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Black Cats

Witchy Comments
I consider all cats to be magical but black cats in particular.I have to have at least one black cat around for protection... see years ago when I was 12 my sis and I rescued a little black kitten anmed Shadow. Shadow saved us from a house fire by alerting my mom and shegot us out of the house in the nick of time..From then on I've always had black cats and they make darn good…

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 I Like this picture.... I was just doing a little experiment to see if i could post pics....This is one of my favorite modern with pics as you can tell by my photo album...indeed casting herbs andspells written onpaper into a fire is one of my favorite ways to do spells...(fire is just so mystical!) another alternativeis a dead leaf instead of paper.Autumnis a great time for…


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Amulets favorites

One of my favorite amulets is a holey stone. That's a stone with a natural hole in the center and it's usually found on beaches. It's supposed to bring good luck and protection against evil withcraft.FOr some reason I'd like to add some red ribbon to it.

Other favorite amulets of mine are four leaf clovers, fossils, rabbits feet and black cats ( alive or course).I like hordeshoes over the door as well

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I love to learn ..but...

I love to study and learn, and I study alot of different things. But it can be confusing sometimes. DIffereent ideas , opinions.. trying to find the truth.SOme days I feel like my head hurts with all the info.Yet , I can't stop. I can take a brief break.. but stopping... no... I seem to need the mental stimulation..I always have to seek out opposing veiws.POlitics, religion, sociology.. I could go on... I lve the net and tv as well as…


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Palmistry and Lucid dreaming.

I used to study palmistry years ago and forgot most of it. I promised myself I'd get back into it this summer, though.

I'm also looking fr a good book on lucid dreaming. Ive had lucid dreams in the past so I think I'd be good at it.

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