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Your Soul's Resident Identity

I'd like to introduce you to my theory of Resident Identity, which is the idea that even though all possible realities exist simultaneously, only one contains your current awareness. All other realities that include you help to define your soul's identity, and they are also very relevant, but only to those whose perception involves you in some meaningful way. Your resident identity frequently coincides with and looks like the version of your identity that exists for other people… Continue

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Eternity Can't Be Blissful

I hear so many people talk about after death basking in eternal bliss in the presence of their deity. It seems to me that they just really haven't thought about it. Or, maybe I over-think it. Eternity means that time is no longer relevant, which necessarily means that space is no longer relevant since the two dimensions are tied inextricably together. If time and space don't exist in eternity, then there are no physical differences that identify an individual as a unique soul. Even thought… Continue

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Beyond Death?

There is no direct evidence for any spiritual existence beyond death. As far as I know, all theories about any spiritual pre-existence are based on faith or philosophy. Past life memories can also be explained philosophically, particularly in light of quantum theory, which essentially says that all possibilities happen simultaneously through an infinite multiverse.

So, what can be deduced from observed phenomena?

Apparently, I see beyond the common illusions of our shared… Continue

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Deadline April 7, 2014

03-11-14 Dear Diary, I think it must have been 1972 when I believed I received a revelation of sorts about when I would die. I told everyone close to me that I would not die before April 7, 2041. Thereafter, for several years, on each April 7th, I gave gifts to my friends in honor of my Deathday, as opposed to receiving birthday gifts. I lived every day with a secret assurance that I had a charmed existence.

Looking back now, it seems that I really did, even to the point that I'm still too… Continue

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Will and the rules of life

I posted the following in response to a discussion started by Ritalin-Bunny entitled "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together?".  It was intended to show that even though we are individuals, we are also all connected.

As I see it, each of us is an endpoint of…


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Behind The Curtain


This is a compilation of several blogs I wrote a couple of years ago on MySpace, before I discovered PaganSpace.  If you're a Christian or have strongly held beliefs of a limited god/dess, this is not for you.  In fact, it is in your best interests to ignore this.

When the Wizard of Oz admonished…


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Immortality through Self expression

Concerning our "higher selves" and a spiritual existence beyond life, I always wanted to understand what eventually happens to one's identity after the death of one's body.  I woke up on 12/23/11 with an inspiration that was too complex to capture easily, so I immediately began writing.  The phrase "entropy reigns" kept running through my mind.  

In order to keep it from becoming…


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I've discovered the value of allowing serendipity in my life.

Like most things, when your awareness of something becomes stimulated, your experiences of it increase; in both amplitude and frequency. In other words, the more you perceive the serendipities around you, the more powerfully they happen, and the more often.

Serendipity is very much akin to Providence, an unexpected Godsend. It is the child of synchronicity.  A serendipity is when the…


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