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In Like a Lion, Out like a Lamb

I don’t know where that saying came from, In like a lion, out like a lamb.  Maybe it came from the Farmer’s Almanac.  I never read it, so I don’t know.  .Except for some rain flurries, and chilly mornings, it’s been getting steadily warmer.  Elsewhere in the country, not so much. My friend Kat…


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Multiverse and the Magickal Panes of Existence

A few nights ago on How the Universe Works, one of the things they discussed besides the Big Bang and the birth of the Universe is the theory that the Universe is still expanding, and not even a universe at all, but a multi-verse.  I got to thinking about it and realized that this must be where all the planes of existence of magick and the Craft are. The Urkutsk shamans of…


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Embracing the Darkness

“Hello, darkness, my old friend

I’ve come to talk with you again.” The Sound of Silence Simon & Garfunkel 1964-65

This is the darkest part of the year, and the holidays are just humankind’s feeble way of defying it, of laughing in the face of death.Everywhere on this planet during winter, whenever it may be (in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are…


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Now That We're In

Now that we’re in, I’m opening boxes.  My plan was to open 5 boxes per day, but that has gotten stymied because all I see are book boxes, and bookcases aren’t set up with shelves yet.  My microwave oven, toaster, and slow cooker all arrived on time on Thursday afternoon.  The people whom Len and I eat lunch with over at the clubhouse are congenial and friendly.  The lunches are a little watery, but edible.  There’s one that sticks out in my mind the most and that was the…


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The Great American Belly Dance

Belly dancing is my favorite form of exercise.  I first started back in ‘73 when I took lessons from a teacher named Rhea.  But performing gave me terrible stage fright.  The way I remedied this was to will possession by the Goddess.  It was a process of self-hypnosis.  Later I was to use this technique at the dentist to cancel out pain.  The first step was to walk in a different way, than we were taught as girls; leaning back, hips thrust forward, and walk in such a way as…


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Labelling, and Why It's Sometimes Necessary

The past couple weeks we've been packing, mostly my books.  It's a dual person assembly line.  I take the books from the shelves, and hand them 1 at a time to Stephen, who actually does the packing.  He tapes the box closed, and then I do my thing.  My thing, in this case, is labeling the boxes.  It occurred to me how many people of a certain age resist being "labeled."  They believe that this puts them in a certain box, from which they may never escape.  Well, I have news for these people;…


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We've got a place!

We got that place we applied to.  It's a 1 bedroom apartment in South Sacramento.  It's out of the way, but affordable, and we can have Tangey with us.  We both want to thank those of you who did magick to get us a new place.  Now please turn your magickal talents to finding Stephen Abbott a place.  He's getting a place by himself, because he and Len don't get along at all.  They're in truce now, in order to defeat our slumlady, who would just as soon we were homeless.  But it'll be a relief…


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Packing Up

There is an old song (grandparents' time for me, great-grandparents' time for most of you young whipper-snappers) It goes partially: "Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag, and smile, smile,

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag

And smile, smile, smile.

Don't let your joy and laughter hear the snag

Smile boys, that's the style

What's the use of worrying

It never was worth…


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We're Being Evicted

Well, the other shoe has dropped.  Yesterday we received a certified letter stating that because they want to renovate the house, (code for tear it all down and build a new house), it will have to be vacated by June 20th.  She CLAIMS that she sent it on April 19th but it was returned.  Well, that is patently a lie, because nobody here saw it before yesterday, the 21st.  I got busy, and filled out 2 applications, one last night, one just a few minutes ago for the SHRA (Sacramento Housing and…


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Two, One, or Many?

I've been meditating on the nature of Deity. As a Wiccan, I was taught that there are 2 Deities; the Goddess and her Consort/Son the God. But are they really 2 separate entities or just two sides of one divine coin; unknowable and beyond human earthly concepts of gender? My friend Rufus calls this one All That Is. . For S/he split into two halves that S/he may know love and separation. Enya sings that this deity is…


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A Writer's Greatest Writing Tool

So what is the greatest writing tool a writer can have? It's more basic than your pen and paper, your typewriter, or the wordprocessing program on your personal computer. It is your subconscious, which is the wellspring from where all of your inspiration comes. It is a seething broth in a cauldron of images, concepts, ideas, and beliefs. Knowing this, midway into my 40s, I decided to make friends with my subconscious. A lot of people are afraid of their subconscious, fearing the sometimes…


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"It's Been a Long Time!"

The title of this blog is a quote from Mick Fleetwood, drummer for Fleetwood Mac in their concert, The Dance in 1997.  I had to look up Fleetwood Mac to find out the true date of the concert. I thought it was 2006, because I distinctly remember seeing it on TV, sitting back at my Windows XP computer.  I don't remember how long it's been since I've done a blog here, but I know it's been since I moved from Cupertino to Sacramento.  

I lost my publisher, but…


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Losing 2 Cats: RIP Pyewacket and Charcoal

I've been trying to write this blog for over three weeks, but I didn't know what I wanted to write about. 

Now I do. A little more than a week ago, I lost my familiar, Pyewacket. She was poisoned. It was

totally preventable, if only people would be careful where they dump their coolant or anti-freeze. Dogs

and cats like to drink it, because to them, it tastes sweet. But it's toxic. I am still in the anger phase of

grieving for her. I haven't cried yet.…

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Morning Glory Is in the Hospital

Yesterday I learned that Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart, one of the leading lights in the Pagan community, since the late 1960s, is in the hospital with severe dehydration, and is out of remission, meaning her cancer has returned. 

She and Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, formerly Otter Zell, formed the Church of All Worlds, a Pagan group based upon the church mentioned im Robert A. Heinlein's seminal novel Stranger in a Strange Land.  They also started and ran The Green Egg,…


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RIP Cyndy Maute nee Hepler

Last Friday would have been my good friend Cyndy Maute’s 74th birthday.  She died in early November from complications of influenza.  I knew her for 13 or 14 years.  I knew her son Fred Etheridge first.  We had an online affair for a few months before I decided to go monogamistic with Doc, so I ended the affair.  I never met her in person, but we were closer than most sisters.  In fact, we adopted each other as sisters.  Cyndy resembled my mother in that she was a prime finagler. …


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Here I am again!

Well, January was certainly a busy month.  I've decided to go back to my 5 year/5 month/5 week/15 day/five day/ 15 hour plan again.  I don't know why I ever go off of it except that that I get lazy and forget about it.  But it's such a handy way of organizing my life that I'm glad that I stole it from the Commies.  You see, back when I was young, and the Communists were perceived as a threat, they had the Five Year Plan, which I interpreted as meaning that they were focusing their energy and…


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I'm Back!

After almost two months of being off the internet,  I am back with a vengeance.  A friend (Thank you yet again, John!) sent me a router in November so that I could get online under Stephen's Clear account, but it took almost six weeks to get things running.  In there my monitor didn't for some reason, which I discovered after talking to the HP techrep that I had hooked the monitor up wrong way back in June.  I got sick and was in the hospital with acute pancreatitis from the evening of Dec.…


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Of Putties, Art, and Being Broke

We’ve had a lot of computer issues.  My HP Pavilion died on February 1st, then Stephen’s laptop had to go into the shop again for the 24th time since he’d gotten it nearly 3 years…

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Here We Are Again

It’s good to be back after 4 months offline.  My HP Pavilion gave up the ghost after 7 years of hard labor on February 1st of this year.  Then 2 trojans laid Stephen’s Dell computer low.  The HD…

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