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I am

I am the destroyer of worlds

the conquer of man. 

I am the thud

in the heart of the mad. 

I am the child born of the wood 

and desert sand.

I am the one who walks between the realms. 

Hear me.....

I am the one you call by name

in the void. 

I am the form who walks in the shroud 

of memory.

I am the…


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Freaking out

So I just got contacted by a tv production company (I can't say which one until the contract is signed, but I  will later. Hint: they work with the people that have "Shark Week") who wants me on their show that they are launching next year (hopefully) as their human occult dictionary. Kind of like a young Michelle Belanger except without the cool psy vamp stuff lol. 

Like the stupid flake I am I contacted them back today (a sunday) which didn't work out because it's…


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Now, let me set the record straight once and for all: I DO NOT HATE ALL SATANISTS. Period. I have Satanist friends, for Gods sake. 

I DO hate people with a fucking hot poker up their tight asses, though. And those said tight asses are in EVERY religion, so it is SAFER to say instead of "Raven hats Christian Witches and Satanists" say " Raven hates tight asses in every religion from Greenwitches to Christians." HA. 

I swear....I get into ONE fight with a…


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The Death of a Teacher....

I was young when I picked up my path. No older then 6. Everything was predetermined. My mother wouldn't teach me, so I went to someone who could. Well....more like I was picked up by someone that could. I never questioned it, because that was the way things were for me.....I was to young to think otherwise. 

My old Teacher, Ellen, was a young firecracker. Long blond hair, piercing ocean eyes, shorter then most grown women.......but she had an air about her that demanded…


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The Dark Side of Raven Shadowflame

If I have to listen to one more f@#$%^& ounce of drama, I'm going to start spitting fire. Ok, for years I have been trying to get a hold of my anger and it's really hard. I was taught by my old Teacher (back when studding black magick) that anger is healthy to use when walking the dark path. But ever since I started relying on my Greenwitch traits and locking down my Occult traits I've been having a hard time functioning. 

Example Christian Witches. Never had a…


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Me, in a very large nutshell.

Great....so here it goes. Finally a blog where I explain things...lol.

I'm a witch....and not just a Greenwitch or a Seer. I'm an Occultist.

My Family is Scot/Irish on my Mothers side and Romanian on my Fathers. But in my family it is believed that the gene for being a witch or seer comes from the woman's side. My family is very big into it's Clan pride (our Clans being the Highland and Starling). When I was born, many believed(and still believe) that I am on of the Clan Leaders… Continue

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Ancient Hel

How many times have I cried out to you in my sleep, in my prayers, in my writing, in my most darkest hours. How many time have I asked you to intervene even before I knew your name...You the Goddess of the Underworld, the one who holds the broken in your hand....please don't let this happen again.....I can't sit here and watch again....I can't sit here and be helpless but I am......no one is here it's just him....how can I bare to lose another.....how..... I… Continue

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The Temple

As long as I reside within my temple no one can touch me.

I am so many selves.

So many different religions, times, places, and worlds.

I stand at a large void.....

one foot on each side.

I am both in the past and in the future,

while my body resides in the present.

I am immeasurably evil

and unnaturally good.

I am nothing in between.

I care nothing for the trifles of the young

nor the fears of…

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As the moon rises from its burial tomb

and the sun returns to her slumber

I remember

A bond was broken

A oath…

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