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The Seventh Night of Yule

Yule (December) 26th

Seventh night of Yule

Sacred to Thor

Wielder of Mjollnior, Warder of Midgard, Warrior of the Aesir Protector, Fighter, Defender Jotun Bane, Dawn of Trolls, Fisher of Serpents

We Honor you for all that you have done for us this year. You who have protected us in this winter. Who insures our good and safe travel

Hail the son of the Earth! Hail Red Beard! Hail Thor!

On this day we remember the importance of our community and how we… Continue

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The Sixth Night of Yule

I am posting the next 3 days of Yule today because I will not be at a computer for the next 3 days so here you go.

Yule (December) 25th

Sixth night of Yule

Sacred to Eir and Healing

Hail Eir! Hail the Handmaden of Frigga! Good Goddess of Speedy Healing!

“Hail to the gods! Ye goddesses, hail, And all the generous earth! Give to us wisdom and goodly speech, And healing hands, life-long. Sigrdrifumol.

Hail Eir.

On this day take the time to keep… Continue

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The Fifth Night of Yule

Just a little not, because some people have asked, all of the poetry, prayers or quotes that start these posts came to us via the Raven Cast Pod-cast. They are doing good work over there, so please give them a listen if are not already.

Yule (December) 24th

Fifth night of Yule

Sacred to Community

Within the gates ere a man shall go, Full long let him look about him; For little he knows where a foe may lurk, And sit in the seats within.

Hail to the giver! a… Continue

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Fourth Night of Yule

Yule (December) 23rd

Fourth night of Yule

Sacred to Aegir, Niord and Freya

Sigurd, earl of Hlader, was one of the greatest men for sacrifices, and so had Hakon his father been; and Sigurd always presided on account of the king at all the festivals of sacrifice in the Throndhjem country. It was an old custom, that when there was to be sacrifice all the bondes should come to the spot where the temple stood and bring with them all that they required while the festival of the… Continue

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