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Secret of the splinter

When a person keeps a secret in their lives, it can be a very draining thing. It doesn't matter how big or how small the secret is, nor how important it is, a secret is a secret is a secret and in keeping them, they drain us of immense energy and happiness and draw not so good things to us on a continual basis until we have rid ourselves of them. I have found this out recently.

It is not that I am in the habit of keeping secrets, quite to the contrary, I am one who firmly believes…


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A journey ends

A huge THANK YOU to all of you who sent me birthday greetings! :) Sorry for not having been on in awhile, life has been happening with and without my consent! I see that my last post was from way back in Sept. So much has happened since then until now. I had surgery to ensure that I will NOT be having any more children though I still have all working parts. The medical world is amazing is all I can say. As my kids are both in HS, I am not inclined to 'start over' in the kid department so am…


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Saying bye.....

My friends vehicle is still at the college though I did let someone know that it'll be there for a bit. They are the ones who are delaying release of student loan money because they got behind on paperwork (due to so many entering college this year) and it's really throwing a kink in my life. I told them that it'll be there until I get some money in and that there's nothing I can do about that.

This was one rough weekend for me, I could honestly really care less about a car or lack… Continue

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Tasting life

I would love to know how to delete albums and pictures of this site. I'm hoping the new site will have that option if we don't here. It's either that, or I'm having a ditz moment whenever I try to delete them. I never know with me and I've always found it best to ask to be sure :) Unfortunatly, the ditz part has a higher percentage of actuality.

It's been a long summer and yet, not really long enough, and yet again, at the same time, too long. Some things I'm ready to be done with,… Continue

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Midnight opening of Harry Potter and the 1/2 Blood Prince......

Last night I went to the Midnight Premier of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! I've been to midnight openings before, but never to one like this. All 20 theaters were showing the same movie, Harry Potter, and all 20 were sold out. The crush of people was amazing! The concession stand people were flustered beyond belief, one gal being called away to help in one of the theaters walking away with her register til still open! The seating was done by theater number and we had tickets for… Continue

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Halo of Pain

Halo of Pain. That's the only way to describe what I've been experiencing for the past three days. This happens to me about twice a year, usually in the spring and fall when the weather changes drastically from day to day. About once a year I end up in the ER because of it. This was one of those times. I'm talking about Migraines. Those nasty headaches that make you feel as if your head is in a vice, your stomach is wanting to toss it's contents out at the world, your ears hear every little… Continue

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Left Behind.....

Finals are done and I'm finally about rested up. Just in time for a gathering with the family. Yippie skippie. I love my family, I really do. I'd just really rather not be around them so much. It's not that I don't enjoy my time with them, I least to the extent that I can. Then I am glad to go home again, away from them and back to my life, the one I enjoy for the most part (we all have ups and downs).

My grade point average is a healthy (tho not slightly disappointing)… Continue

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Sea of Immaturity

Have you ever gone swimming in the Sea of Immaturity? I mean, since you've 'grown up'? I realize that not everyone leaves the Sea, but have you ever found yourself swimming in it when you had no clue you were even swimming to begin with? That happened to me recently. I had no clue I was even swimming, lost in my own little world as I was that day, when I happened to look up at the goings on around me and realized that I was surrounded by immature idiots.

Somedays I swear I am the… Continue

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First Past Life Regression

After two failed attempts to do a past life regression due to problems on both my end and the hypnotherapists end, I was finally able to have a session! It was a new experience for both of us actually as what happened to me he had not experienced before. The explanation for this will become clear as you read on.

I won't go into all the detail of how he hypnotized me or anything like that. Before I was hypnotized I told him that I did not have any particular life that I wanted to look… Continue

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New baby Apollo

I know I haven't been on in's been busy busy. Had a math test last week and this one I passed! Yeah me! :) Now I've got midterms coming up in two weeks and then Spring Break....YEA!! My online class starts that week tho...bummer....

My foot is healing up fairly well...slow going but at least it's getting better and better so I can't complain. I've gotten my car fixed....again. Yes! Now I can drive myself around and I don't need my friend Panthere to help me at… Continue

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My weekend and the sneaky soapbox....

Valentines night I had a lot of fun!! :) My student loan money came in and I was able to buy some much needed clothes. What I bought this weekend were clothes to go out in. I really needed some! I have dress clothes, but I've lost enough weight and the style of what I owned was very outdated, so I needed to buy something new. I bought a cute pair of jeans and two dress tops. The one I choose to wear Sat. night was a white corset type top with black lace over the top, the black lace being tied… Continue

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Fun times, fun times....

Have you ever been a passenger in a car when the driver ran a stop sign or red light? A couple of weeks ago, my friend Panthere was driving me to my appt. up in Iowa City. A week or so before that, he had gotten a speeding/no seatbelt ticket so to be overly cautious, he stopped at the yellow light while stating that the police officers there were quick to stop people for the slightest offense. As we sat there talking, the left turn light switched to green and the cars next to us began to move.… Continue

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Lifting weights with knowledge

I feel good..........Like I knew that I would good.. lol I'll let you insert the music yourself because you don't want me me on this. There is so much to tell. First off, I went to Iowa City to see Doc Phillips today. What a relief! Turns out I did break my ankle.....well, chipped it actually. Right on the front side of the ankle bone that sticks out on the outside of your ankle. There isn't anything they can do about it, it's just there, a little chip… Continue

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One mis-step and my year becomes a challenge

Back in mid-November, I was out at my storage unit trying to find somethings that we needed when I stepped off my foot stool and down onto a satin comforter that had, unbeknownst to me, slid down from it's perch and onto the floor. My foot went one way, my ankle the other, then they switched places back and forth for a min before finally allowing me to fall (that's when some boxes decided to dog pile me but thankfully were all light boxes and nothing breakable...except me perhaps lol). It took… Continue

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Spirtual Journey: Part 2

The interpretation of the Bible and it's accuracy was only one of many things that came to my attention and greatly disturbed me. Each of these issues are things that must be thought of seperately but compromise the whole. One of these things was the issue of martyrdom.

During my entire experience, from early HS through to my first year in college, it was continually impressed upon me that I should desire to become a martyr so that I could sit at the feet of God himself. It was not,… Continue

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Spirtual Journey: Part 1

I will start with a quick disclaimer, due to the interconnectedness of my past to my present, I may tend to skip around a bit, filling in past gaps with information that I now know.....bear with me, it will all make sense in the end!

During my church hopping days, I often felt that I stood alone, against my fellow Christians in my thoughts and actions and beliefs. As I stated before, not many of us believed in living as Christ showed us, choosing instead to pound doctrine down… Continue

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Spiritual Journey: the background

I had thought to write about the book I'm currently reading, Out on a Limb, by Shirley McClain but as I'm still reading and mentally digesting the book, thought a second time about it and decided that perhaps it would be best for me to tell you how I ended up where I am in my life....not on the physical as in where I live or the fact that I'm divorced by my own choice or anything of that nature, but my spiritual life, how it has evolved to where it is today. In my profile I put down that I am… Continue

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Sharing the Joy

My good friend ProudPagan 74 sent this to me and I laughed so hard that I had salt tracks down my cheeks. When I went back and read it again a few minutes ago, the same thing happened so I decided that it would be selfish of me to keep this to myself...hence, the posting here. I absolutely love when kids mix up words or confuse their facts...I find it to be an endearing quality that warms the heart. (We were all there once ourselves). I hope you enjoy this as much as I did:

This is a… Continue

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Home for the Holidays

Dec. 27th:

I am having a wonderful time this week! :) I went with my bf to her families for thier celebration and had a very relaxing, enjoyable evening. I haven't seen most of them since about a year after HS. While they opened the presents, I sat in the kitchen out of the way and 'guarded' the wine. Ok, drank more than was going down too well. Everyone else liked the other wine better so I took it upon myself to ensure that the one I liked wouldn't have much, if any,… Continue

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Everyone has an epiphany from time to time. I am no different in this. Epiphanies (in my experience) come in many different forms and for different reasons. I have experienced two forms personally. There is the epiphany that strikes in a quiet moment, when your thoughts are elsewhere, and brings a revelation so momentous that changes not only your outlook on life, but your life itself too. I had such a moment while driving my car once. It is one of two epiphanies that were relevant to my… Continue

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