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Independence Day? What exactly are we celebrating?

First off, I'd like to wish everyone a happy Independence Day, if you're in the States, and take it for whatever best suits you.  I'm not in the mood to argue about the semantics on whether or not we're truly independent or what fear porn producers like Michael Tsarion say about the state of the world, who's too busy fear mongering instead of offering any kind of solutions.

I'm fuckin pissed.

I'm fucking pissed like Heron of Alexandria, who proposed use of the…


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Gestalt Memetic ID Bridge, Mark II, A How-To Tutorial

WARNING:  I take no responsibility for what happens if you try this.  Use this method at your own risk.

The concept of a memetic bridge is to use images and tricks of light to bypass critical thinking and allow suggestions to flow through to the subconscious mind.  Mind you, this is still a work in progress, and I am sharing that progress with you, this is still in beta, so any input would be appreciated.

For this example, we will be allowing the…


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Light and Imagery, an experiment in suggestion

I remember an old cassette tape I used to own when I was in high school.   (Matter of fact, I actually found an image of the actual cassette case on the internet, don't that beat all?)

Totally ineffective.  Listened to that crap on my paper route, studied it, played it at night, did this for months, nothing.  Effing useless.

Still, the concept of…


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Trance State

Well, I realize that I haven't posted in about a week.  No scrying since then, I have had to stop for a while, the energies from doing that keep me up for weeks, have to master the art of clearing and grounding I guess.

So earlier, around 3 hours ago, I decided to go to bed.  The day had been pretty much a total waste, woke up late, writing a book but only wrote a few paragraphs, wasted time watching a Johnny Carson documentary on Netflix, tried to hop on to chat here but it's…


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Odin knocking on the door.

I haven't had much time for writing blogs or hopping on to chat lately.  Life has been keeping me busy, which isn't such a bad thing.  I went up to Mt. Lemmon this Sunday with a couple of friends, before that on Saturday we had a day out going to Costco and planning a big dinner.  It was somewhat frustrating, seeing as I had just received two books I ordered online, "Celtic Lore and Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess," by Stephanie Woodfield, and "The Book of Solomon's Magick" by Poke Runyon. …


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Nothing is a Total Throw-Away

As I have mentioned before, I used to be somewhat into New Age.  My experience with that path was somewhat mixed.  I didn't appreciate the idea that, while tolerance was preached, there was always this underlying habit of a lot of people to "demonize," or in this case, "reptillian-ize," anything or anyone who didn't strictly fall in line with one's political views, while trying to preach unity and that everything was becoming one, except those people over there.  There was also a habit to…


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It's Okay to Feel like Sh**

I feel shitty today.  And it never felt so good to feel like crap than it does now.

Eight years ago, I began my journey with the Goddess.  I began to get into what whole…


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Bored Games (Train of Thot)

Another sleepless night.  Another sleepless night before another shitty day at work, where I get paid to get yelled at by insecure, self-sabotaging people who can't own their own mistakes. 

I used to love going to work, helping people, but it seems pretty pointless when people are more intent on yelling at someone rather than actually getting their situation resolved.

I seem to be going through a phase right now where everything I once believed in is going out…


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Scrying attempt #5 and Notes on My Experience with the Morrigan

Tried scrying last night.  I am not sure it went as intended, I was somewhat upset because My Goddess had me go to a bar/club, and I did not like it.

Going to a bar or a club, for someone like me, is torture (there were other reasons why i went there, which fell through, but the Goddess wanted me to stay there.)  It's like being isolated and alone in a crowd.  I prefer intellectual discourse, and while the music was good, that inhibits conversation a bit, the music being so…


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Dark Star II

You cannot see a Dark Star (black hole) itself, only in relation to the light it absorbs, and the bluster that is generated around it by all the stray matter being pulled in.  The Dark Mother doesn't gloat, She speaks through action, she is action.  The Heart of the Dark Mother.

The Cyclone (hurricane) manifests it's chaotic winds and it's terrifying destruction around the Eye, or the still point.  The Dark Mother is Stillness, when all about her is Chaos.  The Vision…


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Dark Star

The dark star does not feed. Feeding implies the dependence on a food source. The dark star simply is.

Debris falls into it like a spherical funnel. A "hole" in function only. It takes in matter, even light, crushes it, destroys it, changes it, and emits powerful cosmic rays, an astronomical analog for the process of transmutation.

It is the Dark Mothers womb, taking in the filth and self-sabotage, breaking it up into it's purest form, transforming it into the most… Continue

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Scrying attempts - Day 4

Lit candle, The Mars Volta playing in background, lit some dragonblood, it was daytime, almost 5 in the afternoon.  Got the scrying bowl, and asked questions about my preoccupation with death and the appearance of my Grandmother last night in my dream.  Recorded session to make sure I could totally focus on scrying then get the details later.

Completely useless to attempt, given the reflections from the blinded window light.  Moved my efforts into my closet, which is rather…


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Go quietly, servant, through the bright meadow

My grandmother, Shirley, on my mom's side died about a year and two months before I was born.  Most of what I know about her, I learned from my mom, in various pictures and stories she used to share with me as a kid.  I never really got to know her personally.

I got to know my great-aunts, her sisters, Jean and Marjorie, both beautiful people, in their own way.  They were total opposites.  Aunt Jean was like the perfect housewife, an impeccable cook, always knew how to dress. …


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The Triple Goddess, the Banshee Queen

Badb, the Rash

Sees with eyes clear

Sees the wrong in the world

Lashes out like a wild animal

A baseball bat to a car window

Badb, the Mad

Loneliness in Her heart

Frustrated and alone

Fighting a never-ending tide of evil

She plants her sword in the ground

Macha, the Fair

Seeks to change hearts

Be the change you wish to see

The Noble, the Queen of Hearts

A mirror of the Higher…


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Scrying attempts - Day 3

This time, I did a reading for someone else, so I won't be discussing the content of the scrying, since it was a private matter.  However I will discuss the "mechanical" aspects of the scrying, because I do wish to share my progress and I could benefit from any insight provided.

Side note: Dark mirror I ordered was out of stock, they decided to tell me this AFTER they charged me for it.  Not pleased, requested refund.  Will keep y'all up to date on that.  However, the Wal-Mart…


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Scrying attempts - Day 2

Had The Mars Volta playing in the background.  Was a little tired due to not having much sleep last night, but felt good enough to try another go.

Lit the candle, and this time, added the fragrance of Dragonblood incense burning on the altar.  I cupped some of the smoke from the incense stick, waved it over the bowl from left to right, and brought forth the intention, "Show me my ideal job."

I ask this because I am not very happy with my job at the moment, but…


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Scrying attempts - Day 1

I ordered a dark mirror for scrying on Monday, but, as per my usual nature, i was impatient.   I remembered purchasing a small black bowl a while back, so I grabbed it, filled it with water, lit a candle, turned the lights off and gave it a try.

Now to give a little background on this, I never tried scrying before.  I have tried visualizations, and can visualize fairly well, tho it is usually in the back of my mind.  Currently working on pulling it to the foreground for manifestation…


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Self-Hypnosis while dealing with Chronic Anxiety

I am looking for methods of self-hypnosis for people with chronic anxiety.  I've been searching Google, and the results haven't been particularly helpful.  The results are very basic, mainly directed towards the average person with smaller psychological challenges.  Any query why a method doesn't work for them seems to be met with "1) You're doing it wrong." or "2) people with psychological issues can't go into hypnosis."

The first statement is an over-generalization.  It's easy to…


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