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Christmas, the time for giving...

Just a few minutes ago, I lay in my bed and watched my 10 month old, die hard of a son, go through his own little ritual of going to sleep. He has a music/light up box that shines shapes on the wall or ceiling and plays music, this little ingenious device works wonders for putting the little guy to sleep. As I watched him adjust and readjust himself in his little bed, I noticed he kept getting back up to look for the shapes on the wall. As the batteries in the toy are dying, I can't adjust the… Continue

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Found the delete button...


I have found the delete button for blog posts. This blog was probably unnecessary due to the fact that the blog is no longer there, lol, but I thought I'd share this info anyway.

Anyway, hope everyone had a Blessed Samhain and is doing well on this overcast day.

The Sun always shines in the heart.
Blessed Be, friends.
Witchmagick a.k.a. Witchiepoo

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My apologies for...

...my last blog entry & the discussion I posted on the Safety Tips for Women.

The information I had received was not accurate and so I deleted the discussion.

I don't see where I can delete the blog as to prevent anyone else from passing on this misinformation, if any of you could tell me how to delete the blog, I would surely do so.

Also, in the process of deleting the discussion, I forgot to copy the link provided to me for the accurate information on this… Continue

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Pumpkin Picking

Today we took the boys to a little church that had a field of pumpkins and let Zane have at it in the field. He was so funny, he spent much of the time rearranging the pumpkins rather than picking one out. Hahaha! It was very cold & windy but neither one of the boys seemed to be bothered much by the cold...we were moaning about how cold it was more than anything. Here are some pix of the day...I wanted to put the video in but it was apparently to big:…


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