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feeling empowered

i know that objects only have power if we let them but i made a circlet for myself that makes me feel empowered. it just seems to exude positive energy. the circlet is nothing special, just a few jump rings and some chains but i love it. and i guess the sense of accomplishment at having made it makes me feel pretty good. id like to thank a friend whose idea for a different project gave me the motivation to start jewelry making again. yesterday i handmade a two tier chain to hold my jesus…


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my weight loss journey so far

in february 2011 i began a dietary program aimed at losing weight. when i started i weighed in at 340 and had a bmi of 50.4%. i have several medical conditions that made losing weight particularly difficult. i have tried in the past with little or no success. this time seeemed no different. the difference was the doctors i had supporting me. when it became apparent i could not lose the weight by diet and exercise alone, i undertook the decision of weight loss surgery. i did not want surgery,…


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having a moral dilemna

my ex boyfriends girlfriend called me last night. my husband intercepted the call. apparently my ex was talking about me in his sleep again. she knows that hes still in love with me. and she knows i still care about him. she tried to talk my husband into letting my ex have some sort of relationship with me. i love my ex too but i love my husband and i want to be faithful. i dont like the idea of hurting either one. my ex is only my ex because my parents did not like how close that ex and i…


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have i gone off the deep end?

i have lost nearly 100 pounds. my clothes dont fit anymore. i am not nearing where i want to be in teerms of weight loss yet. i had bariatric surgery. i have been looking around at clothing stores for ideas on what i like. havent found much. i did find a store on ebay i like however my husband is not a fan of the clothes. they are bali inspired. mostly tunics and palazzo pants and such. i like comfy roomy clothing. he thinks they look stupid. i know that ill be the one wearing them but i…


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been awhile

i know i havent been here in awhile, ive had a few bumps in the road. in october i had my bariatric surgery. im doing well. altogether ive lost 77  pounds since february. i turned my ankle a couple weeks ago and will be laid up for the next few weeks. i also have the flu. fun turn of events. i am sick as a dog and can barely walk. my husband has a new job driving a water truck for a gas company. we are a lot better off than we were before. we are saving to buy a home, possibly something big…


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recieved my mini besom

i got my mini besom in the mail today from ebay. it is so cute. It is a simple broom with black bristles. i love it. its just the right size for my travel altar kit.

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recieved athame today! yay it is so adorable. my black salt has come in i just need to go get it. waiting for mala rosary and cross. needing to find mini besom or make one. ill get it figured out. everything else has fallen into place. im excited. went through my stones tonight to find the ones to take with me. the rest of my packing is nearly complete. just a few last minute things to get. otherwise things are well.

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the portable altar is nearly complete. just found my athame last night on etsy. it is beautiful. its a dragon head with a removable tongue that doubles as an athame. the tongue is the handle and i go…

the portable altar is nearly complete. just found my athame last night on etsy. it is beautiful. its a dragon head with a removable tongue that doubles as an athame. the tongue is the handle and i got one that instead of the typical silver tone, it has been coated with a milefori pattern which is red. it is so adorable. im waiting on that, my mala, my rosary and my disciples cross to arrive. ive ordered some black salt from my local pagan store and am waiting for that shipment to come in.…


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an odd dream

i had a dream last night, that i was sitting in a darkened room. a red light starting flashing on and off. on the other side of the room in a chair sat anton lavey. i recognized him from books and photos of him that ive seen. he sat there looking at me, silently mouthing something. i do not know what because i could not read his lips and half the time the light went dark. i dont know what significance it held, if any. it was just odd.

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last night at the fair

went to the county fair last night with the family. my mil and hubby got separated from me and the kids. mother in law got hypnotized and completely embarrassed my hubby. i got a new mala bracelet,  a green cats eye. went on a mad search for a new pentagram, but to no avail. having a friend make me a new one. which makes me very happy. im so used to wearing mine that i felt lost when mine broke. talked to some vendors about things related to our idea to build our house. we are considering a…


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day out with my mother in law

well i had a doctors appt today. alls good i lost 9 lbs. im so happy. im so close to getting ready for my surgery. we also went to the local borders and i got some new books. i got the solitary witch by silver ravenwolf and satanic rituals by lavey. i also got a book about unlocking my spiritual self. we shall see how good any of the books are.

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i got a new tarot deck today

finally got my rider waite tarot deck today. thank you borders. its a mini deck which i love. i have such trouble with larger decks because of my hand tremors and the fact my hands are small. my 8 year has hands almost as big as mine. just a half of an inch or so short. my kids are beyond the norms. i have a 4 year thats over forty pounds and over 3 and a half foot tall. my oldest is a little shy of 5 foot. they tower over other kids even ones older than they are. of course it doesnt help that… Continue

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my day out

today was my fist day out in weeks, especially since the funeral. we went up to the mall and my boys and me got a dragon and fairy statue and season 2 of the original dragonball. i had a great time at the arcade with the kids. they won this foam rocket launcher a squirty shark toy, a plastic sword. and then i made it to the bookstore, where i got the nag hammadi scriptures. which i am enjoying very much. i am seeking to further my knowledge of biblical times in an effort to mesh together my… Continue

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having a pretty good day....for once

i was feeling better today. my mother in law walked down to the corner store and there was a rummage sale. she bought a huge box of agate slices, and came home to get me so i could walk down and bring them home. theres probably 30 or more of them, many of them already polished and very beautiful. the others are just slices and will need to be sanded and polished. add that to the eggs that my hubby got on the 3rd and im feeling pretty damn good right now. i dont know why but whenever i touch… Continue

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finding my way part 1

I am doing much soul searching to find "the truth" as defined by me. I dont see god or goddess being an external being.  ive come to believe they are within me. as if my body is their temple. one is light, one dark. but they complete that which ive been looking for. one connects me to the earth and one to my spirituality. a heaven if you will. so long i have lived in a hell of my own making. certain events are not my fault. some things are outside of my doing. and some things i just need to let… Continue

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i am stalled at the moment with my grimoire. i am having trouble with my sabbat traditions. i am going to research and then maybe i can come up with my own idea. i have figured out how to represent my male female divinity. i found pictures i want to print off and frame for my shrine. still have not yet made the pentagrams. i am working on getting some holy water and black salt for house protection. i am working on a priority list for the tools i need. the have to have list is short but the want… Continue

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i have added to my altar

I got an oil burner i plan to use as a cauldron. i have also created my own set of prayer beads. It has 12 meditative beads. and an angel wing to top it off. The number twelve being important to me, as I was born december 12. I chose an angel wing to represent lucifer, the fallen archangel. The beads are black and to me represent lucifers companion lilith. it is not a large prayer beads set, its a little larger than a bracelet but i love it and thats all that matters. For now i am using a hail… Continue

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making progress on my bos

well since ive been computer lacking as of late I have been working on my bos. I got the living wicca by cunningham and the witch school first degree by highcorrel which both have been sources of inspiration to me. I also incorporated some of the luciferian beliefs i have, and some christian ones as well. total contradiction i know but i have it worked out in my head and thats what matters. i am stuck on a few points but i will get the kinks worked out eventually. My rituals are not very long,… Continue

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im feeing crafty.

in the past couple days i have been in a crafty mood. I have made my own elemental tiles using small wooden disks. today i found my wand. i am letting it dry out before i work on it, stripping the barks, and whittling the end down. next i need to find my darn woodburner and make my pentagrams for on the wall. i am thinking of making my own besom however i cant seem to find what i want for the besom. i dont have enough space to plant enough seeds to make a broom. i cant even find the stuff i… Continue

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at last, the goddess and god have spoken to me.

I went to my local wiccan store, and i was drawn to a certain besom. it wasnt for sale, but i felt it. something was there. i knew where i could get one just like this. ETSY. Yay. I have fretted over my broom from the very beginning and now i know what i need. i also found a couple of books i plan to get later on. plus she had chime candles and the holders for them. i did however buy a couple of things. my husband, christian as he is, felt a strong pull toward a deck of tarot cards. they have… Continue

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