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parental control.

okay, i got my lip pierced and i haven't told mom yet...but the rule of my house is that if i get something pierced i get kicked out. idk what to do. i mean i'm almost twenty and i still have to abide by this rule...if she kicks me out i have no where to go...etc. i mean, i can hide it...four weeks from now...i just hope she stays in dallas for four weeks so i can let it heal up. =/

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Umm, yeah...I'm new?

I've got so many questions. My great great grandmother apparently had a few books of written diagrams and writings that, for what LITTLE French I know, I can translate it's Pagan. I can't really understand it. I want to. I want to follow what my family originally had started following. There's something in my heart that tells me I should. I'm very keen on following my heart, especially when my mind tells me it's okay.

I'm slightly pre-cognative.…

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