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Ringing of the Bells

Between the before and the now in moments, between life and death, between the states of reality there is a barrier. What we call the chorus is the ringing tones of energy sweeping across the sides of the walls, and those who follow such energies can indeed "hear" the chorus. Every so often we have events that are expected, fanfaire, a resounding crescendo usually implying something of greater force pushed through the barrier. And just these last two days the event horizon did…


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The storm is life

Water flows, winds throw,

the earth resounds, and fire glows;

Power abounds.


Have not yet decided if this would make a decent haiku or poem.

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The Stage of Enlightenment: Becoming a Seeker, an Agnostic


This is a repost from a discussion, and because it is important; Perhaps one of the most important steps everyone take at least once in their life I have added it here.

Agnostic and Questioning: The Seeker


Just remember that between Christianity and Paganism is a happy space called Agnostic, which implies that you are not following any specific…


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Are witches born or something else...

re-posting from a discussion because it keeps reappearing


Are witches born?

Of course they are, all humans are born.  But thats not what you are asking, the question is can you be a witch too?  Or perhaps is it natural to have a gift?


First, to use a caricature, there are people who look upon reality our world and immediately want the extra noise, the images which do not make much sense to stop…


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When the Universe is trying to send you a message...

Last month sometime I started unexpectedly and realized some outside force was causing the painful almost migraine level headache that was beating in time with the annoying dwarf pounding on sheet metal with a hammer,  and what had to be either a metal band or a pain filled engine of screaming metal.  It hurt, to say the least.  So I raised a ward around me, and the pain lessened a little bit.  Fine, I pushed another ward out over the room.  And another, and another and .. another and…


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Magick of Divination, Tarot, and Seers: Why it works

Sometimes this topic just sends me spinning.  People write what is obviously random gibberish.


In this blog, I discussed Perception and the use of the mind to see energy.  Being a Seer(ess) is application of energy through objects which focus and extend the realms of energy tapped into by the Seer(ess).  The method is simple:

1. Engage power.

2. Disengage sight (its the wrong medium, if you can "read the card, ie. the text" then you're doing it wrong).



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The Magick of Perception

pen to page .. pen to page...



I've been trying to decide how to explain this topic. And it really has to start with perception and the action of seeing energy.  Science teaches us that in the human brain we have:

a. the hind brain source of animalistic thought and survival;

b. the fore brain source of spatial thinking, athletic skill, computational activity and motor skills, etc...

c. and the rest of it which is hypothesized to do lots of other…


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Why do we make Circles?

When I first started reading books on the Craft, every single author believed that to practice magick you *had* to have a circle.  And the trend since that time is that still, even to this day, with few exceptions every ritual has to have a circle.  But not one of those authors can tell me why.


The religions teach that to have purified space or a clean working environment you must sanctify (ward or create a circle) the location.  Most traditions are based upon the same…


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Category Eight: Paradigm Shift

Can you see the difference?  Can you feel the change in power flow?


The world paradigm shifted.  Again.  The British egregore has released its hold upon winter, and faded.  Among other major events this week.  The causes have withdrawn.


....and no one noticed.




ps.  I moved this to a blog, the format is easier to keep track of.

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Relative Power

Posted this someplace in the discussions, but wanted to put it someplace more obvious.

The only distinctions I make in magick are really simple, those who can move enough power to change something in relation to:

1. themselves;

2. their immediate vicinity, a small garden, a room, etc...;

3. their exterior vicinity, their suburb, or the near mile in any direction;…


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Big Oil - The myth of vanishing resources

Today has to be the day, really, we're going to run out of OIL! OH MY GOD! The world is ending.... prices will rise, there will be shortages, nothing will ever be the same again...

Oh, by the way did you know that the flow of oil is controlled by the companies that produce it? Wait... did you know that they tap into vast resources of oil and drain those pools to make barrels of usable hydrocarbons. Or that the natural process of the core of this planet then generates more oil which is… Continue

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Book of Shadows, the poorly named Journal

Yes, poorly named Book of Shadows. Lets get to the bottom of what you need to have, and why you have it. First of all, learning, growing, studying, and following a path is a lifetime experience. Your personal understanding of who and what you are will change, often. Your understanding of the world around you will change and grow periodically.

To start, you need two separate places or chapters to write about your path.

Chapter one, book one, whatever you want to call it is… Continue

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Tis the season to cast out the poor and helpless, to trod on the innocent and their weakness... Erk! Wait wrong blog. :) Someone started this theme in yet another discussion about "lets throw out the trash, how dare someone call themselves a witch without MY permission!" Seriously ... ? That person has some issues.

As the years go by, the peace, serenity, encompasses yet more space around us. We become more accepting of others, their strangeness, their differences. Perhaps it is age… Continue

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