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Well it seems like we have made it through another calendar year. Score one for us. I had a long ramble in mind complete with my overview of these last twelve months. Shelve that that though. If you are reading this go out, have a great start to this next go around, and be safe. Until our paths cross again. Here is to us and your New Year kicking off well. Blessings.

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The Little Death & The Mountain Climber

Link to the original post...

Hi everyone, been a while. I'd say sorry but really, it is what it is. I've been talking to a friend online who's been going through a hard time (send him some healing compassion if you're into that), a tough life very similar to many of my own experiences. I've been doing my best to be there for him and offer as much support…


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Transition and Transcend

This week here on The Spiral Dance, we celebrate the turning of the calendar year.

The January Moon is known as the Cold Moon and the Wolf Moon. It is a time when shedding and cleansing takes place, the old year is released and the energy of the New Year is beginning. This is a time for letting go from the past and starting anew - a time to Transition and Transcend.

So let's work together to make this New Years Transition work so that we could Transcend toward our goals for…


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My mad spirit journey

If you give a shit.

When I was a baby, my parents took me to a temple called a hospicetal to give birth, and cut a piece of my dick off to shed the blood of the innocent to their evil God of Blood and Death. I was taught that in order for our sins to be cleansed, we blood must be shed.

In the olden days, only Israelites could go to Heaven, because they were God's Chosen People, but since Jesus died as a human sacrifice, everyone can go to Heaven, not just the Jews. And, now we…


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The Mad Laughter of a Chaos Monk

Oh, the mad laughter rings freely,
now forced, now faked, now genuine hilarity
now evolving into mad madness, the gnosis of dreamality
Life is a dream, Dream is life
Everything is what it seams, and the seams of reality are not what they seem
The aliens are the king and the earth is the queen
astral bodies walk like ghosts unseen
your fucking mind
awesome power between
the fears and lies
like Halloween

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Spirit in a blender

Blessings and joy to my friends this holiday season.

My son was born back in October on the 30th. A part of me was hoping for a Samhain baby, but ultimately I just wanted a healthy child and my wishes and dreams are answered.

Obviously, he has taken all my attention. Both my spiritual practices and physical training have taken a backseat. Save some brief meditations on gratitude and a little grounding work to keep me level as fatherhood is the challenge all have warned me about.…


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Cats Bits Dec. 27-Jan. 2 2016 is a 9 Year- A Year of Success, Completion and Change

Cat's Bits for the Week of Dec. 27-Jan. 2…

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Muslims and the rest of the world

Its sad that the people going on as representatives are saying that the Muslim community should not be the only ones trying to combat extremism. (Recent interview). 

I guess everyone tries to combat it in their own way. As Americans, we started the fight I guess, but it remains that the extremists have decided to kill anyone that isn't…


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Hi well very odd Yule

Well  I got question with the military about s  my personal experience I had.

I come to the conclusion my  husband  clone Hybrid becuase he was  hiding credit cards bills do  to his boss was  promising bonus's that never came to fruittation hubby counted on that money. Spent it before had had to  use the credit cards  to make up the differences.  he learned his lesson his boss is  idiot!

 Well  Now I half to get involved in the money  cuz  my husband   has poor money…


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Good morning my friends. Very early morning at that but hey as of today I start a two week vacation so its no suprise to me. When I don't have to go to work there doesn't seem to be any trouble waking up. Why I have no clue. I do know I have nothing planned for this time. Other then a trip home for the holidays. Speaking of which on the off chance I don't post anything the rest of the week may your own holidays be bright. Whatever you happen to celebrate just try to have a good time. Easier…


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Odd Dream #2

I wake up from a nap with my 8 month old son Rowan still sound asleep on my chest, the room is dimly lit with the amber glow from the evening sun. The TV is on and blaring noise out to whoever may be watching it, I decide to get up and go see what the commotion is about. As I'm leaving the room I notice a wolf spider on my wall, "Hello old friend." I mumble to myself, I notice a new sink in the corner of the room odd from here I know I'm not home. I walk into the hall way noticing the mess…


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The Sabbat of Yule: The Re-birth of a God

As the wheel turns through the dark half of the year, we approach the winter solstice. An auspicious energy shrouded as the darkest day of the year, gives way to the peak of our Mother’s birthing pains as she delivers her Star Child. Over the horizon, our God of the sun, now re-birthed from the depths of the void of death and the ultimate creative potential.

As the…


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Cats Bits Dec.20-26 The Tradition of the Yule Log

Cat's Bits for the Week of Dec. 20-26…

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Ah Friday at last and it seems Mother Nature has remembered its December. For the moment at least. Ydt they claim it will be back around seventy by the holiday. A good way to start a vacation if I say so myself. Weather report aside I wish you all well for the day ahead. Enjoy. Until our paths cross again. Blessings.

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Medicine Bag

I am collecting the medicines for my medicine bags. I have the cedar, the sweet grass, the sage and still have to get the tobacco. I will smudge them when I am done, ask the Creator to bless them, before I hand them off to very special people.

I love my native cultural beliefs, learning more and more every day. I am Ojibway and proud to say so.…


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It's A Small World

I enjoy visiting your world to get a feel for who you are, where you are, to learn from you. I love reading the forums and the blogs.. Never keep your thoughts to yourself, someone needs to hear them, read them, more than you realize.


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Welcome Yule!

This week we gather together to celebrate the Winter Solstice, which will occur on Tuesday, December 22.

At Yuletide the Wheel of the Year seems to halt, while Darkness reigns before the return of the sun. In seasonal terms, it's the darkest hour before the dawn. So, Yule is a time to set aside animosities. The Norse had a tradition that enemies who met under a bough of mistletoe were obligated to lay down their arms.

Everygreens from the earliest times have…


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Good morning all. That's it for today. Have a good one. Until our paths cross again. Blessings.

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In all the confusion what is real.

Can we make it through the dark,

To see the light.

Can we see the good or is this just bad memories.

What is real and what is a fog.

The only thing I think of now is how I let you go.

How I should have loved you more.

How I should have held you more and not let go.

I let you slip through my fingers, I regret that everyday.

These are the things that cloud my head.

I know I fucked up and you're never coming… Continue

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Muslims and our response...

I'm quite sure my topic wont be popular with some.

Even though most terrorist threats aren't from Muslims, they get all the press. 

So here are some statistics for those interested. Let’s start with Europe. Want to guess what percent of the terrorist attacks there were committed by Muslims over the past five years? Wrong. That is, unless you said …


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