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im feeling crafty

well ive been bored lately, and i decided that I need to persue some hobbies. i already know how to make jewelry, so im thinking i can expand on that. i already know some wire wrapping, and im thinking of getting into moldable metal clay, or polymer clay. i dont have the money for the jewelers tools it would take to make really fine jewelry, but then again, im not looking into this just to sell the pieces. ive also considered candle making, and a few other ideas, because i know how to crochet,… Continue

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when your life is a theory of a deadman song

im listening to the music on my computer, and theory of a deadman popped up . the song is hate my life. and lately it sounds very close to home. man i hate my life lately. although its looking up. my dad fixed our van again, yey! now we just need to get the truck fixed and then things will be going good. im so happy about the van situation being resolved, i guess the power of prayer does work. my dad fixed the van and it didnt cost anything but the gas to come over and get the part he needed to… Continue

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pumpkin carving part deux

we got some other pumpkins to carve, since the last ones went mushy, and rotted. we carved 3 pumpkins. one was your typical jack o lantern, the next had menacing teeth and the last had a set of fangs. my husband carved that one special for me, because i like vampires. they look realy nice. nothing special except to us. they are special to me because this was the first year we did pumpkins. it was also the first year for my hubby and my boys to do pumpkins, but id done them lots of times when i… Continue

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Depression at its worst.

I am extremely depressed today. Feeling worthless, and hopeless, as our financial situation sucks right now. My husband is highly agitated as am I and we are wearing on each others nerves. We need some time apart, but considering that now BOTH of our vehichles are acting up, we cant get out and go somewhere. I feel so isolated and alone, my only friends being my husband, my mom or online. I feel so sad, missing my grandma, who I used to talk to every day. But im taking her passing very hard.… Continue

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my former coven

all this talk of jinxes and curses has got me thinking back to my coven days. I left the coven because I didn't like the direction the coven was headed. As a leader I stuck it out for as long as I could take it, but they forced my hand. They were more corcerned with dark magic, and imposing their will on others, in the form of love spells, and other things that were out of their control. The final straw was when they insisted I share my husband(then boyfriend with them.) the one wanted someone… Continue

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I have begun to think that my husband and I are jinxed, or cursed. Everytime things start going okay, something big comes along and screws the whole thing up. My van has been running just fine. And then suddenly today, as my husband is on his way home from the hospital with his mom, who just had surgery. Our van decides to die. This isnt the first time this has happened. It died before, when i was coming home from my last brain surgery. Its like a big cosmic joke. Lets see how many ways we can… Continue

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How our diet is progressing.

Well my husband and I are on slim fast. we've been on it two days. and i have to say i dont mind it. i get the chocolate that i want from the shakes. i also have the peanut butter bars. i get to have two of my major cravings. plus theres always dinner. i know i have to balance things out with the different food types, but im trying. so far so good. we got some exercise today. i suggested we go outside and kick a ball around. we did pretty good. we were out there for about half an hour, and we… Continue

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my gram, my friend

I miss you,

Though I know you're with me

I wished we had more time

im scared to let things be

you guided me gramma

picked me up when i was down

was my shoulder to cry on

and now im alone when i look around

how do i live without you

a second mother to me,

you were always there

who can i be

am i strong enough

can i do this on my own

ive made so many mistakes

so many opportunities ive blown

so many regrets,

so… Continue

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the countdown has begun

well im getting ready for my sons birthday party at the roller rink, and i am so nervous. we didnt recieve any rsvps, so i dont know if anyone will show up. my mom said sometimes the people just show up so im scared that nobody will show up. we bought cake and ice cream just in case, and my mother in law got a few relatives that said they'd stop by so maybe we wont be the only ones there. if no one shows up then i guess my son will have the floor to himself.

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my day has been fun....not!

Mother Nature has not been very kind to me today, as I spent half the day, sick in my bathroom. Best i can figure i got a stomach bug. i had my meeting with the ssi dept and they told me, that until i put up our house for sale, it is listed as an asset because we dont live in it. so in the next few days, i hope to finish moving things out so i can start my claim.

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my dad's mom would be ashamed

My dad's mother grew up in the depression era- my father is 64. She gave birth to all of her children at home, with family to help in the delivery. my dads family actually lived in a tent, my grandfather hunting and fishing for food, my grandmother kept a garden where she canned foods to eat and sell. my dad grew up working on local farms, and doing various odd jobs for money. in their time there was no depression or ptsd. or autism or adhd. my grandmother sewed all their clothing, and sewed… Continue

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whats new today

well my sons birthday was actually yesterday, and instead of baking a cake he asked for brownies. So we had birthday brownies. And they were good. I love betty crocker. anyway, today i took him over to my moms and we celebrated over there after the pushcart races for his boy scouts. he took fourth place. but oh well. at least he tried. he gave it his best and did pretty good considering there was like 20 teams there. it rained part of the time, and it was really freaking cold. my youngest and i… Continue

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day 2 and still hes an ass

well the title pretty much says it all. im sick of my husbands crap, so we've been fighting nonstop the past two days. i just cant stand him when hes like this. hes mad because he cant get a dental appointment, and hes pissed because he has to give the antibiotics time to work. there are no dentists in our area. and all of the out of area places are only accepting local patients. so hes screwed and its pissing him off. he is miseraable and all hes done since i got up is argue with me. i have… Continue

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a mixed up miserable day

my husband has a toothache, and is being a real jerk about it. he keeps yelling at me, which of course i dont take, and dish right back at him. i can understand being in pain, but you dont have to take it out on everyone else around you. he lits into me if i do it, so its only fair that if he does it, that i defend myself verbally, which basically boils down to telling him to f off and go to hell and talk to me when he decides to get his head out of his ass. he is miserable when he is in pain.… Continue

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the spirit of the season hehe

i am in my autumn, halloween preparedness mode. I know i have a month, but i cant help it when the urge overtakes me. I got chocolate melts for making candies, and picked up a few halloween themed candy molds. i got skulls and tombstones, and some others. we make our own halloween candy. i am learning from my mother in law as she is the expert in this area. actually she knows a lot and im grateful for her help because today we bought my sons tiger cub scout uniform. I bought an 8/10 hoping that… Continue

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