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beautiful in her own way

Inspiration comes at strange times for me at least. This time I was at my grandma Wood's 90th birthday. I was sitting on the stage and I felt I should get my notebook and pen out, once I did I began to write about Hela.  A Norse underworld goddess.

I don't really know much about Hela, what I do know is that she is beautiful in her own way.  She is balance personified. Half white, half black or blue, half living and dying. half two different types of death, one, the blue or…


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I've noticed something about myself.  The creatures I'm drawn to are those involved in the traits I need to work on.  They are light bringers in their cultures, bringers of knowledge and change.  A not so subtle hint I suppose. I just need to work on it.  I already have an idea how thanks to the trauma recovery group I was in. 

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I'm sensitive to a lot, partly to my anxiety and borderline personality disorder and partially to my empathy and such.  The thing is, I've been subconscious blocking them.  I know part is due to my health issues but I couldn't figure out what the rest was.  I think I know now.

When I was 5 my grandparents on mom's side when to Florida.  A short tome later they discovered cancer.  No one told me this at the time, I just knew he was sick.  One night he called us and we talked on…


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I've always been curious about my heritage but the only thing I have to go on are surnames.  I can't afford to use ancestry.com and the like or get a DNA test done.  Right now the surnames I have down are Austin, Wood, Fletcher, they are easy enough to find.  I'm pretty sure Noinsfeld is German and Tylock might be Polish.  Can anyone tell me for sure?

I'll Edit this later with a longer list but I know for sure I have English so I'm looking up English paganism and German(great Grandma…


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Okay, I tend to identify myself as a witch but I'm too afraid to work spells.  I figure the only way to get over it is to just do it.  So heres what i have.

What I;m pretty sure are Hawthorn spines and a branch. Both from a live tree and taken with what I assume was permission. The Thorns were taken from tree growing horizontally across the stream on sort of random insistance.  (sad to say my favorite tree in that tree stand, also a Hawthorn, is now dead).  I have a locket I got from…


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Gods I Love - Tezcatlipoca

At the risk of being accused of cultural appropration I will write about Tezcatlipoca.  His most popular title means Smoking Mirrior, after the obsidian mirriors used by his people, the Aztecs/Nahuatl back in the day (and probably now)  His other titles include Yoalli Ehecatl/Night Wind,…


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Gods I Love: Odin

A couple years ago I was drawn to a book at the library, The Children of Odin by By Padaric Colum. I was inspired, the book triggred a memory and my intrest in Asatru specifically, was born. The first book I got to study Asatru had a story, The Lord Of Gallows, about Odin sacrificing himself to himself on Yggdrasil. Odin as shaman drew me further into Germanic…


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Gods I Love: Vidar

Not much is said about Vidar, the silent one.  He is a son of Odin and Grid and is member of the Aesir tribe.  He lives in Landvidi where he awaits and trains for Ragnorak where he will avenge his father by killing Fenris wolf.  Other then that Vidar is most known for his shoe, yes, shoe.  Back in the day shoe makers would sacrifice the left overs to him so he could make his great shoe.  This shoe will protect his foot as he rips Fenrir's mouth open.


Vidar has mant titles,…


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Gods I love - Mani

Ever since I can remember I've been drawn to the moon.  When I see him I can feel something reaching and a part of me changes.

"The Moon reigns supreme in His abode. 

He is beautiful and invites only longing. 

Praise Him." 

(Day Star and Whirling Wheel, p.…


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Gods I Love- Freyr

My second post is about Freyr, his name isn't a name but a title meaning "Lord".  He is one of the hostages of peace, with his father Njord, given to the Aesir tribe by his people.  His people are the Vanir who represent the "domestic" aspects of nature such as livestock fertility. His direct family consists of Njord, Freyja and an unknown mother, considred to be Nerthus by many, his former stepmother is the Giantess Skathi and he's married to the giantess Gerda and possibly a son named…


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The gods I love - Dionysus

I'm going to try a blog series featuring the deities I've found myself fascinated with.   I'm starting with honoring Dionysus, a Thebean Greek god why honestly scares me.  One of the reasons I want to learn more about him, we fear what we don't understand and all that.  What gets me so nervous is the part of him that gets people to release their ego, the idea of letting go of myself is scary to me.  It's also something I feel I need to learn to do.…


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promises update

I'm currently 5 pounds healthier and hopefully my bad cholesterol has gone down. I've been eating healthier and getting out of breath at least once a day. I'm also learning to take care of some of my stuff I've been trying to avoid by distracting myself with food.

If I'm bored I run up and down the stairs, play with the cat, play with my bird(not at the same time),read, or try new exersizes.

Depressed I try positive affirmations and exercise, I seem to feel better after I get…


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Been working on Facing my Inner "demons" For the past couple weeks. Not an easy task since my whatever is like "WTF, no! Especially when I'm on to something. I want to find a way of turning these "demons" into helpers, convince myself to take my "you can't do that, What's the point, you just fail." that yells at me and repond with a "Wanna bet, just watch me." Defiance.


Not really sure how but here's why. Failig at everything sucks. So does experiencing my body's signals when…


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Freyfaxi can refer to one of two Festivals, A Metal conceret held in Romainia or an Icelandic holiday celebrated by Asatru. The second is the one that holds my interest. Freyfaxi takes place the eve of August 1 and goes by many names such as The Feast of Freyr, Loaf-fest, and Lammas. It marks the beginning of harvest season and is a time when Freyr and his servents are honored for the gifts they give us.

The name "Freyfaxi" means "Freyr's mane". It was given to a… Continue

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Every once in awhile I'll be minding my own buisness an somthing wll pop into my head. It goes away eventually but this didn't. About a year ago Tyr came into my mind and he never really left after that. So I figured I'd research him. I say 'him' because Tyr is a Gemanic god. There is not much out there on him under any of his names. Here I'll write what I've learned..

Tyr is called many things. Tiw, Tig, Tiwaz, leavings of the wolf, battle god, the one-handed god,

Tuesday is… Continue

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9 Noble Virtues -Remix

The Nine Noble Virtues(remix)

By Sally A.

Many modern day heathens who have a partnership with the old Germanic gods, called Asatruars, do thier best to live by a set of guidelines known a the 'Nine Noble Virtues". They are usually listed, in no particular order, Courage, truth, self-relience, industry, perserverence, Dicipline, loyalty, hospitality and honor. These guidelines were created in the 1970's by John Yeowell (a.k.a Stubba) and John Gibbs-Bailey (a.k.a Hoskuld) of the… Continue

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depression sucks

I was about 10 when I was diagnosed with Major Depression, one of three types of depressive disorders. Disthymic and Adjustment disorder are the other two.  It was something that until recently I was embaressed to talk about, especially since I found out that some people think it's something drug companies made up.  Some of it is, that much is obvious, but a lot of it isn't.  In fact evidence of depression has been around since ancient times.  Of course it went by different…


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At the dog shelter

The harsh beeping of my alarm wakes me up at 7:00 am. I get ready and my dad drives me to Northern Chatauqua Canine Rescue, a small no-kill dog shelter in Westfield NY. I get out of my dad's truck and I;m greeted by the boistrous greetings of various types of dogs. I walk through the unlocked door, through a chain link gate and into the kennels. I'm greeted by the volenteers and get to work.

Some days I start by cleaning the shelter cat, Binx's big cat condo, feeding him,… Continue

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Ostara Essay draft

Ostara, During the first part of my life it was Easter. Then I was drawn to Wicca and that's when I first read the name Ostara. It was through Wicca I found Asatru. That's when I learned it's origins and now,my first Ostara I'm learning how to celibrate it. Wgat better time to begin to learn in earnest then a time for awakening, renewal, and growth.

Ostara or Eostre was first recorded by a cleric called Bebe as he was observing the Anglo-saxons with whom he lived. He wrote of…


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