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To all my friends

Hello there to everyone, Once again i have another job which is closer to home but don't know how long i will be there but should be on here a little more then i have been. To my native American Friends i found out through talking to this lady that we are kinda related and i am glad to know her and once we are able to get together i will be adopted by her and be adopted into the Cherokee Tribe so i can't wait till that happens. but til then if you would like to talk with me i should be on…


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To All my friends here on PS

To all my friends here on PS i want to say that i am happy once again and may not be on here as much due to the fact that now i have a job that works me from 7 and  10 in the morning til like 5 or 6 at night I have two clients that need me, I have one monday wed and fri and one on tue. and thurs, the one on tue and thurs i have to work 7 in the morning til 6 at night and the other mon. wed. fri. from 10 in the morning til 5 or 6 at night so i will be very busy and tired. So i will try to pop…


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I am so fricken happy I finally have a job that is full time and can't wait to start it!!!!

Well my friends, Brothers and sisters. I may not be on much but will try to peep in every once in a while. I finally got a job in the field that i am in and will be getting more hours. I will be working 40 hrs a wk which i am not used to but will become used to it because i need to be. What i ask of my friends and all is to wish me alot of luck because i will need it lol. I will even be working on my birthday thats how bad i need money. I love you all and hope to talk with all of you when…


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Sorry to all my friends and family on PS

I want to start this blog off by saying i am sorry. I am sorry that i have'nt been on here that much like i used to only because i've been working alot and now just resently i have had to start working two jobs now. I start on the 26th of this month. I don't really want to work two jobs but i need too because i need the money. I need to pay bills off that are hanging over my head at the moment, trying to get a house so i can move out of this one and so on. But i will try to get on here more… Continue

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Well here we are, What to do.

Well here we are in October middle of and i am as depressed as one person can possiably be in one life time. The meaning everybody says "Life is what you make of it" I find to be true. I am a person with what seems to me alot of demons inside my head telling me to do one thing then doin another. So i sit there thinking what to do, what to do. I have a back that never gives me relife, I work for a company that sucks cause i did'nt get more money and i have been there for a year. It just seems… Continue

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