, shopping. Hell, most people lose sight of what the main picture is even about, which, in my opinion is ridiculous. Call me Scrooge if you want, but i hate the music, the…


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The First Day

Happy New Year, everyoine!

Our topic this week is New Years' and the month of January. We start out with a New Year's prayer/spell, using an hour glass to meditate on changes that occur at this time of year. This was originally penned by Silver Ravenwolf. Then we'll talk about some holiday traditions, including a figure from Italian folk-tradition, known as La Bafanna, and also the Scottish New Year festival called Hogmany. And we'll also look at meaning and…


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Yule time Blessings to all my friends

Yule time Blessings to all my friends

I'm afraid that my Yule time post is not as upbeat as you would expect as I have nothing to be upbeat about.

As those that have been following my posts I have been fighting with Dale and Valley Homes who run the social housing; for 3 years to get a log burner installed at my expense.

The problem is that these people can't or just don't want to listen. You only have their reality to share and…


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New Amulet!!

I got this from my sister for Yule. It is so beautiful! Here is where she got it! The page tells you all about it. It also came with a free bracelet! This is probably the most thoughtful gift I've ever received! …


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