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My cleaning spree

As it is grape jelly canning time, i have to clean the house to get ready to make the jelly. This will be my first time canning, alongside my mother in law. this should be interesting. we will be using concord grapes. I am nervous to say the least. I dont want to screw it up. So to run off some my energy, i channeled it into cleaning. Unfortunately, I've neglected the housework for a bit, so i have to catch up with that. Not as bad as it used to be though. Ive just been battling depression. But… Continue

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carving pumpkins.

well we started carving pumpkins today. we got two of them gutted and saved the seeds, for my dad. it got dark by the time we got the second one gutted so we didnt have time to put faces on them yet, but when we do, mine is a cat, my oldest sons is a bat, my husbands is a dragon and my youngest will have a "pumpkin ghost" as he calls it, which is a jack o lantern. this was the first time in years that i carved out a pumpkin, and it was the first time my husband has ever carved a pumpkin. it was… Continue

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day and night, i love that store

so i went window shopping today. found a lot of things i would love to have. i went to day and night, my local metaphysical store. they have a lot of crystals and fossils and natural things. i found a basket made from a tree trunk. and window quartz. and some quartz points. guatemalean worry dolls, dragon figurines. ammonites and geodes. also worry stones and pocket stone hearts. also found a purse that had gemstones sewn into it. It was awesome. now i just need money lol. we also scoped out… Continue

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my day

today was rather good. my son got a checkup at a new doctors office. they said we need to have his eyes examined. other than that it all seemed well. we explained to the doctor about our sons inattentiveness and trouble focusing, and he is going to talk to my sons teacher to verify the problems we are having. my son had bloodwork done today. and he didnt freak. i had to hold his arm alittle, but he held still and talked to nurse who was taking the blood. i was so proud of him, because normally… Continue

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yeah im ticked

seems like everyone is just trying to piss me off. my mother in law got on my case cause the house wasnt as clean as she'd like it to be. seems to me if she doesnt like it, she could help out. if not then stfu. i spend all day cleaning and its still not good enough. then my husband sits on his ass looking at porn all day and wonders why i get pissed off. he complained cause i read romance novels, so i stopped, hoping it would curb his porn thing. but it didnt. seems like if we dont have sex… Continue

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trying to beat the boredom

i am very bored. ive spent most of the day window shopping on amazon. found out my best friend is pregnant. i am jealous. i want another baby. but i know we cant have another baby yet. its just envy. i adore babies. and being pregnant. i love being pregnant. to feel a baby move inside you. to hear their heartbeat, and see their little heart flutter on an ultrasound. its the most beautiful thing. and then after nine months, to give birth to this little being, and hold them in your arms. to me… Continue

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making birthday plans

so ive be surfing the web, looking for deals on plates, cups, and other plastic silverware for my son's birthday. We are renting out a roller rink and inviting his class, plus a few others, so we will have a full party. I found a guy that makes pinatas and talked to him about making one for my son's party. we plan on using a mario and sonic theme. so it will be blue and red everywhere. i have nothing better to do and it doesnt cost anything to look. Plus the pinata is only 14 bucks plus… Continue

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making crystals...

well, after putting it off for as long as i could, i decided to buckle down and file for ssi. I spent most of the day on the phone trying to put together my medical history, so that i have a case. I hate talking to people on the phone. and i hate dealing with the automated messages on the ssi telephone line. Im just easily irritated. but anyway, after my marathon phone calls, and making a trip to wellsboro for the mask and tubing for my sleep apnea machine, im exhausted. My day started at 5:30… Continue

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today was fun.....not

i spent the morning cleaning up outside. then after my munchkin took a nap, we went to my doctors appt. that was an interesting appt. he upped some of my meds, took me off some, added some new ones, and planned bloodwork. so im back on my antidepresant, my mood stabilizer, and now hes upped my wellbutrin, and migraine med. he added nasonex for my allergies, and gave me antibiotics because he believes i have a serious sinus infection which he wasnt waiting for the ct to go thru my insurance,… Continue

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My cleaning binge

I went a little nutty today, and started cleaning the house from top to bottom. I was in hyper mode, and could not sit still. I may have been a little manic, but its okay because the house really needed it. I'd been so depressed lately that the housework took a backseat. I started my add med today, which may have been part of the hyperness. Now i'm just trying to wind down, and stop cleaning. But I figure i should be caught up in a week or so, if i continue the way i am now. overall i feel… Continue

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my bountiful harvest. and a little of ranting and raving

Went to my mom's house today. Dad was busy as usual, i swear that man doesn't know how to hold still. He was working on the addition to their doublewide. It's looking really nice. He took me and the boys down to the garden to get vegetables. We came back with two huge bags of squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and corn. And we got to see how the pumpkins are growing. They are getting big. There are about ten that will be a decent size for carving. There is one huge one that is almost 2 foot across.… Continue

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