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Aphrodite of the Goats

We all know how a character in a film can linger in our imagination more than the real people we know. So it is with Manon in the movie “Manon des Sources” (Manon of the Spring). We behold in her more than a beautiful young woman. As a goatherd she is Aphrodite. Most of us did not know that the goat is sacred to the goddess of love. But that is the archetype; and that, perhaps, is why goats are evil and sheep are good. The sheep obey the Good Shepherd. The…


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The Starbucks Logo and Medieval Demonology

Terry Heckler, a Starbucks employee, is supposed to have found the original twin-tailed mermaid in a 16th century Norse woodcut from an “old marine book”. The first Starbucks logo reproduced this image without changing it in any noticeable way; later versions of the logo are progressively less sensual. With her noticeable breasts and belly and provocatively split tail this mermaid or one similar to it appeared in two medieval Italian churches, in Otronto and…


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Vishnu's Feet

In the painting below Vishnu reclines upon Ananta, the serpent of many heads, while Lakshmi massages his feet. This is a favorite scene for Hindu artists. They tend to portray it in the same manner, as if through a child’s eyes. Children accept whatever they see. It might take a child’s naiveté to fully enter into the charm of this scene. Otherwise it can seem very strange.

I had an idea about Vishnu’s feet. Why are…


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My Artwork Celebrating the Near-Eastern Goddesses

I never learned how to use Photoshop and created these art pieces on Presentation, which is part of the free WPS office suite. Presentation is almost identical to the more popular PowerPoint. Most people who are comfortable with computers can quickly teach themselves the handful of basic skills needed to do the kind of work I have done here.

The first piece is called "Ishtar Mourning for Tammuz". The goddess of the…


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Can Anything Good Come Out of Nazareth?

So asked the Pharisees, referring to Jesus. But a far more painful question might have been, “Is this the son of the Nazarene whore?” The conception of Mariam’s son is a mystery or a problem, depending on one’s faith or lack of it. Most people inclined to the use of the intellect as opposed to faith are not satisfied with the gospel account. Perhaps, however, it is not too great a deviation from the natural order for an ovum to spontaneously divide without…


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Schizophrenia May Be a Form of Shamanism

Let me state first of all that I do not have a degree in psychology. I nonetheless hope that more than a decade of experiences as a mental patient with schizophrenia are sufficient to qualify me to make a few observations. What I have concluded does accord with the outlook of some (certainly not all) of the professionals with whom I have spoken.

Schizophrenia may be a form of Shamanism. It is not my intention to…


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The God Who Answers Prayers (from a Buddhist perspective)

The word “God” can mean several different things. It is important to remember that the scriptures of most theistic religions are ancient and contain stories, legends, myths, rites, and laws that we must call “primitive” or even “savage”. The sacred book of the Sikhs is an exception to this. But the most ancient strata of many scriptures predates the questioning, philosophical mind and contains the kind of moral code that we will inevitably find repugnant when…


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Maitreya, Tara, and Benjamin Creme

The text in the collage below by Lorin Jenis reads as follows: What we call "God" does not put you in hell. You created your own hell. "God" is trying to get you out of hell.

The three images of the Bodhisattva Maitreya come from Gandhara (Pakistan), Korea, and Afghanistan. The three images of the Bodhisattva Tara (lower row) come from Gandhara, Afghanistan, and Mongolia. Maitreya and Tara are constant companions in a mutual…


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The Mysterious Magellanic Empire – The “Dragon” Warriors of the Magellanic Clouds

The New Age teachers have populated the planets of the Milky Way Galaxy with a host of species, the most important of whom are the humanoids and the reptilians. Variations upon these two types live near the stars that are brightest in our skies and most prominent in world mythology. The tendency to fill the skies with what might be called “mythological” inhabitants is not new to the space age, but is as old as time.

It is…


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The Nagas of India and the Reptilian Extraterrestrials

My occult investigations show that the reptilian extraterrestrials who many New Age teachers say are the preeminent enemy of mankind do not exist. I was not surprised to discover that the New Age movement has once again transformed archetypes of the collective unconscious mind into “extraterrestrials” with an existence independent of humanity. There are probably thousands of planets in the Milky Way Galaxy that are hosts to life, and many of them may have…


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The First and the Second Eros, the Narcissist and the Empath

The first Eros, the son of Chaos, was primeval Desire. The second Eros was the son of Aphrodite.

The first and second Eros in Greek mythology signify two kinds of love that are important in transpersonal psychology. The progression from the first to the second Eros is a progression from an undeveloped state, a state that still shares the nature of its parent Chaos, to a cultured state in which…


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Minerva at home in the Oxford University Library

I found the picture of Minerva that appears on the left of the art piece below in November or December of 2016 and saved it because I liked her slightly sad, sensitive face. About a month ago I found a better reproduction of the picture along with a companion photo, which appears on the left. The person who posted the picture on the internet said that he could not discover where the statue was located. Obviously Europe, I thought---but I didn't know where either.…


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Rati Devi, the wife of Kama Deva

Erotic Hindu goddesses comes in several varieties. The tantric types like Bhairavi are wrathful and Kali-like. The equivalent in the west is the Filia Diaboli or Devil's Daughter who is both angry and sexual. She is the quintessential teenage girl who has discovered that she is hot and does exactly what her parents don't want her to do, which includes smoking, drinking, and nights in motel rooms. With the same spirit of rebellion a man who practices the left-hand…


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Kurukulla or the Red Tara

The Red Tara or Kurukulla presents the curious instance of a being who is---from the point of view of Christianity---earthy, sensual, erotic, and therefore demonic---and yet at the same time spiritual because of her Bodhisattva vow. In the Bodhisattva vow the Arhat or Buddhist saint promises: “I will not enter Nirvana until I have brought all sentient beings unto enlightenment”. In actual practice the Bodhisattva limits her activity of salvation to humanity, for as…


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A Catalogue of Satans

1. Baal or Ba’al. The name Baal means Master, and is not in itself a term for evil. In fact, the founder of Hasidic Judaism was called Baal Shem Tov, “Master of the Good Name”. His actual name was Yisrael ben Eliezer. The Baal of the Canaanites was the consort of Ashtarat or Astarte (the Hellenistic name), a love and fertility goddess. Her symbol was a cow (like Hathor in Egypt) and his was a bull. After the Hebrew tribes conquered Canaan their god YHVH, originally…


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The image of the Roman goddess Juno suffers from two unfortunate associations. One is her association with Imperial Rome, which might lead us to think of her as an imperial goddess who cares for Presidentes and landed aristócratas, the wealthy, the military, and the economic power of the nation. Is such a goddess concerned for the victims of the empire’s colonial ambitions? What about the Indios nativos? It is Juno’s misfortune that Rome…


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The Age of Pisces as Kali Yuga in the Roman Empire

Sri Yukteswar Giri, the guru of Paramahansa Yogananda, wrote a book called The Holy Science in 1894 in which he compared the Great Cycle of the ages of the zodiac to the cycle of the Yugas or world ages in Hinduism, and tells us that they are the same. The Great Cycle, also called the Great Polar Cycle because of the changing alignment of the North Pole as the earth slowly “wobbles”, lasts for 26,000 years. Each of the 12 zodiacal ages that make up this…


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The Politics of Heaven

In an article I posted on Pagan Space on Aug. 24 I revealed the fact that the Maria virginem or Virgin Mary venerated by Christians, chiefly in the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches, is not the true mother of Yeshua (Jesus). His real mother can also be called Maria, but to avoid confusion I shall call her Mariam of Nazareth. A powerful group of 13 extraterrestrial Masters---a Supreme Master and twelve disciples---expelled Mariam from the Brotherhood of Masters…


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Astarte, Asherah ha Elah, Juno, and Maria

The "Astarte" who appears to be one goddess in James George Frazer’s "The Golden Bough" was actually three, Ashtarat, Anat, and Asherah ha Elah. The Semitic name Ashtarat became, in time, the Hellenistic Astarte, and it is this name that is a variant of Ishtar. These three goddesses correspond roughly to Venus, Minerva, and Juno in the Roman pantheon. Ashtarat did in fact "become" Aphrodite or Venus as her cultus spread northward. The intermediate stage was the…


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Mariam and Simon---the Mythological Background

In order to understand this article it may be helpful to first read the previous post, "Five Lifetimes, by Mariam of Nazareth (Maria the Mother of Jesus)". Simon, the true father of Yeshua (Jesus) was the highest initiate of a mystery school in Alexandria, Egypt. He had a profound understanding not only of the Jewish mysteries but of the Platonic and…


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