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Second Life??

Okay so... I'm wondering how many of you play SecondLife... AND for those of you that do... do you know anyone in world that does handfastings? I'm getting married on SL and I wanna do it my way.... comment here, email me here, or just catch me in world!

Snow Alchemi

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I'm Alive!

Alright so I've been kinda sorta busy... but I'm alive... for anyone that has been worried, wondering, or just nosey! Hit me up with a email or whatever... I'll TRY to be around more... PROMISE!

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Another Night at the Bar

Well went to the bar last night... it was a friend's birthday. She had to leave early because of work so tonight we're going to celebrate the way we should. I'm making a penis cake for her. *Wicked Grin* Hopefully she'll like it. I honestly had a good time last night until a guy that I grew up with grabbed my tits and proceeded to lick them. I slapped him, he punched me and I went off. The bouncers (one who is like a dad to me) pulled me away. Another bouncer that has a thing for me threw the… Continue

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Well today was interesting to say the least... There is always that time when you're little where everything is fun. Today I took my daughter to kidpalooza. It's a thing that we have here every year for kids. There are pony rides, a petting zoo, all kinds of activities and well it's a little like a big play group. My little one did everything a few times and had SO much fun. Now she's crashed out in bed. I hope that she remembers these little things.

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Ok I saw this and COULDN'T pass it up...

Enough said? I think so... it's too true seriously

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The Burning Times...

Lately I've been having the feeling of doing a little more looking into as to what happened, why, who, where and all that good stuff. We all say to remember the burning times and never again the burning times but are we all ready that BLIND?

1999: Conservative Christian pastors occasionally call for a renewal of the burning times, to exterminate Wiccans and other Neopagans.

Now I ask you all... are we really this blind? To think that it will never happen again? I wish with every… Continue

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A Happy Day

Today is a VERY good day indeed. I finally am getting my Pagan Mother and Best Friend (same person) to join the Pagan Space family! I'm so happy about all of this. I'm looking forward to helping her in anything that she needs. That will be a change for once since she's normally the one helping me. So WELCOME TO PAGAN SPACE My Dearest Mother and Friend Dragoness FireWillow!!!

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What One Can Get With A Spoon

Ok so I was talking to Will today... and his room mate... an annoying side mark... Room mate boy said Will is my slave... I said I'll buy him for 5 cents and a spoon... Bottom line I get to keep my 5 cents and he gets the spoon... So now I own Will and one less spoon... makes you wonder what all you can buy with just a spoon does it not?

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In Law Update

Thank you to everyone who offered their advice. After talking to my better half and his unit that he deploys with it was decided that my brother in law should know. I talked to him last night and told him what I knew and what I suspected. He told me that he's not mad, but wishes I'd have told him as soon as I found out. He also said that he had the suspicion that my niece wasn't his daughter, but didn't think my sister was still messing around on him. So he's going to file for divorce when he's… Continue

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Action Needed

Ok I was in the chat earlier today when "Red" brought to my attention that there is a serious unjust thing going on. There are wealthy fisherman using kittens as shark and marlin bait. I'm not the biggest "cat person" around, but I don't think ANY animal should suffer. I passed the petition link to my friends as I'm sure most people would... I was told by a very good friend of mine that it shouldn't matter, because cats reproduce fast. I let him know that dogs reproduce fast too... maybe they… Continue

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An Outrage!!

I'm sorry to have yet ANOTHER rant... but seriously I need to get this off my chest. I'm a a 23 year old mother and my better half is in the army. I was just talking to my sister who also is an army wife and she told me that her husband, my brother in law, is deploying again. This breaks my heart since they too have a child the same age as my daughter. In the same breath she says that she's HAPPY he's leaving so she can see her boyfriend again. This just makes me so mad I can't say another word… Continue

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Another Sleepless Night...

Well I guess I can't really say sleepless... I planned on trying to get some extra sleep... normally I only get about 3 hours of sleep... So I laid down at about midnight, but I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned yet still no sleep. So I got back on my laptop and did some of my studdies... took a few tests and read some lessons. Finally after that it was 6 am... normally that's when I wake up to begin my day. I came upstairs and asked my mother to take care of my daughter so I could maybe get… Continue

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Random Thoughts

I totally love this site from what I can tell... there are a lot of people I've seen and I'm looking forward to meeting new people of the like mind. I'm on another site that's like this, but I was sitting in the chat room earlier today and I can't help but vent a little... As I was sitting there talking to some friends that I have there someone came into the chat room asking us if we could do magic tricks and what was so great about our God... Now I'm one of the first people that will welcome… Continue

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