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It's Always Complicated...

So yesterday, I met this guy. We sorta met through the internet...okay we did meet through the internet. He sent me an e-mail on this site called guys4men telling me that he thought I was attractive and that he wanted to get to know me better. So I thought...okay, I'll write him back and we'll see what happens. So we started e-mailing back and forth and he seemd nice so we thought why not meet...see how we mesh. I told him he could stop by where I work and we could have an initial meeting… Continue

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way in your head

if you dust off your brain

and let the spiders run free

you'll see it there

that switch that can turn it all off

the bad job, the nagging spouse

the road rage, the quest for gold

all those things

all those silly silly things that we get caught up in

and yet they seem so important at the time

but they're not forever

not even a kazillion miles close to forever

they're just here they're just now

and… Continue

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Good to be Back

Well...I'm feeling a lot more spiritual these last couple of days and I do believe that perusing this site has had a lot to do with that...so many interesting people here and so much energy. Way cool! I even rewrote another chapter in my book the other day...something I haven't done in two years. And it felt so natural to just pick it up and write again. I was a little bit surprised. Granted it was a short chapter and it took me right back there...to the Billowy Wood, a realm filled with magic… Continue

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Wakey Wakey

I must say that it was very nice to come across an active site like this on the web where all of us good pagans can come together and share in our unique spirit. Lately I've felt like I've been lacking in the spiritual department. I haven't been meditating like I used to or celebrating the sabbats like a good little witch should but the core spirit...the spirit is always there and it's just as strong as ever, baby!

It just needs a little dusting...which is probably the main reason I joined… Continue

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