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Cumulative Sentences: Perfect for Composing Rituals

I started to get carpal tunnel syndrome from writing horoscopes so had to stop before it went chronic, but it gave me a chance to step back from it to reinvent myself. Two major changes: using a dictation program, and invested in a DVD lecture series called; Building Great Sentences: Exploring the Writer's Craft. It is about the DVD…


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Quantum Fields of Life

Here is something very fascinating. It is a short introductory discussion about Quantum Biology. Article raises questions about the mass behavior of fish, birds, even cells in the body that can only be explained by an interaction with a quantum field of consciousness; it is a new field of science called Quantum Biology and this is no…


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Adventures in consciousness: Shamanic trance.

Was experimenting and found an interesting way to put myself into a hypnotic trance. What I did was suspend a 5 foot staff over my head on a string, then wound it up and sat underneath it as it slowly unwound in a semi dark room. As it was slowly turning I maintained a constant awareness on the ends of the staff. At first this is a very challenging task to do because the ends are moving a 180° out of…


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Aztec Calendar

This is a link to an Aztec Calendar. It updates every day with the new Aztec symbols of the day. If you click on ‘Calculator’ on the panel at the left, then you can enter your date…


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Being an Empath

I am an empath, as you can see in my horoscope. At first being an empath was a curse, all the suffering in the world feeling like quicksand pulling me under, but after balancing it with objectivity it became a blessing, because empathy can also be projected into Tarot spreads and horoscopes to help people understand; into playing music in tune with…


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Symbolism of Pentacle reflected in symbol of Venus.

We all know the meaning of the upright pentacle verses the inverted pentacle. There is a variation on the same theme found in the symbolism of the planets in our horoscope which adds more light to the symbolism of it all.

The symbol of Venus, the planet ruling beauty, is symbolized by the circle over a cross and is an astrological refection of the upright pentacle. The circle of the symbol for Venus represents consciousness; the cross represents matter, the four points of the cross… Continue

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Horoscope Yod pattern.

Right now I am studying an Astrology text book called ‘The Yod Book’ written by Karen Hamaker-Zondag. A Yod is formed when two planets are sextile (60 degrees) and also form an inconjunct (150 degrees) to another planet. The nature of a Yod is such that it will create tensions that cause constant inner unrest within this person. But while the person perceives this inner dissatisfaction their perception of what they really want is vague, and so they also spend much time searching for… Continue

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New neurons for new magick.

Here is an interesting neural discovery that pagans have been intuitively applying for thousands of years; the fact of neurogenesis. For a long time it was thought the neurons we now have are all we’ll ever have, but it was recently discovered that isn’t true.

Exciting new neural discoveries have show that adults are creating new neurons in the part of the brain that is most important for learning and remembering new things. And they found that aerobic exercise has a huge influence… Continue

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Developing art skills to develop magick.

Seeing all the beautiful graphics in here plus the interesting effects from doing dream collages has motivated me into getting back into art. So after gathering up my art supplies into one place and getting started, I begin to think about the relationship between art and magick.

After thinking about it for a while it was easy to see a relationship; that learning art skills, cultivating creativity through art, and using art to express meaningful archetypal imagery is also an act of… Continue

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Magickal effort.

When exploring different lines of magical development, both traditional and new lines that one is inspired to experiment with, it really does take personal effort to get results. Those whom become good in magick have to devote themselves to it, and nowadays that is something most people really don’t want to do.

Personal integrity is also a very important magickal ingredient; one can want to achieve one thing but if they are fragmented, only one fragment of them will want to achieve… Continue

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How making collages from dream imagery effected me.

I’ve been experimenting with making dream imagery collages and have been getting some rather amazing results. I feel I’ve just scratched the surface in the potential of what can be achieved creating them. I was wondering if anyone else here has also done this, or would like to do this to verify the results I’ve been getting; and, hopefully share their experiences too.

What I’ve been doing is whenever I have a very vivid dream, I try to re-create the imagery of the dream by making a… Continue

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