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Divination and more :D

Hallo everyone..

My last post was about being sad, confused and overwhelmed.. Since then, I have received help and comfort from a few sources. I will give a shoutout to Solael from right here on PS and her own wonderful online communities, Woad Jade Wolf, also from here and to Pandora on my blog who gave a link to an awesome online community. It feels wonderful to know that people will take their time out to help someone else. It shows that human nature isn't evil. Some people just stray… Continue

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So sad.. so confused... I think I need help.

Here I am sitting.. reading up some info from various websites... Nothing wrong right? ...then all of a sudden.. I feel an overwhelming desire to cry. That isn't normal. My heart feels so heavy. I am so confused. This is supposed to be a liberating experience. Why do I feel this way? I don't know why I want to cry. I don't know why my heart feels heavy.. but I think that I need to let my tears flow... (after I lock myself in my room). Any thoughts as to why this is happening? 



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