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Lost Magick?

So I have not been on pagan space in a long while. I created this page to be able to reference back to this site when I eventually had the time to participate. I really love everything about what pagan space has to offer, so I wanted to keep a connection with it. 

Anyway, this blog is really a personal question that I've been wondering about for some time now. For the longest time I had always gone back and forth in my mind about what is the "right" way to be spiritually. I was raised…


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Amulets in Egyptian magic

This is a project I worked on in a history class I took in college. thought someone might get a kick out of it. I have a few of the references on hand as .pdf files if you're interested.…


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Weird Tornado dream again?

Well in the dream I see a Tornado I do seem to be in a building every single time.

This time  I was excited to see it again and frighten! I am not a storm chaser that's crazy!

 In my dream this time I was in a  middle class suburban neighborhood!  Houses were colonial like One was yellow light yellow. 

I remember this black guy light skinned was  telling me we needed to get in the house now like I knew him and all.  So  we was hiding down the  well built house  with his…


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12th month - 11

What year has this been?
Taking steps, stands, giving attention.
Over months and moments projects start, fit, flow.
Unknown unknowns less like monstrous black holes.…

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The Occult On Wall Street: The Art Of Financial Astrology

The Telegraph claims that a surprising number of mainstream investment bankers make decisions based on astrology. Can you envision this growing into a quasi-religious cult?

Donald Bradley’s method of foreseeing changes in the market involved assigning a numerical value to the position of the planets and stars and…


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I'm very anxious tonight. A family member decided to flip out on me again over a misunderstanding. The thing is since I've been dealing with issues with my pregnancy and everything else, I no longer have patience for rudeness or people just being selfish. This is a constant thing with them. Always telling me what I'm doing wrong, etc, etc. Needless to say it ended with them deleting me (I know it's such a heartbreaker)... and then texting me to tell me all this stuff. I stood my ground and…


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FREE Charm Necklace Promotion

We have a new promotion going on to show our appreciation! If you have not been by to see our page and store be sure to check it out, Like it, and shop handmade with us right here on Facebook! As always, we thank you!



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Choosing Your First Lenormand Deck

"The measure of choosing well

is whether a man likes and finds good

in what he has chosen."

Charles Lamb



Welcome to Lenormand!
So you want to learn read the…

Added by Donnaleigh de LaRose on November 17, 2012 at 8:30am — 1 Comment

Precognitive Dreaming

 Precognitive Dreaming is the ability to see the future through your dreams. I have been interested about dreaming and have dreamt since I was able to remember. Thou some people cannot dream, I find my dreams to becoming more vivid and unusual. For instance, I have had many experiences were I would dream and the events that took place in my dream would happen. An example, my boyfriend had been cheating on me and had been with a girl, I had no idea, but I had dreamt that I was going to walk…


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Dancing the Sacred Wheel is nearly ready for pre-orders

It's taken about eight years to write (largely because it was shelved for a while) but my first book, "Dancing the Sacred Wheel: A Journey through the Southern Sabbats" is on the verge of going to the printers.  The proofreader is going through the manuscript, the typesetter is doing the layout, my ISBN has arrived and printing quotes have been received.  All exciting stuff.

What has surprised me is thst in the time I have been writing this…


Added by Frances Billinghurst on August 24, 2012 at 5:00pm — 1 Comment

Why so judgemental..

There is so much hate in this world, because of religion, race, differs of opinions. It is disgraceful. I remember my freshman year of highschool, I was in English and my teacher looked at me, looking at the pentagram I was wearing and approached me. In front of the whole class she said, "Do you know what your wearing?!" I said "yes, of course Im wearing it.." She then began telling me and the class that what I was wearing is evil and that I deserve to wear a "beautiful necklace. I was…


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This is how I describe myself

I am a eclectic pagan

I am spiritual

I practice positive energy

I am a music lover

I am an ordained minister

I am an animal lover

I am a nature lover

I am a polyamorous lover

I am mystical

I am caring

I am strong

I am a leader

With everything that I am, I enjoy life and the friendships I build over the years in this life and once in a while I come across friends from my past as well as I am fully aware of my…


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by Gerina Dunwich

With the exception of love-magick, wish-magick is perhaps the most popular form of white magick practiced in modern times. it is relatively easy to perform, and can be as simple as wishing on a star, breaking a wishbone, or dropping a coin into a fountain or wishing well.

Many magically minded folks firmly believe in the power of the seven-knob candle (or "wish-candle" as it is sometimes called) to make wishes come true. It is a magickal…


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by Victoria Martyn

Who says that magick has to be complex? Here are fifty simple charms that utilize many different common items, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Note: Please do not use any of these charms in place of medical treatment, or when outside help is obviously advisable.

1. Lay thorny branches on your doorstep to keep evil from your dwelling.

2. Eat a pinch of thyme before bed, and you will have sweet dreams.

3. Place chips of cedar…


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Introduction to the Viridian Way

Viridian Way - Study…


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Madonna & The Serpent

Madonna and the…


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La Befanna

La Befana, Bringing the Magic Back…


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Anna Perenna

Anna Perenna, Roman…


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My thoughts on this Blessed day

Bright Blessing to one and all

I do believe that computers have become sentient and out to get me! My new PC died this week; less than two weeks old and I had to go through all my old junked pc's that had been taking up space in my back room for years to get the parts to build another one.

Talk about slow; I can make a cup of coffee and a sandwich and still be waiting for the download to finish. This will have to do until the new PC is either repaired or replaced by the firm I…


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amazing weight loss method

i.ve been using a new weight loss method, you may be interested in looking at.

its all based on self hypnosis and its really good so far.

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Added by sarah corner on August 20, 2012 at 7:27am — 1 Comment

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