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Contemporary Pagan Studies at American Academy of Religion 2011 annual meeting in San Francisco

What I did - and did not do - at the American Academy of Religion 2011 annual meeting in San Francisco

Thursday 17 November, 5.00pm

I was actually at the American Schools of Oriental Research annual meeting – an archaeology conference – at this stage, having just presented my paper for that conference. On this night…


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It's Beltane in the southern hemisphere

The constellations Cetus and Eridanus appear in the eastern night sky followed, as the season progresses, by Taurus and the Pleiades. In southern Australia this is early summer; warm, even hot in the day, but still quite chilly at night. Many trees and shrubs are in flower and the song of cicadas heralds the imminent summer. Birds are feeding their young and mountain pygmy possums give birth. In the north, it is the 'build up', the time of the pre-monsoon storms, characterised by hot, cloudy,… Continue

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The 'Earth's Children' Series by Jean M. Auel.

I have just finished reading the sixth and final book in…


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My First Pagan Festival (1986)


In 1986 I was 20 years old. Me and my then boyfriend – the person who introduced me to magick – David Mattichak, had been together for two years. Living in inner city Melbourne, we had somehow come across copies of the alternative farming publication, Grass Roots magazine, and we liked what we saw. We subsequently made a pact to move to the country no matter…


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It's Midsummer in Australia in December!

Necropolis Now

Australian Litha: 22 December: The Night sky unveils Orion the Hunter and his dogs, including Sirius the brightest star in the sky, rising in the east. Summer is Australian society’s festive time, school holidays begin and workers take time off. Down south, many native plants are flowering and fruiting, pygmy possums, kookaburras and sacred kingfishers are…


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Aleister Crowley and The Book of the Law

My article, 'Walk Like An Egyptian: Egypt as Authority in Aleister Crowley's Reception of The Book of the Law', has been accepted by 'The Pomegranate: International Journal of Pagan Studies' and is currently in press and due out very soon. The reference is The Pomegranate 12.2 (2010) pp. 20-47. I will link to the journal issue as soon as it appears on the web and if you want to access the article you'll need either a subscription to the journal, to pay for…


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Pagan Elders Survey

My friend Macha is doing this survey, feel free to participate. (Personally, I love surveys!)

Dear Pagans,…


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Pagan Census

As some of you know, Helen Berger, Henrik Bogdam, and James R. Lewis are re-doing the Pagan Census using 'Survey Monkey.' Thus far, they have received almost seven thousand responses, but less than one hundred are non-USA. They had hoped this would be an international survey, and are wondering if they can attract more international Pagans to take the questionnaire?…


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Necropolis Now

Come and see my blog, Necropolis Now. It's my main blog with lots of interesting stuff on it.

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Letters, Words, and Sounds in Magick.

Letters, Words, and Sounds in Magick.

By Caroline Tully.

It is no secret to anyone familiar with modern magic that words and writing play an important part in the construction and carrying out of rituals. Whether we are composing a complicated ritual script designed for several participants, using a magical language such as Enochian, vibrating foreign god-names during the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, uttering a rhyming spell, sounding a wordless… Continue

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The Inquisition - what was/is it?

The Inquisition

By Caroline Tully.

Debauch and revel by your roaring fires,

Hag Inquisition,

Atrocious daughter of Stupidity and Death,

Plague of Reason and Religion both.

~Andreas Zaupser.

Inquisition! The mere word sounds like an instrument of torture, something pointy and sharp, perhaps red-hot as well. Something you don’t want near your flesh at any cost! Modern Witches… Continue

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Encountering Group Nudity in Witchcraft

Encountering Group Nudity in Witchcraft By Caroline Tully.

The practice of contemporary witchcraft often involves having to confront the idea of nudity – either conceptually or in reality. While it is relatively easy to work alone naked, sooner or later you will come across a situation where nudity is expected within a group. This does not mean that you have to comply however, but you might feel the odd one out as the only clothed… Continue

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Drawing Down the Moon - is it what you think it is?

Drawing Down the Moon

“Three nights were lacking before the moon's horns met, to make their complete orb. When she was shining at her fullest, and gazed on the earth, with perfect form, Medea left the palace, dressed in unclasped robes. Her feet were bare, her unbound hair streamed down, over her shoulders, and she wandered, companionless, through midnight's still silence. Men, beasts, and birds were freed in deep sleep. There were no… Continue

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The Zodiac is Upside Down in Oz!

In a previous post I explained how the seasons of the year, around which the Wheel of the Year or Sabbats are based in Australia, are an aspect of an imported Neo-Paganism which originated in the Northern Hemisphere and do not fit here in Australia without modification. At the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere the Sun is 0 degrees Capricorn, the traditional sign of Midwinter, but here in Australia we are usually sweltering in the middle of high Summer.

According to… Continue

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December is Summer in the Southern Hemisphere!

Neo-Paganism is a popular and rapidly growing alternative religious practice in Australia today as witnessed by the hoards of enthusiasts attending gatherings all over the country and the many magazines dedicated to furthering informed discussion and opinion on Paganism and Witchcraft in general.

Being an imported religion originating in the Northern Hemisphere, many aspects of Witchcraft, such as its reliance on the Seasonal calendar or… Continue

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