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my plans for the yule holiday

i got a pomegranate and some sparking cider for my ritual tonight. I also got swiss rolls for my version of a yule log, because i cant make one myself. im doing my best to stick to tradition. and start my own traditions. i want to make it the best holiday possible. My sons are having a great christmas this year thanks to the generosity of my husbands aunt who gifted us with the money for presents. And my parents bought the boys winter boots, so now we dont have to worry about buying those. now… Continue

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what you find when cleaning.

last night i got in a cleaning mood, and i found the cloak that ive been missing as well as some polished rocks that id been searching for months in my room. i still havent found my tarot cards, but i have found both of my cloaks and and some of my crystals. i want badly to find my tarot card but i cant. ive managed to find all other of my wicca stuff though i think so anyway. i guess my cards just dont want to be found right now. my mom has offered to give me some shelves to put things, as… Continue

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my mother accepted me

i let the cat out of the bag, and told my mom about me being pagan. and she was okay with it. she actually accepted me, and that meant alot considering how scared i was to tell her. I love her but i was afraid shed reject me. So Ive come out as a pagan and i feel good about it. i also have been cleaning my room and i found my tumbled stones so i added them to my altar. I have some crystals to add too and then i have a few bottles of crystals, as well. I have so much i want to put on the altar… Continue

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i got some new stuff today.

i bought some mini spell -botttwhich will work perfect to put the dirt from grams grave in. as well as holy water. and then i found the gold and silver chime candles i wanted. i wasnt able to get the candle snuffer just yet but soon it will be mine. it is a black painted metal candle snuffer, and i am in love with it. i visited a new pagan shoppe today. they had awesome items. i wanted the witch balls badly, but i refrained. they also had a wand that i like too. i will definitely be going there… Continue

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my courting candleholders

i got the courting candleholders that i wanted from a country store. i got 2 of the old fashioned courting candleholders. i wanted to use them for the god and goddess candles i have, but the tapers i have are too big sso im gonna need to get chime candles. so for now im gonna use the glass taper holders that i have and then when i get chime candles i can use the wrought iron ones. im trying to pin down just what i want to use. I what the the chime candles for the god and goddess, and then i can… Continue

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a new chain for my pentagram

i got a new chain for my pentagram today. okay its not a chain persay, but a black cord that hopefully wont break. it looks nice with the silver pentagram. i am so happy now. it feels better to have my pentagram back around my neck. i felt lost without it. Now im just hoping to scrape together enough money for my hades and persephone statue. Ive been stashing away a couple bucks here and there and ill have enough soon. it wont be long now. so i dont have much going on. im just trying to figure… Continue

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Too many candlesticks lol

well today i bought candlesticks for my candles, and then when i went to moms she gave me another set. so now i have a ceramic set, and a glass set. now i just need to figure out which ones i want to use for what. so in one day i went from no candlesticks, to two sets of candlesticks. go figure. today was my youngest's birthday, and it was pretty nice. we got to eat cake, and my son opened gifts. we didnt really do much, just played games and spent time together

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i think my husband has finally accepted the fact that im wiccan. today he went to a wiccan store and got me a mortar and pestle and a book of shadows with a pentagram on it. It is a small step. but at least hes trying. he went there looking for tarot cards for me. they didnt have the one deck i wanted, so he told the shopkeeper and she said that she would get me a deck if she didnt already have one somewhere, that she couldnt find. so yeah this has turned out to be a great birthday. it is nice… Continue

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its my birthday!!!!!

yay its my birthday! im 25 today. i got my wood burner and the stuff to make my altar tile. I also got some books, it was a nice birthday. I spent the day with my husband and kids, just like any other day, but it was still special. and the day isnt over yet. im hoping my father in law can get the van running so that i can do some last minute shopping for my youngest sons birthday. thats right, my sons birthday is tomorrow. i had actually been in the hospital in labor on my birthday. i was… Continue

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pictures to follow

i found my camera!!! yay! i will be taking pictures of my altar and posting it soon. My camera was in its case, but the case was in my sons toy box of all places. there is something screwy with this house I swear. it likes to mess with me. i will be fixing my pentacle necklace, and i have some things i still need to make for my altar. but my altar will be complete soon. once i can find hades and persephone it will be. for right im using gold and silver candles, which i need to find candlesticks… Continue

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the chain on my pentagram broke.

i went to put my pentagram back on today and the chain broke. I feel like crying about it although i know it wont do any good. the pentagram is a precious symbol to me. I feel lost without it. Im going to go to like michaels or someplace and get another chain. i can make one if it come down to it. i just miss wearing it for the time being. My husband is taunting me with a shop that he saw. i guess they had pagan things. he wont tell me. he just keep saying that hes going to have to visit a… Continue

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whats lost is found again

i know im being melodramatic here but i dont care, i just found one of my pentacle necklaces, and I feel like celebrating. i havent seen it in months, and lately it feels like all i have to do is ask the goddess for aid in findiing something and it turns up. Go figure. I know its nots a big deal, but my pentacle is important to me. and for it to show up out of the blue like that is pretty cool. Ive checked that spot a dozen times, and finally i voiced my concern and it comes to me. its weird.… Continue

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im pondering.

im thinking of a way to utilize my large shrine/altar, which is currently on top of my entertainment center. It is very high up and I have to keep get getting up and down to place things from the shelf on to my queen size bed when i am in ritual. I am debating on whether or not to get a breakfast tray, so i can carry my ritual needs all in one shot. the big altar is much for show anyway, it isnt used fully. I usually use my candles, which are actually led lights because im not setting my bed… Continue

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i added some new things today.

today i found a besom at the goodwill. and then i found an incense holder at walmart, as well as a resin skull, in the fish department of all places, so now i have something to represent spirit on my altar. I may trade in my incense holder at a later date but for now i have a simple wooden one. still in need of a chalice, and hades and persephone statues, but im good for now. i have the basics covered. oh and i got two jar with corks to put stuff in. i figured i might use them to put dirt in… Continue

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my birthday gifts

i have a sneaking suspicion i know what my husband is getting for my birthday. We were looking at craft supplies and i mentioned that i wanted a woodburner, and i found a wood tile that would be just the right size for my altar pentacle. i also picked out an easel so i could prop up the tile, i was just throwing out ideas but i think he may have actually bought it for me. i also showed him some books and a pair of pjs but i got a strong vibe when we went past the woodburner and the other… Continue

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Making my wish list

So im making a list of things i want for my altar, and I have nailed down some key pieces that I want. I found a Hades and Persephone Statue, as well as candleholders for my taper candles. I still need a besom. As well as a wooden basket for my stones. at some point im going to get some dirt from my grandmothers grave, so im going to need to get a jar to put it in. or a vial or something. im still working on the details of my altar tile, which i will be making. Im thinking of making my own… Continue

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