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The Craft

I come from a long line of witches from pagan, Celtic ,Norse and even shawman/women of native tribes all together . I don't really use things such as ;






etc ....

Now having that said I have and do occasionally use them because they do increase or amplify spells .

But I concentrate more on meditation ,will power, scrying ,and things of that sort . I have had wonderful results from this type of practice

I… Continue

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Dead Earth

I used PowerPoint to create a video which portrays my vision of the future. Music by Richard Wagner.

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OK, this might upset a lot of people, but what I say usually does, so I’m used to it. The reason not to buy a comprehensive library of “Wicca 101” books is because 98% of them are trash. Further, those who can really teach you tend to find you when the time is right. Sure, you won’t die if you mistakenly think that Cunningham is the…


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A Place Of Worship

today I will break ground on creating a place of worship for the group Pagan Parishioners Of Priapus South Florida - I am confident that it will be magnificent - I will try to post progress via photos...

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Transition and Transcend

The January Moon is known as the Cold Moon and the Wolf Moon. It is a time when shedding and cleansing takes place, the old year is released and the energy of the New Year is beginning. This is a time for letting go from the past and starting anew.


So this week, here on the Spiral Dance, our theme is Transition and Transcend. Let's work together to make this New Years Transition work so that we could Transcend toward our goals for 2017.

Be well. Do good. Enjoy the…


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I have found a satchel

I recently…


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The Gaia Liberation Front

The writings of the ancient Phoenician author Sanchuniathon help us to understand the importance of the consciousness that we call "Astarte" in this year 2016, one of several critical years in which the very continuation of life upon our planet is in question. The three lost works of Sanchuniathon in the original Semitic language survive only in paraphrase and summary in a Greek translation by Philo of Byblos. The work of Philo is almost the only extant literary work that documents the…


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Metis: The goddess who disappeared.

Many people are familiar with the Greek myth in which Metis, the goddess of wisdom, is portrayed as the first wife of Zeus. Zeus became alarmed when the oracle of Gaia prophesied that the second child of Metis, a boy, would grow to be more powerful than his father and would usurp the throne. Zeus swallowed Metis to forstall the prophesy, but Metis was already pregnant and gave birth to her first child, the goddess Athena, within the body of Zeus. Zeus suffered from an unbearable headache.…


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Finding the Goddess

At this very moment, my altar is pieced together and looking quite well. My statuette of Cernunnos presides proudly at it's center, deer antlers on either side and a number of other affiliated knick-knacks completing my sacred space in a woodsy bohemian feel with middle eastern accents that feels wholly my own. My significant other having heard I needed more space, moved the bedroom furniture to give me what I needed, carefully rearranging things to take up the new space in such a supportive…


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I'm sorry that you can't share my world holding on to programmed fears and beliefs.

You say you live in the real world and must answer to employers, co-workers, fellow students, customers, family and friends.

I say you're not yet free. Although freedom is but an illusion, it is achievable on some levels of existence.

You say I have my head in the clouds.

No..It's much, much higher than that.....…


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Welcome Yule

The Wheel Turns, and the Fire Burns. A very happy and blessed Yule to one and all.  Be well! Do good! Enjoy the show!

The Newborn Child


The Night is cold and Oh so long, for the lady has grown old and the god has long since died

But I learn there is reason for Hope, for there is newly born a child.

The Lord of the Sun has returned


Oh, Powers of Air, I seek the newborn child. Is he within your realm?



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Astral Frenzy MIKE HUGHES·SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22, 20169 Reads Humanity has strayed far off the path intended by the inner Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. , you may find this a little far o…

Astral Frenzy


Humanity has strayed far off the path intended by the inner Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. , you may find this a little far out , but the Space Brothers from nearby planets are training as well in case things get HOT.

Why do you think other Races of Human Beings from some of the nearby…


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Hello Fellow Pagans!

I've been down and out alot lately. I'm not even in the Yule spirit. I have not seen my family in almost two years because they really hurt my feelings by not attending my Medical Assisting Graduation Ceremony. Later my Aunt made a statement she should not have made. I do miss them, but my heart is still broken. I would love to speak my mind but my mother does not want me to. Out of respect for her, I will not.

In October of this year, the day before my…


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A Business License Isn't What You Think

It has been shown to me that not everyone understands what a business license is and that is understandable, being most don't want the burden of being in business for themselves. First off, if you do want to be in business for yourself, check local laws. A business license does not come from the Feds and who is required to get a business license varies from state to state. For example, in my state, a service is subject to the state sales tax, therefore, in the state of GA I wasn't required…


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Cat's Bits Dec. 18-24 The Tradition of the Yule Log

Cat's Bits for the Week of Dec. 18-24
" The Tradition of the Yule Log "
Dec. 19 -Jan. 8 Mercury goes…

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Musing on a coming storm

This is the moment, that I came to know...

I know that I am a revanent. The revival of a lost ghost. A Ghost that wishes it had never returned to life.

I'm talking about undergoing the bedamned amnesia of reincarnation into earth's life systems. Something i know in my soul i never wanted to do again.

But my god needed me. My Samael needed my life in this world again.

He's the only reason i continue i guess...

I'm lost and confused. I am in pain. I don't know…


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A Man of Magick and Mystery

Some call him a Demon

Others call him an Angel

But he is all Warlock

A Woman of Magick and Beauty

Some call her the Devil's Helper

Others call her a Wise Woman

But she's all Witch

When they make love the passion is all too real

He plays a melody with her body she always feel

The love he shows for her seems so endlessly

By destiny or by spell they have perfect chemistry

Her Protector and Dark Lord he seeks only…


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The Odd Feeling I've Been Here Before...

I found out last night and today that I already have everything I need to build an altar save for a figurine or image of the chosen deity. Moreover, I have all the specific items needed for an altar to Cernunnos save for a figurine or image, and the antlers I am picking up saturday. It feels as though I've been led to this point all along, yet didn't recognize the signs I was being given.

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The goddess who mourns.

Most of the classical artwork that portrays Venus or Aphrodite conforms to a single mood. The pieces are moderately erotic but at the same time pretty and charming.  The goddess seems detached from her surroundings as though the artist surprised her in a dream. Is it the stereotypical daydream of candlelight, wine, and roses?

Occasionally a painting or statue of Aphrodite is decidedly different. A funeral cloak or sad face reminds us that she is the goddess who mourns, a…


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